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Josef's School of Hair Design - Fargo West Reviews

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At Josef's School hair Design the environment is comfortable and safe, the teachers are well organized and professors from heart. The students are friendly and you learn a lot from the students and professors. They are well diversity, students and teachers are from different parts of the world. The food are fantastic, they are well prepared. Come and you will never regret it.
I have recently started school at Josef's School of Hair Design and I have overall been very impressed. The thing I like best about where I go to school are the teachers. I haven't met a single instructor that gives me the impression that they don't really care about my education. All of them are ALWAYS willing to drop what they are doing to help a student if they are struggling. Another thing I am very impressed with is that the owners themselves come in and teach us. They truly care about us. We aren't just a dollar sign to them. They actually take the time to get to know each and every one of their students and I am very thankful for that. It honestly feels like I am apart of a family at Josef's School of Hair Design.
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It's a set schedule so you always know exactly when you will be available.. There are no changes to the schedule so that is helpful when planning and scheduling things around school
They hold job fairs and have many different way they get you in touch with possible jobs, they are super helpful in making this a successful career for you
It's small so the education you get from the teacher is very personal
It's very helpful in preparation for a career
Given that the class size is limited to only a few students per course it's great because you get really individualized teaching
My experience has been great.. Everyone is very eager to help because they actually care if you succeed. They give you real life experience and really show you what to expect once your out in the real world.. I would definitely choose this school again for the environment and personalized education I am receiving here
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