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Johnson and Wales is a tremendous experience! You get to meet tons of people from all over, and for me it is a really nice change of scenery since I am from Virginia. The weather is not as hot, thankfully. The frequent breaks allow for some time to reassess and come back even more prepared.
I have had an amazing experience working Johnson and Wales University and their online program. They are very helpful and set a very easy to follow website and provide you with an amazing education.
I loved it here ! Freshman year is just about finished and I enjoyed every minute of it. From the second you walk in you're meeting new people and there's a lot to do since you're in the city. Not to mention there's a lot of local food spots around since Providence is a restaurant city.
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Well the food here isn’t that great. Some of the professors here are nice like my English professor. She’s super fun, easy work and barley gives homework. Some professors can be mean like the chemistry professor which I have no choice but to take her class because she’s the only one that teaches it
Johnson and Wales University or what I normally call it “jwu” is one of the best decision I’ve made. The best thing I like about it is that it’s very diverse with student and professors. The campus is very small so it’s not a big hassle on you to find things or to make you feel overwhelmed
Johnson and Wales Providence is a wonderful university. The main campus is in downtown Providence, which is great in terms of food and activities. The Harborside campus is where all the Culinary-related classes are held. It’s about ten minutes from downtown, more laid back, and right on Narragansett Bay. All the Chefs and Professors are wonderfully talented and helpful.
What a wonderful school! Such a welcoming community and all chefs and professors are extremely helpful!
The school is a great place to attend; the dietetics program is unique but they are changing the program which I believe is a disservice to future students.
Johnson and Wales which is also known as "JWU", provide their students with many opportunities and helps them on a reach their future goals or career.
Johnson and Wales University has opened my eyes to an all new way of thinking. The culinary and baking programs offered through the school are run by instructor with many years of experience in their respective degrees, which really allows the students to delve into coursework confidently.
Johnson and Wales is a fairly nice school to attend. It has multiple degrees you can go for. The instructors target the material that you need in order to succeed in your chosen field.
I would have to say that I do love Johnson and Wales university. I love that the classes are all less then 40 students, so they are smaller classes. The only thing that I would change about JWU is the parking situation on the downcity campus.
Johnson & Wales University continues to embrace and improve their culinary program, baking and pastry program, as well as providing experienced, caring professors who care about students and their future careers!
As a freshman at Johnson and Wales University, I have really enjoyed my first year. All of the faculty and staff are always willing to help with any questions you may have. The labs are very hands on and you are able to take a lot from them. The chefs try to make the labs as close to what the industry would be like as possible.
The best decision in my life was accepting an early enrollment at Johnson & Wales University. I have always felt welcome here from the beginning. When students are first acclimating to the area JWU is helpful because of all the ongoing activities on and off campus everyday.
My overall experience at Johnson & Wales University was good. The school does really well with the Culinary Arts program and helping the students giving a lot of resources. It is a small school with a lot of hidden potential. Being in Providence allows the students to always have an activity to do weather its community service, water fire, local restaurants on historical Fed Hill and more. JWU could do better with having on campus activities and having more school spirit.
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What I love about Johnson and Wales is the atmosphere they bring to the table. They are a welcoming environment that is willing to help you when you need it. One thing I would change just to help out the students would be to clean the air filters because I can say from experience that they might be pretty bad and caused me to get sick. Other than that I would have to say Johnson and Wales is an amazing school that offers so many opportunities for not only their students but graduate as well.
Really expensive and ridiculously easy. Most of the professors are really knowledgeable and really helpful. They are regionally accredited. Unfortunately, they are not accredited by any accreditation board. Meaning in majors such as engineering, accounting, and business etc... the degrees are virtually worthless because you can't obtain your licence. As well as, their degrees won't give you a competitive edge in your desired field.
I love Johnson & Wales. I play on the women's soccer team and through that have made many lifelong friends.
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