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I take have taken roughly 1 year's worth of credit hours at JCCC, and generally I have had a positive experience. If you're looking for a full-time school, though, I would suggest going somewhere with on-campus living. At JCCC, everyone just comes, takes their classes, and leaves with hardly a word to other students.
My experience at JCCC was okay. I feel like it is more for older people. I do not like how there are some people in my class that could be my fathers age. A lot of the professors I have had really force their political views on you and it can be very overwhelming and frustrating. There is a lot of changes to get help here so that is nice when i am struggling with homework in any class. Parking is awful. If you don't take a 8 Am class you are walking really far to your class.
The school is an amazing. Its easy to navigate around it and its just over all fun. When I went on a college visit to JCCC I was able to really see myself in this school and honestly its the best way to go. You save money and can stay local and close to your family.
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My experience at Johnson County Community College has been truly excellent! Acceptance and enrollment into the college was very easy, and each professor that I have had makes sure that each student is taken care of, and that all questions are answered. Johnson County Community College also has amazing councilors that are meticulous with each student, making sure that your academic experience meets all of your expectations.
JCCC staff is very helpful. Teachers are nice, and willing to help. Student's create a friendly atmosphere, and try to make everyone feel included.
I really love the atmosphere of the college. It provides a good study environment anywhere on campus and everyone is really friendly.
An excellent place to go! Great to get one or more associates degrees before transferring to a 4-year institution. I still consider it my home college.
I love the dedication of the teachers, and all the student opportunities. There is lots of diversity and the atmosphere is very welcoming for all types of people.
Very pretty campus, good resources, nice instructors. The tuition cost is pretty low for in county residents. It can be hard to get involved on campus, everybody is a commuter, and most people work.
I love all of the professors at the college. They're always there to help you when you need it. There's not really anything I dislike about the college! I think it's a great school to start out on & it's very cheap!!
I love how the teachers are interactive and also are willing to work with someone like myself who is full time worker, full time student and full time dad. Thank you JCCC for being so amazing for me
You can get your basic courses out of the way here before transferring to a four-year school, or take a certificate course and get out into the job field even more quickly! There is a wealth of interesting electives, great professors, and plenty of fun clubs and campus activities. The student center offers lots of different food choices, from Chik-fil-a to a salad bar to the "C-store" next to the bookstore, which is a nice little convenience store, offering snacks, energy drinks, ice cream bars, greeting cards and more. The price is great, at close to $100 per credit hour for residents, and attending JCCC is overall a very smart decision.
I attended JCCC for two years while pursuing my American Sign Language Certificate. All the professors are great! I took both online classes and face-to-face classes with great support from professors and staff. Great ASL program!
Johnson County Community College is, above all else, a sound investment for your education. There are a vast variety of classes here that will transfer to any 4-year university in Kansas very easily. However, the student population is massive, and the student life/party scene is nonexistent, but it's a community college, so what do you really expect? While the likelihood that you'll make any friends here is decently low, you will most definitely benefit from the affordable classes.
The teachers, staff, and students are all friendly and not at all intimidating. In my experience, any problem I have had has been solved with the help of others.
JCCC is a great school for getting your 2 year degree. Sometimes the professors can be not so great but most of the time you have a good teacher that will work with you. Food options are as you would expect mostly fast food but it is fresh and pretty good. I personally know several people that graduated from their with their 2 year degree and had plenty of nice things to say about it. I took several classes myself to test the waters and find out what I wanted to do for my career.
I chose Johnson County Community College because it is known as a great school, it's affordable and they are very helpful with questions.
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JCCC is a lovely community college with a huge savings for those who study there. The professors are usually quite good and enthusiastic about teaching and I found the quality of material very good. An excellent school for transfer students.
Johnson County Community College is located on a beautiful campus and full of teachers who really care about you being a successful student. I could not recommend this college enough. The classes are small enough for the teachers to know you by name and I have personally had multiple teachers go above and beyond in order for me to do well in their class. I am extremely proud to be a student at this school.
What I like about Johnson County Community College that they put in a lot of effort into making sure their students succeed by providing a variety of resources. The Writing resource center they have helped me make my essays for composition and psychology classes better. Something that helped me when I was taking calculus my freshman year was the math resource center, they are very interactive and willing to help. Since the college does not have a ridiculously huge campus, making friends is not very hard.The college is an excellent place to finish prerequisite classes that are not only affordable and significantly cheaper than 4 year universities but the classes are transferrable to a variety of in-state and out of state universities. That is why my experience has been so great up to this point with the college. I will also be attending the college to take two summer courses and finish my prerequisites in the fall 2017 semester.
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