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Juniata is a great school for academics and located in a safe area. A small community like Juniata gives great relationships between professors and students. The party scene is not overwhelming, but on a Saturday night students can always find somewhere to party.
As a parent, I wish I knew what was going on at Juniata. Some of the administration is openly hostile to the students and seem like they’d prefer there were no students, which makes no sense. Keep an eye on the retention rate at this school. I have a sophomore who is going to give it one last try in the hope that something will improve, but he’s making plans to transfer next semester. It’s hard to transfer out of Juniata due to the credit loss from the individualized majors, but a lot of students seem to leaving anyway.
The campus itself is great, but there is nothing to do in the area surrounding it. Coming from a city, this college is suffocating. The professors are amazing, but my advisors have not helped me in planning as much as I had hoped and I have had trouble getting into classes that I need to graduate. I am enrolled in one psychology course next semester, despite psychology being my POE. Now, I am slightly concerned about graduating within four years and I sadly am looking into transferring. Most people I know who go here really like it. I just don't think this was a great fit for me.
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Overall, I love Juniata. I wish that there were more options for off campus housing as seniors, and that meal plans were less expensive. The Juniata community is definitely like a family.
I love the atmosphere at Juniata! It's very welcoming and sort of "family-oriented" feeling; people from all over the world attend Juniata and love the inclusion and acceptance that comes with being a Juniata student and that is definitely something that I love and look for. Also, Juniata is awesome academically and offers tons of great opportunities for students of any year.
Juniata College is one of the most welcoming places I've ever been to. Everyone from the students, to the professors, and other staff are extremely kind and helpful. Anytime I had a question or just simply needed help with something, there were many students and professors who lended a helping hand. Academically, the material covers everything needed for your intended major. Not only that, but there are many opportunities to start working in the field upon the first year of arrival. This is an amazing college and it has definitely changed my life for the better!
I like the town and the area around campus. everyone treats you like a family. You can either stay insider you can go out on the weekends. it's close to home but far enough away that my parents can't come to see me every single weekend.
The professors at Juniata college are dedicated to helping their students and show a strong passion for the subjects that they teach. The dorms on campus could use some improvement. The dorms are clean and comfortable, but it would be nice if there were more options of different layouts of rooms to live in.
When I started my freshman year in 2010, I was an average, apathetic teen. When I graduated in 2014, I had been transformed into someone who cared about the world. Juniata taught me to approach life as a myriad of opportunities and abundance. It was a beautiful experience in a beautiful setting. I'm still very close with many of my friends from Juniata. They're all out there doing awesome things.
I earned my BA in history, spent a few years post-graduation taking odd jobs and internships and exploring different opportunities and places. Juniata taught me how to do that. Now, I am employed full-time in a career I love. I highly recommend Juniata to anyone who is ready to have their mind opened.
I completely fell in love with Juniata the minute I stepped on campus. Academic and dorm buildings are gorgeous, old school brick. Everyone is so nice, students, professors, campus workers. I immediately felt at home here and continue to do so everyday. Students have more personal relationships with professors and workers; being a small campus, people get to know everyone and develop friendly relations. People look out for one another and get along very well. No college is perfect, but to me, Juniata comes pretty close. I come all the way from California and sometimes I get homesick, but being here at Juniata I have an amazing second family that I am always eager to get back to after breaks.
Our food service switched from Sodexo, which was terrible, to Parkhurst, and I’m confident to say we have the worst campus food in the entire country. Plus it’s the most expensive food plan I’ve ever seen. There is nowhere else to eat. Don’t come here if you’re vegetarian or vegan, you’ll starve. They should just serve the food in a trough. If Juniata proves they care about us at all by fixing the food service, I’ll leave a better review.
It is a private liberal arts college, in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania. It is quite small and with not much to do in town it can feel suffocating at times. The food is okay and so is student life, but dorms are average at best and meal plan is ridiculously expensive.
My experience here was excellent! I was lucky to have fantastic professors and peers, and I had an excellent academic experience.
I think that Juniata College is a great school. However, learning is more self-taught and no as hands on as I'd like for it to be. There are also some issues pertaining to the administration and the way incidents are handled on campus.
Juniata college is extremely unique with its POE system and its large array of international students. Due to it's small size, professors know all of their students on a personal level and this makes learning easier.
It is the most diverse community to experience .It is one of the most friendliest atmosphere and a college with good academics.
My experience at Juniata has been okay so far. I am still adjusting, but I think I am doing pretty okay. Whenever I need help, the College has made sure I know where to turn to for help. Even if sometimes I don't know what I am doing, I know that if I ask anyone on this campus for help, they will either help me directly or they will direct me to someone who could help me. I feel comfortable enough in this environment. What I'd like to see changing is the food services. They changed companies recently but the quality isn't any better than the previous one, which is something unexpected since the price for the new service is higher than the previous one.
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Juniata is a beautiful, private, liberal arts college. You really have the opportunity to learn what you want to learn. For example I have individualized my degree for Environmental Chemistry. I am taking classes in both departments to get a customized degree tailored for what I want to do in life. However the small size comes with some drawbacks. No Greek life, which can be a pro or con depending on what you want in a college. At times, it feels like an upgraded high school, with most people knowing one another and word spreading quickly across campus. That being said, the short walks to anywhere on campus and the great community will give a great experience for anyone looking for a small college experience.
Professors really care about your mental and academic growth.
Caring and supportive environmental, a small community.
Challenging classes.
Not a lot of things to do in the area.
I have enjoyed everything about Juniata College. It feels like a huge family. The campus is very safe.