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Kalamazoo College was a great place to learn and grow as a young person. The small campus atmosphere offered lots of room to think and grow, and I appreciated the professors who were very dedicated to teaching and spending time with the students. The international experience was also vital to my learning.
Great academic school, with motivated teachers and a good group of students. Plenty of extracurriculars for many interests. However, if you have a specific plan going out of college that isn't going into academics, science, medical, or non-profit related field, they were hard pressed to find post-college opportunities for me.
Kalamazoo College is both big and small. You are always changing classes and meeting new people and professors every trimester. I love Kalamazoo College.
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Simple, i try to make the best of it even though I do not enjoy it most of the time, I try to be involved in certain activities I like, and although the athletics may be poor it is still a good idea to be involved.
I love the small classrooms where I get individualized attention from all of my professors. I'm very glad I decided on this school. It offers me an excellent education and has afforded me many opportunity for complex learning.
My experience at K College has been... alright. I am from out of state and I think I would be doing somewhat better back home. I have been struggling to keep up with the payments as most student have been especially here at K. I wish the tuition would change. Not only that, but I wish there were more superiors that would be more understanding of student's situations, especially for those underrepresented POC. They say that there is not much they can do yet they are barely doing anything because it "costs money".
Love the community of people, everyone is very accepting and helpful. All classes are pretty small, the largest classes you can take are capped at 36. Professors are passionate and helpful, they actually want to teach rather than just be a successful researcher etc. Being a small school food options are limited, and don't expect a typical wild college experience. Everyone here is pretty studious, with small parties about once a week.
I've been on multiple visits here, and the campus has treated me well everytime. The college is the small college feel, with big oppurtunities. The facilities are old and classy but kept up great, and the sports are top notch.
By far the coolest college experience of any of my friends from high school. The freeform curriculum allows its students to discover what they love and dig deeply into that while also exploring any number of other academic avenues that can fit within the four years. The bulit-in study abroad experience changes lives - it changed mine. I see the world with more understanding eyes because of my time here. Also, the professors really care about who you are as a person and what you're going through. They understand the stresses you're under and want to work with you to achieve.
Amazing university with a diverse student body and staff. K's Center for Civic Engagement teams up with local organizations to improve the greater Kalamazoo Community in various ways. Excellent selection of study abroad programs. Needs a new pool!
Kalamazoo College is a great college in the Kalamazoo, Michigan area. It is easy to focus on academics and the teachers are very supportive and the class sizes are small.
I loved Kalamazoo College. The teachers are willing to help you grow and work with you to get an topic. Yet, the college has a hard time making sure the students that make the school "diverse" fit in.
If you're going here, you are paying for the brand name of K to pay off for grad school. Most people go here to play a sport/got money/close to home. Dorms are below average, athletically nobody attends the events. No parties on fridays, but there are on saturdays and pretty much the whole school goes. Overwhelmingly liberal, they don't call it "liberal" arts for nothing at least here. Western Michigan nearby is nice.
Kalamazoo College teachers and staff are out there to help. People all around have busy schedules but the learning processes are not as distracting as I thought they should be. The only thing I will say is that, once in the Kzoo bubble, it's hard to get away. Kalamazoo has a stress bubble that especially first years can't escape. So find people and find a home through them and on campus actjvjtjes
It seems like a really interesting school that is very ends on an intuitive. Every one that I met there were very welcoming and made me feel like I was valued as a student.
it has been a great experience
The NCAA has screwed our athletics at the school. Other than that it has been a life-changing experience.
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There are several job fairs throughout the school year. Many professors are doing active work and if you talk to them, can network and maybe land an internship in your desired department.
All of my professors have been helpful for my pursuit towards my computer science and psychology degrees. I noticed that they do not want to see you fail, so when you meet them halfway and talk to them, they will be of tremendous help. Some professors are also passionate about some of the student social movements and will be supportive in that manor. I love them.
There are many support groups to provide help and services for students. The school provides a forum to freshmen about the severity of sexual assault and students must finish a sexual assault online workshop
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