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At Kalamazoo Valley Community College, I feel it is best for a transfer school. I plan on transferring to GVSU, so getting my general education credits knocked out for a good price is exactly what I need as a broke college student. The professors are very good teachers and actually know how to teach.
The area around the college shows an inviting scene, and although I haven't spent a lot of time there, I know that both staff and professors are welcoming, and everyone aims to help. The cite is a little streched out, but that's okay.
The application was simple and easy to use. The counselors and advisers are always willing to help you out if you have questions. I have not begun attending yet, but the school looks very promising!
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I like that the school is easy to navigate. You can meet with a counselor to help you pick a program of study and they will help you to choose classes that fit the criteria in the correct order. The staff is readily available to assist the students. Classes are offered at multiple times to fit busy schedules.
Kalamazoo Valley Community College is there for those who seek a solid stepping stone unto their next goal for life. It is a great institution to prepare one for a 4-year college.
Very nice and helpful staff and counseling people. Very affordable rates. Would like online registration to be simpler and more intuitive.
Kalamazoo valley community college has been a great college and was deffinetly the right choice for me. All the professors are always reaching out and making sure you have a full understanding for the material. The professor to student ratio is very good with small class sizes making the interaction more personal. I find Kalamazoo valley to be a great school choice.
Kalamazoo Valley is a great school if you are looking to go to community college. All of the staff are great and very helpful. I have not been disappointed yet! I wouldn't change anything about it.
It's a great 2-year college, the teachers are nice and they help out when your struggling. they help you get where you need to go.
Great place to get prerequisites done or go for technical training. The instructors are hit-and-miss though. Some of them are excellent, but I've had just as many sub-par ones.
I absolutely love KVCC! It has a friendly atmosphere, amazing professors, great food, phenomenally free parking, a beautiful campus, and much more! Another perk that KVCC offers are their low prices. When compared to just about any other college anywhere, KVCC's prices are tough to beat.
Kalamazoo Valley Community College is a good community college. I enjoy the friendly environment and the helpfulness of many professors as well as the ability to have financial aid. However, some things that would change would be to have a department for learning disabilities near the upper offices as well as in the tutoring center. I would also recommend governmental assistance financially with no set limit on semesters or credits taken at the college for anyone who has a certain grade point in each class or higher. In short the higher a student scores in his or her class the more financial aid they will be awarded.
I had the choice of attending Kalamazoo Valley Community College or Southwestern Michigan Community College, and I decided to go to KVCC for one specific reason and that was because I felt the most comfortable there. Everyone was so welcoming and helpful on my first day. There are multiple comfortable spots to study or even just relax. I do not regret my choice of attending Kalamazoo Valley.
Very relaxed environment, the staff is very helpful and the classes are interesting and fun. It's a good place to start your college career, it's not intimidating at all. If you struggle with any subjects, there are a lot of people who are willing and ready to help.
This is a great school to get used to college and to try to figure out what you want to major in before transferring to a university. Professors can be hit or miss. I've had amazing professors but also some truly terrible ones. I wish they they would hire more full time professors as most of my favorite professors have been adjuncts. Take advantage of the career counseling as they have lots of tests to take to figure out what might be a good fit for you.
The teachers are very nice, and it is very easy to sign up for classes and make your classes fit a busy schedule.
What I like about KVCC, is that its very student friendly. All professors are really interested in your academic success. Everyone wants to see you have success, and for a community college I have noticed the campus is quite nice. I also enjoy the library there, its such a peaceful place to hang out study, or just relax before your class. The food is not half bad either, depending on what you get. The gym for working out there is quite nice as well. All in all KVCC is a great starting point to start your college career.
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Kalamazoo Valley Community College offers great transfer programs as they have begun to pair with some of the larger universities.
I loved the small classroom sizes and the experience the teachers have at a great price! I would change some of the work in the online classes, I believe that there should be better ways to interact students through online work than some of the online classes I have taken through Valley.
The class size is small, which is very good. The library and cortyard is gorgeous. Very helpful staff. A great school.
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