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Johnson County is a great school with so many different resources. The school is small which allows for teacher one-on-one interaction in and out of the classroom. The school offers resource centers for students in every subject. There is online tutoring and on campus tutoring pretty much whenever you need it. The school offers a lot of things for students to get involved in and there is a wide variety of majors available. Only problem, the parking is poor and there is not on campus living available.
Johnson County Community College is a great college to start off at. Low tuition means you can really find out what field you want to study. On top of that, the classes are small enough that teachers can personally help all students with problems that may arise.
Johnson County Community College has been absolutely wonderful! I am receiving a really good education from knowledgable professors who care about what they are teaching. I am able to have a relationship with my teachers and ask questions because my class sizes range from 15-25 people. The advisors are amazing and have been so helpful and actually cared about what I was saying. I am able to have an amazing education without going into debt and that is wonderful!
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This is a really great place to go if you are looking to save thousands of dollars for the first couple years of college. As for the social aspect, everyone just kind of puts their head down and tries to get out as soon as possible.
I have liked my experience at Johnson County Community College. The people are nice and the academics are outstanding. I have heard this school was a one of the best in Kansas and it definitely shows once you have been on campus and inside the classroom. It is quality education for everyone who applies and people can save a lot of money going here as well.
I had a pretty great time at JCCC. I would say I had a few professors that I didn't click well with and I didn't seem to be the only one. I wish they would've listened to that class more when we all collectively needed something ie; we couldn't hear them and asked to get a microphone, or when a professor would spend all class going off on a "story" and not teaching the subject that was going to be on the test. Other than that and the lack of parking, I loved my experience.
I love this school!! It has teacher who are able to take the time to work with their students because classes are less than 30 students. All my teachers expect students to work hard towards their grade, and if they see you doing so, they will do anything they can to see you succeed. The campus is great and the atmosphere encourages you to join in different activities. In my online classes, the teachers have a great schedule that makes getting your degree convenient and at your pace. I love this school and I'm genuinely sad to transfer on to get my bachelor's.
Amazing school with a cheaper way and easy times for anyone to succeed in fulfilling their dreams. They have teachers who are easy to meet with, have very flexible times and want you to succeed. I have had a very crazy schedule with work and family and they are always super flexible to make sure you can stay on track.
Johnson County is an amazing place to explore what you think you may want to do with you life. The social aspect is nothing like how you think a community college social life would be. It’s a great diverse campus with lots of amazing opportunities to meet others and make important connections. Every professor I have had, I have thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot from.
Teachers are excellent they only want the best for you anmd your future. The campus is beautiful and it isnt hard to travel from buliding to building. parking is the only thing they could improve on its very hard to find parking even with their extensive parking lots and parking buildings.
It's a great college with lots of resources for students. There are resource centers with free tutors available for most subjects. The campus is also pretty.
This is my first year attending here. I love it. The teachers here are so helpful and devoted to helping you succeed. The classrooms are small and it makes you feel welcomed. It's safe and I feel like choosing JuCO was my best decision.
JCCC is a great college with small class sizes you have the opportunity for one on one help with your instructors.
I have been attending here just over 2 years now and its overall a friendly campus and I have never had any problems on campus. They have so many areas of study and a mountain of clubs and organizations to participate in. It is also useful that signing up (and dropping out) of classes is really easy and hassle free and there is always a variety so that students have the option to do face-to-face classroom settings or online classes. Being able to attend at a affordable cost has been amazing the experiences I have gained are unforgettable.
On my first campus visit to Johnson County Community College I was greeted with such kindness they offered me a campus visit on the spot and was very informal throughout the tour. After the tour we were given complimentary lunch and showed up some of the classes that are offered at the college. We also were shown the different sports and clubs the school offers. I was quite interesting how easy it was to start your own club with you and a friend.
I take have taken roughly 1 year's worth of credit hours at JCCC, and generally I have had a positive experience. If you're looking for a full-time school, though, I would suggest going somewhere with on-campus living. At JCCC, everyone just comes, takes their classes, and leaves with hardly a word to other students.
My experience at JCCC was okay. I feel like it is more for older people. I do not like how there are some people in my class that could be my fathers age. A lot of the professors I have had really force their political views on you and it can be very overwhelming and frustrating. There is a lot of changes to get help here so that is nice when i am struggling with homework in any class. Parking is awful. If you don't take a 8 Am class you are walking really far to your class.
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The school is an amazing. Its easy to navigate around it and its just over all fun. When I went on a college visit to JCCC I was able to really see myself in this school and honestly its the best way to go. You save money and can stay local and close to your family.
My experience at Johnson County Community College has been truly excellent! Acceptance and enrollment into the college was very easy, and each professor that I have had makes sure that each student is taken care of, and that all questions are answered. Johnson County Community College also has amazing councilors that are meticulous with each student, making sure that your academic experience meets all of your expectations.
JCCC staff is very helpful. Teachers are nice, and willing to help. Student's create a friendly atmosphere, and try to make everyone feel included.
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