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Jones is such an amazing place to learn and grow. It is deffienatly somewhere that I will recomment to graduating highchool seniors because it truly is a great stepping stone.
Jones County Junior College offers every person willing to work for their dreams an opportunity for education. Jones was not my first choice when selecting a college to attend; however, since attending Jones I have received a supportive, safe, affordable, and high quality education. This college also offers each student a free nurse, free counseling, online courses, night courses, multiple clubs, sports and activities to be involved in, and advisement for students all week. I will always be thankful for the many ways that the many employees of Jones has helped me to achieve my dreams at an affordable price.
The dorms are not that great but, the campus looks nice. There are 2 water fountains that make the campus look beautiful and a nice Bobcat statue.
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Jones is a great way to save a lot of money and get your pre-reqs out of the way, but, like the rest of Jones County, there's nothing else all that special about it. A handful of instructors are outstanding (Moulds, Bradshaw, Bishop, and Joey Davis all come to mind). Others, though, are a nightmare to deal with, and occasionally I feel embarrassed for them for how little they know about their subjects.

Student life is nonexistent. If you don't play a sport and live in the dorms, you can forget it. This is understandable since JCJC is a junior college and not an actual university, but a lot of people come in with this weird notion that they're going to come to Jones, meet their best friends for life, and live happily ever after. This narrative is pushed by JCJC's faculty. True story: I sent an email to ten different club supervisors, trying to get involved, because I was having a hard time meeting people. All ten responded by telling me they don't meet, as there's no interest.
Jones County Junior College is a great place to attend. The instructors and administrators are awesome. The only drawback is the lack of things to do in Ellisville outside of school.
It is a great school to go to. The academics are easy if you study and the online program is great. The teachers are very helpful as well.
Jones is a GREAT school! There are so many activities to get involved in. You will make life long friends that will go to major universities with you! The faculty and staff are super nice and helpful. The campus is beautiful and there are so many scholarship opportunites for studets in need. Go Bobcats!
JCJC is a great place to start fresh out of high school. There is a huge diversity of sports, clubs, and activities you can participate in every day, or take a relaxing stroll around the majestic campus to relieve some of that stress you built up worrying about class.
Jones County Junior College is a great college for anyone starting out their 4 year degree or pursuing a technical or 2 year degree. The teachers here actually care how well their students understand the material. It's a great start for anyone!
My time at JCJC was a good experience. My time taking Industrial Electronics classes was very beneficial to my knowledge and personal growth.
I love the fact that the campus is located in a small town. Everyone is welcoming and the environment is friendly.
My experience at jcjc is the best. Its an great atmosphere and a great place. Jcjc is one of the best colleges In my opinion. Becoming a student is one of my biggest decisions!
The flexibility is not very great. Classes get filled in fast and there's no more room for my schedule to be set at the right times I need.
Jones Junior college offers a great post-grad service. The Career Center and other facilities are full of service. People at Jones are always wanting to help their students in any way possible.
The professors and classes at Jones are very great! People at Jones love their careers. Classes are hard but professors prepare you for what you will expect at a senior college.
The value of obtaining a degree from my school is that we all got a good foundation. We definitely tried our best to obtain our associates degree.
My major has very tuff classes. My classes are always loaded with work and new information. Reading is definitely a skill needed for my major. At the moment I'm on my basics program but I know things will get better. If you have a dream focus and chase it and that's my moto to survival.
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Jones county Junior College is a good high school transition into college. I love the passion most teachers have towards their careers. My school is not the biggest but it is truly a down to earth school. People are very nice and out going. Classes are very spread around campus, but the school itself is a great beginning in the college life. The amount of resources given to all of are expectacular! I love my school and I will choose it again if I had the decision to pick any different.
Jones County Junior College is a very flexible and user friendly environment.
The online classes are very user friendly and convenient.
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