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I liked that there is such a diverse group of people who go to this school. You can get a wide range of degrees from an English degree all the way to a Culinary degree. Most colleges do not offer a degree when it comes to culinary so this is what made this school stick out to me.
The campus is beautiful. There are a ton of things to do around the campus. Denver is a very beautiful and entertaining place. The professors are super knowledgeable and have experience in their field. They help you register for classes and help you map out all your classes throughout the years. The dorms are nice and there are plenty of living options off of campus as well. Attending Johnson & Wales was the vest decision I have ever made.
The size of the JWU campus is great! You get more one on one time with your professors. They also made my first year of college really easy. They are very helpful! The community is fantastic!
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I love the campus and class sizes! I'd like to see a push for a more sustainable campus and a track field on campus!
I love it, it is so homey and the teacher is very nice. the classes I have taken so far are my favorite and I'm learning new and interesting things. For the first time, I actually like communications class and telling speeches. the campus is very pretty and some class it the Hogwarts of all the campuses. we even got some students the went to the other campus that came here saying it was better and prettier. the area is great, surrounded by shopping places for easy access for the students. the only thing I would change is the cafeteria food. a lot of students are complaining, it isn't very good.
I love JWU Denver. In the fall I got the opportunity to play on the women's soccer team where I became connected with the school and made many great friends. In academics as a freshman I took classes that everyone has to take like English and communication skills. However, in the winter and spring I get to take Baking and Pastry labs part of the culinary arts college. I am already taking classes that focus on my major.
Overall the food is okay. From what I understand it is a lot better than other universities. I always find something that looks good. What has helped me in college is becoming involved and working my hardest in everything.
My experience at Johnson and Wales in Denver has been fantastic. The instructors are incredibly helpful and I love the small classes and hands on approach. It has really been a wonderful experience and I've met some great people along the way. I would definitely recommend this school, especially to anyone considering culinary school. They really want you to succeed and do everything they can to help you do so.
I really like the community feel of JWU, it's not a huge campus with thousands of people, it's more of a community. The student board hosts tons of campus events to get involved in. The class sizes are small so the professors know who you are and work with you on individualized learning. The athletics are great, especially the soccer program!
At this school we do have a few classes that are online that you can take based on preference dont take them but some people do enjoy they
the professors hired at our school are all great they are coming from the industry or are still currently working that they know what is going on which is great. the variety of classes offered could be better but there is still plenty of things to chose from.
for my major Baking & pastry as well as Food service management there are alot of intern opportunities available being in dernver you can do it at a hotel or a small bakery even a dessert bar.
the career center does well with helping students find the job they want after they graduate as well as with resume building.
its great since classes only meet two times a week and you can take as many as four in a day if that's what you chose you have room to work or do as you please . you also get to pick if you want early morning classes or later at night.
This school does well when it comes to both job and internships the host fairs for both through out the year as well the have an office that can help with both the whole year as well as host mock interviews before you go to help ease the anxiety for the next big interview if you need it.
my overall experience at this school has been great, a lot of the professors want you to do well and are wanting to help you succeed all they ask is that you try your very best at everything they ask you to do. Coming into college i was worried that i would get lost in the crowd but at this school being the small atmosphere it is it is difficult to get lost which is one of the many things i love about this school.
My overall experience at Johnson and Wales has been quite convenient and accommodating, however when it comes to class flexibility there is a 50/50 flip on class flexibility and availability, early daytime or afternoon. Which is a bit frustrating, however not a deal breaker. The ease of transcripts and credits was not as smooth as it should have been, however I am sure that there were consequences in the background that I had no knowledge of.

For the most part I am enjoying being a student at Johnson and Wales.
I do like online courses as they make timing and workload a bit easier to manage. At times registration cam be a bit tricky, the professor/student relationship is at times a little cold, because for the most part when most online course study is done, which is at night, the professors are not in class or not paying total attention to the class room and so answers to questions go unnoticed for some time. However the peer-to-peer interaction was the best part of the online class idea. The response is more truthful and honest since there really is no person in person to ridicule one.
Review Johnson & Wales University - Denver
The quality of post-grad services that are offered at Johnson and Wales are quite exceptional. From the very beginning, from freshman to grad, one has a personal relationship with the career center and jobs and internships counselors. Non and paid internships are available for any student at anytime in there schooling at Johnson and Wales.
The courses at Johnson and Wales are focused on different aspects of the Culinary Arts education. As in baking breads, meats, and how to know which is which, and how to prepare them. Beverages, what they are--the differences, bartending and preparing drinks, to purchasing and inventory. The quality of the courses are top notch and geared for each category of culinary arts. The professors are of top quality and highly professional. The variety of courses offered are offered in such a way as that the last course correlates with the previous course. Class styles are of a group nature in learning, and class sizes are small, and of a more one on one style.
The number one prospect of being a student at Johnson and Wales is having the ability to recreate myself in the work place. Jobs and internships abound at Johnson and Wales so much so that if one employment aspect is not right up my alley they have the ability to rework the education to better fit myself and my employment. The quality of employers recruiting are top notch and are of 5-star quality. Being an alumni gives the ability to network with other alumni to better extend my field of job research.
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