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I started attending JCC fall semester of my senior year and so far I love it. I love the instructors i’ve had. The resources offered by the college are great for example their tutoring program offered to all students.
My experience with Johnston Community College was overall great! The staff are friendly and the students there are very welcoming. The academic advisers, Student Government Association members, and the financial aid office were all big helps to me receiving my degree.
The staffs and students are friendly. The school offers many opportunities / classes the students can choose for their path to success.
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I have really enjoyed my time at Johnston Community College. the advisors are very helpful in pointing you in the right direction to get your prerequisites for your major. The financial aide department is always eager to help in any way they can. the classes are small and gives you more one to one time with the instructor. The only downside is parking. there is no where to park so you are forced to drive around until someone leaves which puts you at risk for being late to class.
I think that there could be some major improvements in the staff, athletic department, and their could also be housing for commuters.
I love JCC. This college is the best school I have ever been to. The faculty are extremely friendly and helpful. The teachers actually care about you passing and will do anything in their power to help you pass. The campus is nice and always clean. It's not too big so it doesn't take long to walk the whole campus. There are plenty of student lounges on campus with vending machines and microwaves for when you bring your lunch. Overall it's a very nice college
The curriculum at Johnston Community College and the professors are excellent, but the main reason I give this three stars instead of five is that the organization between different departments are a total mess and the students that go there are the least social people I've ever met. I recommend this college to someone who already has a big enough circle of friends and don't particularly need the social outlet, and want a more affordable means of earning the first two years of college
My experience at this college has been great. I like the steam building because it's updated and feels like a college campus unlike the other buildings. This one has the emergency posts which makes me feel safe at night and I would hope that the whole campus will get these. The teachers have been nothing but great.
Johnston Community College was a fun experience, with good teachers and friendly students. The STEM department staff (my department) was very helpful and knew how to connect with the students.
Being at Johnston Community College has been a great two years. I have been able to commute from home while completing course work that transfers to a four-year university. I have also been able to save money and decide what I will finally be majoring in since I was indecisive after graduating high school. I would highly recommend going to Johnston Community College, or any community college in particular for those who are also indecisive or cannot afford going to a four-year university just yet. Going to Johnston Community college has also helped me become more independent and prepared me for transferring after completing my associate's degree.
They have programs, in place to help.
I've had nothing but success dealing, with my professors.
I've already gotten notice, from business professionals.
I'm very happy, with the programs.
Professors provide an atmosphere of trust and assist, in every way. I'm a believer, in community college first.
i just quit my job instead
Online classes are convenient because you can take them from home. Otherwise everything else about them is a pain.
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My math teachers have been wonderful. English teachers are helpful and understanding, but not very lenient. Science teachers are hit or miss...

classes fill up fast and servers drop when enrolling online after they open registration.
They are good with sending out emails notifying students of internship and scholarship opportunities, along with campus events and other gatherings.
I am currently pursuing an Associates in Science. This is to transfer to a university to major in Atmospheric Sciences. My associates includes a lot of math and science. There is currently no "pathway" program between NC state and JCC, so I'm pretty much navigating my degree on my own.
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