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Haven't started yet but it's a college for working adults ,it's something I need badly need my degree to be able to coach at different levels.but the staff is great and very very helpful.
I love chapel and all the small group opportunities. I have great professors, and my track coach works with me to balance the student athlete life.
Judson University is a gem, the university is small but has used its academic resources well for students to excel, the campus is still developing and has plans to keep working to do better. It's a young school and has many years to go, but they have a well established community of faculty and staff with graduates working in prestigious locations around the area.
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Judson is an amazing place to grow spiritually and intellectually. My favorite part is that I felt welcomed the moment I walked on to campus. Everyone knows everyone and there is such a positive atmosphere.
Judson University is a very small Christian college in Elgin, IL. My experience has been very positive here at Judson. I have created many friends and because of its size I have been able to interact with my professors more. Although my experience has been positive there still are some negatives. The food is average and the dorms are also average.
Judson University is a great school if you care about a close knit community, ample chances for spiritual development, and caring faculty and staff. The university cares about the students from a holistic perspective, with a counseling center for emotional health, challenging classes for academic development, and chapel for spiritual enrichment. There are multiple ways for students to be involved in leadership, including resident life, student government, university ministry, and student organizations.
It is a religious school. Therefore, if you are not from this religious background you might feel excluded from most of the activities in campus. The small classes are really helpful. However, some professors talk too much about religion in subjects that you simply can't put religion in it. The athletic life is average. The campus is well located, staying about 50 minutes from Chicago.
I enjoyed the small student-to-professor ratio at Judson as well as the diversity of the student body. College anywhere is what you make it and this is certainly true at Judson as well. Most professors are knowledgeable, but may not have the best ability to communicate withs students. Judson could really use more professors with more diverse areas of expertise within the same field and a much less inflated tuition.
Judson has been such a great eye opener for me. With the small campus and the great people I couldn't be happier!
Judson is a school that will allow you to spread your wings as a student to achieve the educational goals to enhance your future.
I would recommend Judson to everyone. I have had great experiences with the school advisors and teachers. I am an older student returning and I have received so much encouragement.
I did not like the school. It used the money it received poorly, was incredibly strict on the students, and overall was way too expensive for what you were receiving.
Judson has a great community and one of the best atmospheres for building lifelong friendships. I met my best friend at Judson and she is getting married in the summer and she asked me to be her Maid of Honor. Our relationship has been able to grow because we are involved in some of the same extracurricular activities and it has just been a huge blessing to get to do life with her.
Judson University was always my dream college and it happened. I love all the faculties and teachers there, I get along with them really well, they are teachers that I can talk to whenever I need it. Also the students there are amazing, I haven't made this many friends ever and that is what this school is about, just changing the world with shaping ourselves with others. Also being involved in this school is another thing that works around with me. I can be involved in so many things just so I can get the student life more in a bigger spectrum.
Judson University is a Christian College this is shown repeatedly through the University. The University has an amazing community of support that they give their students.
Judson university is great except in some dorms it is extremely hot with no AC. The campus is very active and with various animals such as deer, squirrels, raccoons and geese.
I am a freshman at Judson University. So far I love everything about it. Everyone throughout the whole process of registering and moving in has been so friendly and helpful. The campus is small and easy to navigate. I feel very safe and have made a lot of friends already. I love starting my day with chapel and getting inspired by the people around me. I'm looking forward to 4 special years at this University!
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Judson University has a great Campus and degree variety. The students and faculty on the campus are all nice people that respect you as another student and if you are in need of help will do their best to help you.
Judson University is a great faith-based college, in which students have the opportunity to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This college helps a person to broaden their horizons while learning in a safe environment.
I believe I got a great education from Judson. It just lacked diversity and felt as if I lived in a bubble. Overall, great environment and great experience.
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