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I haven't been there for a college class beside two classes that I took in high school but they are very nice and are willing to help in anyway that can. I have meet some of my teachers that I will be taking there class and they are very enthusiastic and happy to teach.
The professors are extremely kind and understanding. They are very good at their roles of being educators.
It's hard to find a college for me to find so I found it I hope I visit some day I wish low coast but I will work on this so hard to pay this college for me to go here I'm new in this college I hope no one makes funny me I have disorder bc I had a seizure before I don't wanna be make funny of me bc I have seizure and disorder
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Useful to get your foot in the door with higher education. The faculty and staff are very helpful. An inexpensive alternative to major universities.
What I love about Kankakee Community College is how friendly everyone is. Also I chose this school because of Softball. They have great athletic programs. The school is located in a well closed off area mostly hidden. The food in the kitchen is excellent. The school always has ways for students to get involved. I am so happy I chose this college.
Great class sizes, and programs designed to help students through their journey. Great portion of professor who actually can present material in a way that college students can understand.
As a high school senior taking KCC college credit courses I can say that I’m very happy with the opportunity to earn college credit and KCC is responsible for helping me to do that. I’m getting a head start on college credit thanks to Kankakee Community College and I am very grateful for the low cost.
My experience is amazing small classroom and one to one time with teachers . The students are really helpful and so is the staff
Kankakee community college has help me throughout my career I first started back in 2000 after graduating from high school the counselor was a big help in getting my glasses together I have even cane back 17 years later and there still there with opening arms letting me know I can achieve my dreams if I just put in a little effort
I very much enjoyed that the classes their are only about 8-10 students in each class under the technology program, so their is more one on one time with your teachers and the learning environment is more personal. It helps students to work harder and more efficiently so that way everyone succeeds exponentially in all of our classes.
It has actually been a pretty good experience at Kankakee Community College. The professors are helpful and understanding, most do focus one on one if necessary. There are many resources available and they college provides many benefits to the community. One change I would like to see would be more funding for programs that help with studying. Over all it is a very good college it has provided lots of help towards my educational goals.
What I really loved about this college was that all the staff was helpful. While taking placement test, I remember a man telling that me to just relax and that I had this. That meant a lot to me. This environment is very personable.
kankakee community college is a great facility, with even better teachers and staff. the schooling costs are substantially lower than most schools and they provide you with a great education.
Kankakee Community College is a great institution for many area students. Whether students are attempting to complete a technical training program, earn an Associates, or get transfer credits, it is a great resource for a wide variety of people. So far, experiences with professors have been wonderful, as they truly show that they care for the subject matter and the students alike. Professors are aware of the wide variety of students that they teach and are very understanding of everyone's life circumstances. There is a lot of support on campus and scholarships are readily available. Would definitely recommend for those who are looking to go the community college route.
My overall experience at KCC has been mediocre at best. The student body is not very connected, and the faculty is average. I believe it is comparable to a public high school.
Many of the classes are not challenging. I fear I will not be prepared to transfer to university level.
In the area, Kankakee Community College is very cost effect and I great alternative for those that don't have the funds readily available to attend a University. KCC offers a plethora of classes in every aspect. It provides a great education for those looking to go to college and save their money.
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Kankakee Community College is a great place to further your education if you are not looking to be in debt. The classes are fairly priced and most of the professors are very knowledgeable in their field of study. Those that are not, really hurt your chance at a great education. It is a normal community college and nothing more or less.
Very good school. It's affordable and the class sizes are smaller for more engagement in the classroom!
KCC has good professors that help you with any and all of your problems. With a safe and nice campus right on the river.
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