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My experience here at JWU had started off rough. I would say that it took me a while to adjust to living on my own and not having my friends from home close to me. After a while, I've gotten used to it and the only thing that I don't like about college in general is I feel as though the majority of the students are there to party and not there to actually work towards a future.
My name is Robert J. Esposito III and I am a sophomore at JWU Providence. I am majoring in Engineering Design and Configuration Management. Being a student at JWU has been a dream come true for me. It helps me learn that I can accomplish anything I want to accomplish. JWU looks out for its students and they always want the absolute best for them. The professors are very helpful and they make sure that everyone does well. Some aspects of certain classes can be challenging and there can be obstacles along the way, but it is worth it. By challenging myself, I know it can be very beneficial long-term because the more I challenge myself, the more confidence that I will gain in myself and the more successful that I will be in the future. Through the guidance of my mentors, professors, classmates, etc. at JWU, I plan on working towards my goal of becoming a successful Engineer. Overall, JWU has been nothing but an excellent choice for me and I would recommend this University.
Excellent school. Some of the office administrators need to get their acts together. You can't seem to get correct or straight answers from more than one of them
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Johnson and wales is a great school for people who want to learn the basics and foundations of the food industry. They really get into detail with their curriculum.
I am currently enrolled as a freshman. I am enjoying the culture and environment around me. I am learning so much and am very excited for next year.
I am currently a freshman attending Johnson & Wales University. Although it is my first year, I have already been provided with many opportunities. I like how the university has tutoring services and plenty of activities and clubs on campus. I would change how the parking could be more convenient for commuter students who have down city classes without spending over $600 on a yearly parking garage sticker.
Beautiful campus , dorm rooms could be better... there's always a problem with the heating system and the A/C . Campus food is alright I guess. Not a lot of people who work there are helpful with tutoring or helpful in any other way or friendly.... in my opinion. Love the scenery but I had to leave JWU for many personal reasons. Place wasn't for me.
Johnson and wales is an amazing school with great food and opportunities everywhere you turn. There's no place better to spend four years at than Providence, Rhode Island. All the teachers are amazing and the atmosphere is like no other.
Johnson and Wales offers students an opportunity for students to branch out and learn about new cultures.
Johnson & Wales is a unique university that gives its students a myriad of sources to help them achieve whatever your heart desires. From sponsorships from local businesses and alumni that help students develop and launch new products and companies, to internal and external internships. It is clear that this is a university that looks out for its students and only wants the absolute best for them. Being a culinary school, the food here is excellent. There are so many meal plan options and a variety of food choices whether you are a vegetarian, gluten-free, kosher, and they cater to food allergies well. No complaints here!
Very friendly people , everyone sort of treats each other like family if you hang with right people. School is what you make of it
I enrolled into JWU with early enrollment and am so thankful I could do so. The professors are so helpful and always offer the best they can. All of the ones I’ve had so far are full of experience and are delighted to share their knowledge with you. I’ve been so privileged to study under them and hope to continue this path. So far I've had various classes that have been extremely challenging but also rewarding. I am currently studying Advertising and hope to continue this in the future for my career. Through the guidance of my mentors I plan on working at an advertising agency someday to become a successful copywriter. I recommend anyone who is thinking about applying here to go for it. Johnson & Wales has opened so many doors for me and can for you too!
Johnson and Wales is a great school which is known for their culinary arts and baking and pastry majors. I have had an amazing experience here and I have learned so much about baking and pastry.
This is the place to go for culinary arts, but kind of not worth the money. If you get a lot of scholarships and are confident that you want to be a chef the rest of your life, this is a great school. However, if you have any doubt about you major (if you think you might want to change it), crave rigor in your academic courses, or might be over $20k in debt if you decide to attend, it's not worth it I promise you.
Such a great environment! Student focused and full of spirit. The food is great and there is so much variety.
I love this college so much! I've made so many friends and everyone is generally friendly. Can't wait to spend my next 4 years here
I haven't been here very long, but so far I love it. We don't have class on Fridays which is amazing and because we run on trimesters, your only taking three or four courses at a time. The professors are all so nice and helpful because they all have over 10 years work experience in the field. The food is great, there so many options and its a culinary school so that makes it all the better. Career services are so helpful and tutoring is included in your tuition so any help you need, your able to get free of charge. Johnson & Wales is located in the middle of the beautiful city of Providence so if you feel like going off campus, you can just step out side Gaebe commons and go explore the city and see all it has to offer.
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Johnson & Wales University has many things to offer to any student. With over a hundred different student clubs/organizations, not one student can say they are not busy at school. The different variety of foods the university offers under the meal plan allows students to eat different types of foods every day. The campus is in the city, so there is always something to do. The library is my favorite place to go and do homework. The room temperature is comfortable, the noise level is always soft, and the chairs make it hard to leave because they are so comfortable. I chose the right college for me and I do not plan on leaving until I graduate.
As a freshman at Johnson and Wales University I have to say that I am so glad this is where I chose to go. From the faculty, administration and friends I have met, this school has enabled me to start on the right path. Being in downtown Providence, RI JWU is in the center of everything, also allowing for many job opportunities outside of school. The clubs and extra curricular activities are abundant also. JWU is a great University and I would highly recommend it to everyone.
Majority of all majors must have a internship.
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