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I love how beautiful the campus is. It truly is one of the best looking JWU campuses. The campus is a good size, and rooms are never too hard to find. The professors are all really kind and understanding, there seems to be mutual respect on all sides. I wish there was better food, especially considering it's a culinary school. I would also like more diverse class options. Often when I choose my courses I feel really limited with not much freedom really excel in my major.
I loved the mini culture I was able to obtain at JWU! Minus the fact that it is a smaller campus so the social aspect lacks a little bit there is always something going on within the student life. The academia always is watching out for the success of the students and I found myself excelling as a student there.
Applying to Johnson and Wales was very easy, I was able to get accepted for their Baking and pastry major. When researching and visiting the school I found out that there was so many clubs and activities to join, you can even start your own club. Getting help on homework or just anything is great because there is a whole area where you can go to get help on homework. The safety on this campus is incredible because whenever you’re not feeling safe there is helplines to call the securities on campus to walk you to anywhere.
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The cariculum is excellent, based on hands on learning to make students at what they are leaning. The university truly makes you feel like family from fellow students to the staff. I know that with the experience I am going to be provided with I will not only go far in my career but far in life. Nothing but good things to say about JWU.
Johnson& Wales Denver has the worst food you could ever have in the dining hall. That’s really sad because it’s a culinary school! The dorms need a lot of repairs and the events on campus aren’t that good. Also it’s really small and the “college experience” is non existent. The rules on campus are real strict and the likely hood of you actually having fun on campus is very slim. A lot of people at the school are rude and judgmental which can be very hard to deal with in regards to some people. If you aren’t on the good side of people in authority then good luck because the campus is so small that if on person doesn’t like you then your name will likely be spread around campus.
The visit I had to Johnson and Wales Denver just a couple days ago was phenomenal. I am a potential recruit for their mens soccer program. I met the coach, Andy Kohel, and was taken on a campus tour with a free lunch included at the student cafeteria. The food was actually good, with great chefs on staff. The tour was led by a student on the Lacrosse team. He was very nice and friendly, with great knowledge on pretty much everything there is to know on campus. The facilities were clean and secure. It'd be really great if I could attend the Denver campus of Johnson and Wales.
Student life and activities are sorely lacking. The campus is small, so they should organize things to bring students together, but they do not. Campus is beautiful and should be utilized.
Communication from the school is poor.
I have only been on a tour and the campus looks really amazing, and cant wait to attend one of the best schools for culinary arts. It seems like it is going to be easy to navigate around campus and there are a lot of wonderful people who are there that can help
Made a huge mistake coming to this school. They are being bought out by CU boulder and you can tell, they have me taking 2 classes I've already taken, the people in student services are sooo disrespectful, it's sooo expensive and they will try and milk you for every cent you have. Some teachers are better then others, but the student life is non existent. Want a fun college experience? Do NOT come to jwu we have already lost almost half of the students.
This school is amazing!! Not only are the academics outstanding but the school itself is stunning! This school has really helped me step out of my shell and discover who I am as an adult.
Johnson & Wales is a wonderful college. They are very informational when it came to giving you to tour. Johnson & Wales is a has many different subjects to study other than just the culinary arts. Their culinary arts program is well known and an excellent program.
This was one of the best experiences of my life. The teachers at this university are amazing i don't know what I would have done if I didn't have the support of my teachers and friends that I made. This school is awesome and I recommend everyone who is looking into the business administration & management program to definitely check out this college.
The community is small, but that allows for a closer experience with peers and faculty. The campus can be boring at times, but if you get involved with student organizations it's not that bad. I sometimes wished the academic aspect was more rigorous. Overall, it is a nice community.
Johnson and Wales has been a great fit for me. The small campus size and great teachers has really impacted my learning experience. Our teachers work in the field for which they are teaching classes for giving us another level or experience during our class time. The only thing that could be changed about JWU is our dinning experience. For being a culinary school we are a let down when it comes to on campus dinning.
I liked that there is such a diverse group of people who go to this school. You can get a wide range of degrees from an English degree all the way to a Culinary degree. Most colleges do not offer a degree when it comes to culinary so this is what made this school stick out to me.
The campus is beautiful. There are a ton of things to do around the campus. Denver is a very beautiful and entertaining place. The professors are super knowledgeable and have experience in their field. They help you register for classes and help you map out all your classes throughout the years. The dorms are nice and there are plenty of living options off of campus as well. Attending Johnson & Wales was the vest decision I have ever made.
The size of the JWU campus is great! You get more one on one time with your professors. They also made my first year of college really easy. They are very helpful! The community is fantastic!
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I love the campus and class sizes! I'd like to see a push for a more sustainable campus and a track field on campus!
I love it, it is so homey and the teacher is very nice. the classes I have taken so far are my favorite and I'm learning new and interesting things. For the first time, I actually like communications class and telling speeches. the campus is very pretty and some class it the Hogwarts of all the campuses. we even got some students the went to the other campus that came here saying it was better and prettier. the area is great, surrounded by shopping places for easy access for the students. the only thing I would change is the cafeteria food. a lot of students are complaining, it isn't very good.
I love JWU Denver. In the fall I got the opportunity to play on the women's soccer team where I became connected with the school and made many great friends. In academics as a freshman I took classes that everyone has to take like English and communication skills. However, in the winter and spring I get to take Baking and Pastry labs part of the culinary arts college. I am already taking classes that focus on my major.
Overall the food is okay. From what I understand it is a lot better than other universities. I always find something that looks good. What has helped me in college is becoming involved and working my hardest in everything.
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