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In the area, Kankakee Community College is very cost effect and I great alternative for those that don't have the funds readily available to attend a University. KCC offers a plethora of classes in every aspect. It provides a great education for those looking to go to college and save their money.
Kankakee Community College is a great place to further your education if you are not looking to be in debt. The classes are fairly priced and most of the professors are very knowledgeable in their field of study. Those that are not, really hurt your chance at a great education. It is a normal community college and nothing more or less.
Very good school. It's affordable and the class sizes are smaller for more engagement in the classroom!
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KCC has good professors that help you with any and all of your problems. With a safe and nice campus right on the river.
I thoroughly enjoy all of my teachers and have enjoyed all of my classes here so far. While I am only in my first semester, I have classes in all areas of the school. Sometimes the school is a little bit loud, but there are lots of spots to go to get away from all of the noise. I don't think I'd change anything about this school.
My schedule fits perfectly with my life. I do not need to call any days off work since my work and school schedule do not clash. I also do not start as early as 8 like in highschool.
I have previously taken a course online at KCC but I dropped it because it was difficult and not well explained.
The classes were easy to schedule
The online courses are great and easy and fun.
Some teachers have connections for students
The school is great and I am saving a lot of money
The teachers are the best and help students
The school was a great school and it saved me money
Like most community colleges, KCC is designed to be flexible.
Most of my classes have been online, and that is absolutely the way to go; quick, easy, and at your own pace.
Haven't had much experience with career services, but I imagine they're decent.
There have been some really successful graduates, as well as some who amounted to nothing. You decide your future, not the school.
Review Kankakee Community College
KCC is what you'd expect of a community college; it's a place to get a jump or enter at a starting level.
Don't expect to learn much, but you'll do fine in classes and get by with good grades.
It's what you can expect of a community college, nothing more or less. Some easy classes and a great way to get started.
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