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I really like the academic progran there and hoe they have tons of resources for students to choose from to help with their studies.
The professors are very helpful, and classes aren't too large. There's several ways to get involved with extra curricular activities. You will never feel out of place.
I am taking courses from Johnson County Community College through my high school so I have yet to take courses on the campus. However, I have really enjoyed the coursework that I have taken so far.
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Parking can be a nightmare, some professors don't know about or choose not to follow the final schedule, a building is named after a rapist.
I have overall had a great experience with Johnson County Community College. The atmosphere is pleasant, the teachers are overall great, and the quality of education is good. They offer a wide variety of online and hybrid classes, which is great for me. The daycare on site unfortunitely is expensive, and they do need to provide classes for students with cognitive disabilities
The staff and teacher there are amazing! The facilities are always great and the communication is the best!
I personally did not enjoy Johnson County Community College (JCCC) because the students did not network like I expected. I did not find study groups or classmates trying to meet after class. I work better that way. Also, while here at jccc I have realized that going to school full-time and working are two things that I cannot handle together.
it is great school to attend. cheap, great professors, and big facilities. It is great school to go before transfer to KU or K-state or other colleges in Kansas. i guarantee that this school is the one of the greatest community college in the nation.
JCCC is a wonderful community college. They offer great programs and classes to fit your lifestyle. Whether you just graduated high school or if you are going back to school this is a great place to start. The academic counselors at the school are great. They also offer online chat so you don't have to wait in line. The Kansas City area is full of night life and culture.
So far I love Johnson County Community College. I would recommend this college to anyone. The teachers are excellent and the course material is very easy to understand. this college has amazing councilors that can help you with whatever your needs may be. This college is great for students who are looking for a cheap alternative to a 4 year, as you can take the prerequisites at Johnson County then transfer to a 4-year school.
I enjoyed attending JCCC as the staff was very helpful and useful. Resources were always available, and the time that they were open created flexible hours for the students. Grades were easy to access along with getting ahold of teachers. It is a good community college for anyone interested.
This is a very good school to get started back into your education. I did not do well at college right out of high school, so this was a good stepping stone for me to be able to get used to college level work. It has enabled me to feel confident enough to go on to a 4 year university.
This a great community college. Easy process to get in and enrollment either online or in person. The professors are laid back and easy to talk to, but one still needs to do the work to make good grades.
The programs offered her are top notched and you learn a lot
This is a great school for those who are looking to save money their first few years of college. JCCC offers hundreds of majors so there is a perfect fit for everyone. They also have plenty of clubs and organizations for students to get involved in student life. They also offer several resources such as counseling and tutoring for no additional cost.
The college offers quality education opportunities to complete credits toward higher degrees at other universities.
Amazing work ethic put in by students and teachers. Always feel safe and tranquil. JCCC makes sure you always feel safe and never alone.
I loved jccc. I still go here , but I'm taking my classes online. When I attended the campus for classes a couple years ago, i very much enjoyed my visit. The people were fun and hip, plenty of friends to make. The teachers are wise and fun. The faculty is very helpful. The campus is very pretty in the fall and spring. Especially the fall. Plenty of pretty trees.
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I really like that the professors where such a big help when some things would get confusing and the work would be a little tuff they where actually good at helping you in detail with all you need to know. The counselors where also great it felt like they really cared about your problems and coming up with solutions to help you succeed.
When I first went to this college for the Bizfest scholarship competition it was a beautiful and really big campus. I would definitely recommend students to go here for an accounting class. Professor Dave Krug seems like a pretty legit professor learned a lot just from a few seconds of his speech in Bizfest 2018.
Johnson County is a great school with so many different resources. The school is small which allows for teacher one-on-one interaction in and out of the classroom. The school offers resource centers for students in every subject. There is online tutoring and on campus tutoring pretty much whenever you need it. The school offers a lot of things for students to get involved in and there is a wide variety of majors available. Only problem, the parking is poor and there is not on campus living available.
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