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Johnson is very small and I love it! You know everyone and the staff is superb! We have a decent athletics program and we offer many clubs as well. The staff to student ratio is just the right match. Our food programs aren't the best but no one goes hungry. Johnson offers great outside the class room activities for students of all varieties.
Great Experience! Great location near the mountains and outside of Burlington VT. The students are amazing and down to earth. I believe that there is so much for this school going with activities and programs. You should visit and see it for yourself.
Johnson State College is an excellent college for a variety of programs. One of those is Arts. They have a great Arts programs. The college itself is located in a great area, love the surroundings, all the greenery.
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Small school where you can be on first name basics with all of you professors and staff members. Everyone wants to see each student succeed and will do everything in their power to help you out.

There are plenty of on campus events every weekend so you'll never be bored.
Some instructors are fantastic, others are not. Of the fantastic ones, they are focused on their students and have good communication. However, certain advisers who also instructors are terrible and suffer from a lack of concern for the students. Their residence life program is controlling and focused on getting money more than an effective environment for a living student. If you are looking for a fairly remote and uninvolved student population, this would be it. I transferred when they showed the negative qualities.
It's a great college if you're looking for a small college with no party scene. The professors are amazing, at least from what I've had. There are amazing opportunities to be had, such as research internships. You really get out what you put into this college. Also, they are SO helpful if you ever run into academic or disability issues!
I really like the school, however I wish there were more things to do in town. The campus is small which I really like. Everything on campus is close and readily available. I play soccer and the fields are in great shape all the time.
Do not sent your kid to this school at all. For a school that has a 97% acceptance rate, its very expensive. People leave after a year or two and transfer cause it sucks. Don't waste your money on those couple years. If you're looking to build a GPA, go to your local community college. Sports suck yet the basketball teams are treated like gods (not to mention the illegal athletic scholarships given to the mens basketball team). This school only cares about your money and doesn't want to help you at all. The president should be happy that there are lots of caring staff and thats about all there is at this place. The dorms are disgusting as well as the food. Nothing as been updated at all. Dont know where all the money goes. I know now why they are switching their name next year and probably filing for bankruptcy.
As a non-traditional, full time student I loved Johnson State College. The professors were very knowledgeable and the staff were very helpful. I was a single mother when I attended JSC and I found the professors to be very accommodating when my children were sick, had snow days, etc. This school is very laid back but they also expect you to do your assignments. Academic Support Services was also a great help, offering tutoring assistance in areas that I needed extra help in, with no additional cost to me. My advisors really cared about me and my progress and never made me feel like they were too busy to speak to me. I also enjoyed the smaller class sizes. If you're looking for a smaller college that offers a laid back atmosphere and challenging course work, this is the school for you.
I enjoy the people who attend Johnson because they're not used to the small community, as a result, I show them what there is to do around campus and then they can enjoy themselves. The teachers are super helpful and understanding under any circumstances while is an absolute blessing and a student will rarely get that opportunity elsewhere.
The wellness center has definitely gone downhill a bit, but the counselors there are wonderful and helpful. The public safety officers are a toss up some of them are wonderful and some of them are not particularly helpful.
I personally know several students in my area of study who have been or were offered jobs before they even graduated from our school. One of my close friends has three offers for good positions in several different theaters, another acquaintance just finished an internship with Disney. My best friend got a job with a local professional theater company less than two months after he graduated.
Campus housing is definitely more expensive thn it seems like it should be after looking at rent on appartments in the local town and fining that it would be cheaper to rent than Live on campus even without a meal plan. The buildings are in pretty good shape and are kept very clean. I have always felt comfortable in the dorms and in the college appartments.
When I was applying to colleges Johnson State caught my eye because I received personal help with my application process from a real human being in real time, not a prerecorded or written message to tide me over until someone had time for me. My experience here has been almost completely positive. Whenever I had a problem of any kind i know that i can go to any number of school employees for help from couselors to teachers, professors and my work study bosses. The school is very active in keeping students involved in the community and in creating a bonded wholesome community on campus.
Class sizes are great. Some Professors care more about their students health, mental health and sucess other professor do not care.Variety of classes is okay but getting better. Things could be done better.
This college puts all that responsibility into the student. They are helpful if you go to the resources, but mostly it's the student's determination and responsibility. The resources can be very helpful if students use them and use them a lot and to their advatange.
Public Safety can be big help sometimes and other's they can be useless. I feel safe during the day walking across campus, not so much at night. The college could take some of the crimes/cases more seriously and could do way better. Could be way better.
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Some dorm buildings are better than other, depends on what you want. Every building but Arthur's have big rooms and live on a floor, Arthur's is suite living and have smaller rooms but big common room. Arthur's is better for singles than anyother building. Marnetti is oaky, plus it has a kitchen, not sure if the GPA is in effect still. Govonor's and Sentator's buildings are okay too. Sentator's is active wild building and Govonor's is a laid back building. I enjoyed living in Govonor's.
Not a sports fan. Could be better. More sports.
Johnson is what you make of it.
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