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Overall, had a great experience especially when I started studying something I enjoyed. The academics are definitely challenging, but there is a great collaborative learning environment. People are willing to help each other out a lot.
I was overall very pleased with the campus and the living environment. I would recommended anyone to Hopkins that want to go into the medical field.
The best part of Johns Hopkins University is that they have a scenic campus and mouth-watering food. The academics are rigorous but will eventually ready you for your future career.
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JHU has an amazing support network. The advisors and professors genuinely care and want to help, whether its academics or making life decisions.
Johns Hopkins Advanced Academic Programs' online courses are identical to their in-class courses. They are often taught by the same professors. They make up in spade for the lack of face-to-face with their Discussion boards where participation is mandatory and graded. Tests are typically easier because they are intrinsically open-book. So projects are used to demonstrate application of the knowledge.
Great school with lots great things and lots of great people. In Baltimore which is a great city, with lots of diversity and very incredible professors and students
Johns Hopkins School of Education is a great place to earn a degree! The advisors are helpful and care 100% about taking your academics to the next level. Small classes make for a great learning environment. Go Hop!
Attending Johns Hopkins University was a great college for my undergraduate degree. It was by far the most academically challenging experience I have ever had. The campus is beautiful and very safe for students studying there. There are many extracurriculars available and research opportunities for all students. It was definitely worth the money spent on tuition and the hours and hours of studying!
Johns Hopkins University provides a well-rounded education. The campus is always being watched by security. The library is fantastic and the university online services provides many resources. There is diversity among the students and faculty members. Close attractions of Towson and downtown Baltimore provide opportunities for nightlife and food. There is a lot of pride in Hopkins Lacrosse.
Everything here is so great and I would 10/10 recommend people to come here. The atmosphere is so great. The campus is beautiful
My experience with Johns Hopkins University has been amazing so far. Although I am only a prospective student, I visited their campus many times. I live near the campus so I see it almost every day. It always looks clean and neat, and overall the campus gives off a happy vibe. I cannot wait to attend classes soon, hopefully.
If you're pre-med, do not come here. Go to another school where you can get a higher GPA and be able to do more extracurriculars. It's honestly not worth it.
I'm having an incredible experience at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. The clinical rotations are especially rewarding. Program organization still needs some work.
There are so many different opportunities available at Johns Hopkins university and there is something for everyone. During my first semester, I was able to john the wind ensemble and had the chance to perform at the end of the semester. I also joined the Tutorial project and had the opportunity to meet students from nearby elementary schools and tutor them. Aside from these, there are so many other activities going on in school. The staff and other students are all super friendly and make me feel at home.
Each student has a unique experience. The open curriculum allows students to build their education to meet their needs and interests. I am constantly inspired by brilliant and passionate people who not only love what hey study, but are culturally diverse and multi-talented. There is always so much to do on campus and in Baltimore.
The financial aid office on campus is less than ideal. The majority of students who are on financial aid and who are of color cannot find the opportunity to either study abroad or to find funds to take summer courses. The financial aid office makes it quite difficult for students to receive aid. The office will not give you additional aid, if you have a sibling that is also in college but they state that they will remove aid after they graduate. It is very saddening and misfortune to know that I can not get the college experience I deserve because the financial aid office is less than willing to provide actual aid but will rather give you loans so that you can be even more in debt after college.
Hopkins has a simply beautiful campus, when not under construction, and everyone I have met here is committed and hard-working. The party scene is decent and the local area is actually quite nice. Hopkins is close to Mt. Vernon (JHMI Shuttle) and Hampden(Blue Jay Shuttle) which are both quirky, fun and full of good places to eat, shop and drink on the weekend. There are tons of opportunities in labs and local health departments. If I were applying to colleges again today, I would still pick JHU.
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Hopkins is one of the best things to have ever happened to me. I love every single element of this school.
Johns Hopkins University is an excellent college for those seeking an academic oriented college experience. What sets this university apart from the others is its enormous research efforts.
I love it here! The campus is beautiful, the professors are amazing, and the students are all great people. The students are definitely hard working, but if you like to go out and have fun there is always something going on. I could not imagine being at any other university.
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