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Johnson County Community College is structured to work with student to be able to move on to a four year institution. This institution will allow me to move on to a four college that works together to give a student what they need to be able to earn a degree from a higher college program . The 2 + 2 education program is a great program to allow a student to have a foundation to complete their degree in a timely manner.
Easy steps to enroll, very welcoming to new students, and provides many opportunities for early college credit to thousands of students in area high schools.
Johnson county community college is a good school. The campus is nice and well kept. The school has a variety of dining options on and around campus. There are many opportunities on campus, including a gym, a student lounge and even a barn. Student life (work load) has a tendency to pile up at certain points in the semester. As far as professors, I have heard that some are better than others. However, in my experience, they are all great!
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It's such a beautiful campus! The area that the college is found it, is a wonderful community and a short drive from many places to eat. The staff are great as well!
So far my overall experience at Johnson County has been great. I recently enrolled for Spring 2019 to start working towards my degree. I have talked to many counselors and they have all been very helpful and friendly providing websites, paperwork, and their business cards in case i have any more questions. The testing department seem very friendly also. The students all seem friendly, i am excited to start y upcoming semester here.
It is very diverse and the people here are so kind. You walk around campus and you feel safe and comfortable with where you are. It feels like home.
For a community college, I have been VERY impressed. The campus is growing, there are many opportunities and options for work on site, most all of the buildings are connected to each other which is nice for inclement weather. The school has the resources needed for large classes or small classes.
I have had a great time taking courses at JCCC. Tuition is cheap, and while parking can be tricky, their lower teacher/student ratio makes it very easy to get one on one time with any professor. I enjoy the teachers here and find that more often than not, they do care about how their students are doing, and are willing to work with students to help them understand the material. This is a fantastic school.
Johson County Community College has many academic reasourses the two I use the most are The Math Lab, and Writting Center, where you can either work alone or ask for a tutor to help you with your work. when it comes to Student life the student lounge is great and the student ambassadors always create fun activites or events on campus. There are many clubs within JCCC I'm part of one called LUNA (Lations United Now and Always).When it comes to safety Concile and carry is now allowed on campus but Jccc has an app, and many emergency buttons inside as well as outside that you can press whenever you feel the need to. even if you just want the campus police to escort you to class, your car, or in emergency situations.
I loved JCCC! Small classes allow you to get to know your peers and professors. Yet, the large campus gives you a university feel! 100% recommend this school to anyone.
Great college with excellent professors. The community should be proud of the school and support it with more funding.
Although very busy at expected times, people are very helpful and approachable at this college. JCCC also tries to keep tuition down as much as possible and makes a large effort to keep the campus safe, clean, and provide amenities helpful to students.
Great School, Great Instructors/Prof's. Easy access, plentiful subjects to study. Small class enrollment - student to teacher ratio, good facilities for hands on training and lab work.
The professors are all welcoming and very educated. They strive to make the environment a place for all students from different backgrounds that can share and discuss their own opinions.
JCCC has been so supportive and helpful to me in my college career. I am planning on transferring to KU and JCCC has worked with me every step of the way and given me so many options to help including setting up meetings with KU.
Overall JCCC is a fantastic school with great, energetic teachers. It is a diverse environment and great stepping stone if you are wanting to get some general credits out of the way. If you are like me and know you love science and math but aren't sure which to pursue for a bachelor's degree then JCCC is a great place to take some basic biology, chemistry, physics, and math courses. This has helped me realize that I want to pursue physics and preferably astronomy.
I love jccc. I'm happy I decided to take classes here first and not go straight to a 4 year college. A lot of teachers are nice here because the classes fit about 25 people in them. And the food court features a bunch of good fast food restaurants.
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I am a transfer student that attended a year at JCCC. It was an amazing experience and culture to be involved in. They will do anything and everything in there power to help you with academics, finances, counseling, tutoring, and anything else you can think of.
Johnson County Community College is an amazing place to get started on your education. Small class sizes allow for personal relationships with professors. Tutoring is also offered for free.
When I first got out of high school I decided I want to go to KU. I went for one semester and quickly regretted it. I transferred to JCCC my next semester and loved it. The small class sizes make it a lot easier when you have questions for your teacher. They have a wide variety of classes and all of the staff I found to be very friendly. Not to mention the fact that it was so much cheaper than going to a four year school right from the beginning. I am able to walk away with my associates this year debt free all thanks to JCCC and my amazing parents of course. I wish I would have known sooner about how much more going to a community college first benefits me. I am sad I have to leave to go to a four year school to finish out my degree.
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