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I'm so excited to be attending this school in the Fall of 2018! I worked so hard to be accepted into this school! My aunt Leta attended Johnson and Wales as well!
Johnson & Wales was probably the best option for me in order to follow my dream and study culinary arts. They allow students the option of a two year or a four year program where they students have the opportunity to double major in Culinary Arts and Food Service management and graduate with two degrees. This put students above many college graduates and allows them to have a degree to fall back on if something doesn't go as planned for them.
Johnson and Wales is an outstanding university. The staff is very helpful and nice. The campus is great and the location makes it all so much better.
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I did not really like this school. Personally i am not a big fan a being in the city, it was very congested, student were being robbed or at gun point every other week. The dinning hall served disgusting food, most teachers were disrespectful , you were lucky if got a nice teacher, who actually knew what they were teaching and actually showed up on time for class. The dorms had roaches and always smelled like mildew
Johnson & Wales University is a great school to attend especially as a culinary arts major. The chefs, teachers and the staff as a whole is more than willing to help you with not only what you are learning but even with getting jobs. Everyone is super friendly and I learn new content everyday that will help me with my career for the rest of my life. If I was to change something, I would change the cafe to a student ran kitchen for better tasting and healthier choices.
The teachers really want you to pass, but don't tend to just hand out A's; helping those that need it, but not rewarding those that don't care. The food's pretty good for a school cafeteria, definitely an improvement over the last college I went to.
A very good school. Amazing instructors. But for the near $50,000 tuition the least you think they could do was make sure there is enough pots and pans for the students to cook with. Half the time I’m waiting to be able to cook because there just isn’t enough. The last thing I would have thought to be a problem especially with this insane tuition. For the same money go to cia. Can garuantee they have more resources for students.
Johnson & Wales is great vocational college for those looking to gain a career in specific fields of study. It's top courses are culinary and Pastry Arts, hospitality and business. The education is top notch and all the professors are great.
The college campus is Fairly small which isn't necessarily a negative thing but if you are looking for the big college experience this is not the place to go.The academics are very intuitive and the classrooms are small so you get the attention that you need.There is not much of any student activities other then a soccer team.There are plenty or networking opportunities in order to find a job or an internship.The food ranges from being very good to ok depending on what day you go but in my opinion it closes way to early if you work in the evenings.
So, last year was my freshman year of college and this year is about to be my sophomore year. I loved the school but sometimes my food would be great and sometimes it would be bad. But the professors and chefs are awesome! I love the Tobacco free Campus. The tuition was very expensive. Last year I had to take out a student loan for a large amount of money. But the school looks great on an resume and it looks great in general. Great naked school! That's why I thought that this school was very good.
Very good college for culinary arts where the instructors are both experienced in the field and passionate about the subjects they teach. They have lots of clubs and organizations to join or attend and it's located in the heart of uptown so you are surrounded by sports, restaurants and other activities to do in your down time.
For orientation the people were very welcoming. They told us everything to look forward for. Everyone that I met told me the ins and outs. I am very excited to start my college lifestyle. I plan to enjoy my four years at my university.
I really like how involved the instructors are in our lives with our studies . They really want you to succeed and represent the university with knowledge and integrity !
Being here is great. The faculty and staff are all great and makes being a student here on campus an awesome experience. There are many clubs and organizations to take part in and get involved in
I went to this school with high expectations, because of the high cost. I would say in some parts I got my money's worth, in other places I did not. The chefs cared very much about teaching you everything they know, but when it came to the academics it was the complete opposite. I had about 4 professors that actually cared about taking time to teach me, the others it seemed like they were just there for the paycheck.
It's in an amazing area and the staff is so helpful and patient! I couldn't have asked for a better school to attend!
I went there for a college tour in November and what I saw was the perfect school, to achieve my dreams of being a chef at. I start in September and i can´t wait to start a whole new chapter in my life.
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Really good school if this is really what you want to do in life. If your looking to party and slack off this is most definitely not the school for you.
From the moment I visited the Charlotte campus i was in love. The classrooms are amazing and the chefs are dedicated to helping each student succeed. The classes are small which allows every student to have individual attention. Each classroom is set up like a real kitchen to give students an idea of what thing will be like in the industry. The only thing I did not like about the school was the lack of extra circular activities. I wish the campus offered more for students to do in their spare time.
It's the best school ever. I love going to school there. Johnson And Wales is great school. They definitely put their students first.
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