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I haven't really experience much since I'm only a freshman and classes haven't started yet. I hope to learn more and have a great experience. Johnson and wales seems like a promising future for me.
Attending Johnson & Wales as a Culinary Arts student under their ACCESS Program was one of the greatest experiences of my life. The education was incomparable, the chefs truly cared about your success in the commercial kitchens of the real world. I learned more living there for 3 years then I have all the other places I've lived up to this point! I recommend the program and school to anyone with a true passion for culinary arts. You will get your money's worth and be glad you did it.
I love the area around the city and the transportation situation they have. I love the small class sizes and their new Engineering & Design Building.
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I like the fact that JWU is based in trimesters and not in semesters because it breaks up the work load on you throughout the year and it makes it easier to gain more credits in a less amount of time. What I would like to see change in JWU is the support from the academic and financial advisors and the overall organization of the school and its majors need a complete overhaul. Also there needs to be more minors and Master degree options for students.
Johnson & Wales is a great school when you are a student but the are terrible when you are not. Do not sign up for their achievement loan it is a private loan and it gets handled differently then federal loans, but if you to to graduate from this school you will learn a lot all the teachers are very helpful.
The faculty and staff are so kind and helpful and the campus overall is stunningly beautiful!
No classes on Friday, very active student activities board, so much to do in the area.
I love how all the professors have had years of field experience. I never enjoyed going to school everyday until I came here. I love going to my classes everyday and learning about what I love. I also love here how we get into our classes for our major starting the first trimester.
Johnson and wales is a wonderful school with very kind staff and students who make you feel comfortable as soon as you step on the campus. The diversity here is amazing and they open you up to a lot of opportunities. there's always something to do on campus and a lot of job chances. As for living they give you a lot of options to choose from so there's always something for everybody. For a culinary school I would say the food isn't that great and the dining options are limited. overall downtown providence is beautiful I love the location !
Best thing of this school is that most of my classes have been small groups of students compare to other universities. They give us the opportunity to work while studying through the Work Study Program.
My experience here at JWU had started off rough. I would say that it took me a while to adjust to living on my own and not having my friends from home close to me. After a while, I've gotten used to it and the only thing that I don't like about college in general is I feel as though the majority of the students are there to party and not there to actually work towards a future.
My name is Robert J. Esposito III and I am a sophomore at JWU Providence. I am majoring in Engineering Design and Configuration Management. Being a student at JWU has been a dream come true for me. It helps me learn that I can accomplish anything I want to accomplish. JWU looks out for its students and they always want the absolute best for them. The professors are very helpful and they make sure that everyone does well. Some aspects of certain classes can be challenging and there can be obstacles along the way, but it is worth it. By challenging myself, I know it can be very beneficial long-term because the more I challenge myself, the more confidence that I will gain in myself and the more successful that I will be in the future. Through the guidance of my mentors, professors, classmates, etc. at JWU, I plan on working towards my goal of becoming a successful Engineer. Overall, JWU has been nothing but an excellent choice for me and I would recommend this University.
Excellent school. Some of the office administrators need to get their acts together. You can't seem to get correct or straight answers from more than one of them
Johnson and wales is a great school for people who want to learn the basics and foundations of the food industry. They really get into detail with their curriculum.
I am currently enrolled as a freshman. I am enjoying the culture and environment around me. I am learning so much and am very excited for next year.
I am currently a freshman attending Johnson & Wales University. Although it is my first year, I have already been provided with many opportunities. I like how the university has tutoring services and plenty of activities and clubs on campus. I would change how the parking could be more convenient for commuter students who have down city classes without spending over $600 on a yearly parking garage sticker.
Beautiful campus , dorm rooms could be better... there's always a problem with the heating system and the A/C . Campus food is alright I guess. Not a lot of people who work there are helpful with tutoring or helpful in any other way or friendly.... in my opinion. Love the scenery but I had to leave JWU for many personal reasons. Place wasn't for me.
Johnson and wales is an amazing school with great food and opportunities everywhere you turn. There's no place better to spend four years at than Providence, Rhode Island. All the teachers are amazing and the atmosphere is like no other.
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Johnson and Wales offers students an opportunity for students to branch out and learn about new cultures.
Johnson & Wales is a unique university that gives its students a myriad of sources to help them achieve whatever your heart desires. From sponsorships from local businesses and alumni that help students develop and launch new products and companies, to internal and external internships. It is clear that this is a university that looks out for its students and only wants the absolute best for them. Being a culinary school, the food here is excellent. There are so many meal plan options and a variety of food choices whether you are a vegetarian, gluten-free, kosher, and they cater to food allergies well. No complaints here!
Very friendly people , everyone sort of treats each other like family if you hang with right people. School is what you make of it
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