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The teachers are very nice, and it is very easy to sign up for classes and make your classes fit a busy schedule.
What I like about KVCC, is that its very student friendly. All professors are really interested in your academic success. Everyone wants to see you have success, and for a community college I have noticed the campus is quite nice. I also enjoy the library there, its such a peaceful place to hang out study, or just relax before your class. The food is not half bad either, depending on what you get. The gym for working out there is quite nice as well. All in all KVCC is a great starting point to start your college career.
Kalamazoo Valley Community College offers great transfer programs as they have begun to pair with some of the larger universities.
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I loved the small classroom sizes and the experience the teachers have at a great price! I would change some of the work in the online classes, I believe that there should be better ways to interact students through online work than some of the online classes I have taken through Valley.
The class size is small, which is very good. The library and cortyard is gorgeous. Very helpful staff. A great school.
The professors at KVCC are very helpful, and very good at there job. I changed my major last winter, and I love it. It is a lot of work, but I am loving the results. I'm at the downtown campus, which is near food places. And there is a nice computer lab with people there to help if you need it.
They school is fantastic! The professors really care about the students. The staff is so helpful in helping to further our education
It is a very good school with a ton of different classes and interesting classes. There is many different class lengths and things you can do. It is very flexible if you want to go to a college.
I have just started to attend but the campus is small and friendly while class selections and affordable are awesome
I like the attention that the students receive at KVCC. The classrooms and campus provide a comfortable learning experience.
The teachers were all amazing. They cared and were always available to answer questions and help with homework.
Kalamazoo Valley is a wonderful community college. The professors are very responsive, parking in convenient, classes are easy to register for, they work with you on payments, and it is one of the cheaper options for receiving your degree. Although the party scene isn't big at Kalamazoo Valley it is close to Western Michigan University so, you can make friends at western and party with them if that is something you want.
Great school, provides great services. great class and teacher. Class always have a good selection of times and days.
I am a dual enroll student at Kalamazoo Valley, meaning that I am in high school but I go to college part-time, but with the two classes that I've taken so far, I have really enjoyed my time here. The students are great, and my professors are really nice, and seem to care about their students and the progress that they make.
It's cool for a community college. The campus is brand new and really pretty, and their culinary arts program is pretty amazing too
Just like anything else in life, you get what you pay for. However, with that being said, you still are receiving a great value for up to the first two years of higher education. Just don’t expect anywhere near a full college experience.
My experience with Kalamazoo Valley was to say the least motivational, the staff there was always helpful and caring and never ceased to challenge my academic abilities. I truly see an alteration in my determination to finish school and work hard for the degree I seek. At the times I felt defeated, and overwhelmed I took advantage of the many resources Valley offers to their students such as, advocates, advisors, tutoring, etc. I wouldn't change a thing, this college experience opened my eyes to what I am capable of and has driven me to continue my education, and I wouldn't be surprised to see a doctorate in my future!
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I was worried about going back to school now for the first time in my life i actually love school the staff here are wonderful and very helpful.
Great school to attend. The instructors are caring and very approachable with students. Tuition is very affordable and location is great for those that live in the area. I wouldn't change a thing. I am half way done with my degree there and look forward to finishing. Over all a very good school to attend.
I love that I chose to go to KVCC before going on to a four year college. Most of the teachers have been awesome, excluding a few here and there. I recommend to any incoming freshman students to use prior to registration or as they are making decisions about registration because I have rarely found a professor that that site has been wrong about. Only one in the three years that I have been there, and even that particular professor I only know the truth about from a few peers, but I never have personally had that professor.
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