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Non-profit, great teachers, vast alumni network dating back decades, great career fairs and active campus life. Arguably the best trade school in northeast Pennsylvanian! Some majors that are really well known are the electrical construction and maintenance, computer information science, and the electrical engineering technology program
The machining/ CNC course is excellent. Instructors are excellent. Loved going to school here. I would definitely recommend this school.
One of the best I have experienced
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The college is has a beautiful setting. It's definitely a college for the people who do not like crazy party's. Everyone is welcoming and very laid back. The professors go above and beyond for their students. It's awesome that this college has 3credit weekend classes that is only two weekends. If you like being outside all the time and want to make friends easily Johnson is the place to go.
I thought that more of my credits would have transferred.
One word best describes my opinion on Johnson college, and that is "AWESOME"!
Courses are well taught by knowledgeable Professors. Class style is open and communicative. Class sizes vary but in my field of study, my class size was 15 to 20 students.
Johnson College achieved a 95% job placement rating for the 2013 - 1014 Academic year. The college also partners with various businesses locally offering their best students to the working environment. Johnson college only places their best as they want to keep their reputation in good standing with these various businesses to set the scene for future students going out into the real world.
Hands on, with informed instructions in completing various drafting projects. The Professor let you know right up front what is expected, and doesn't hold a student back if they are accelerating faster than the class. In my Freshman year at Johnson College, I was able to hone my AUTOCAD
My Freshman year at Johnson College can be described as nothing more then AWESOME! The professors were actually there to teach, listen, and to answer all my questions. The Professors have one purpose, and that is to

give the student(s) the education that is needed to make a real difference in the world. What I also liked is the job placement with local firms/businesses in my field of Drafting and Design. The registration process was simple. Tons of helpful information and assistance when needed in applying for financial aid. Not the big campus run around from one office to the next. Everything simplified! I love this college, and as a result my GPA is 3.8. This college is a perfect fit for me!
I am glad I chose this school.
Classes are not always flexible. Students can transfer credits.
The classes are nice but the scheduling is not the most convenient
It is the first college i have attended but believe it is fairly decent
Most programs require a internship to graduate and will help in the process of getting one.
I don't like online classes because they are basically homework with out being in class to learn it.
The people on campus are nice for the most part it is a fun a inviting environment.
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most of my financial aid is from federal and loans, but there are different forms of aid to try.
on campus we have a gym, laundry room, and a cafeteria.
the academic programs have a easy to learn pace that is not hard to keep up with.
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