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I plan to attend Johns Hopkins in the Fall of 2018 and I have visited multiple times and spent the night with some students. It is an excellent campus of academically focused individuals that also love to have their share of fun. An excellent university!
It's not as hardcore as one would expect. There are a lot of resources to utilize, many student organizations, active greek life, and the neighborhood has many stores, restaurants, etc. Great school!
I like everything about the school! The professors where well versed on their areas of expertise and special topic interest. We were well instructed on how to do proper researches.
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It's a tough university with a grueling curriculum and lots of professors that are usually there for research first, students second. However, that being said, the students know what they're in for and a surprisingly supportive community (albeit self-deprecating) has risen from this high-ranked college.
The facilities and professors are top notch. The alumni network is able to help with networking and establishing your career after graduation.
I am currently a freshmen at JHU. Overall, my experience here has been amazing academic wise. The diversity in the student population is great, I have friends from all over the world and all different nationalities. The food on campus is delicious, and the meal plans fit everyone's needs.
I visited Johns Hopkins this summer, and i absolutely love it! the campus is beautiful and the city is fun. its a prestigious school but at the same time, its fun!
Johns Hopkins is an amazing school filled with diversity and top-notch faculty. the surrounding area of Baltimore can be unsafe at time; however, the university does its best to keep students informed of crimes and keep them safe when on campus. I value my time at Johns Hopkins and know the prestige of the university and all I have learned will be a great investment in the future.
The academics are rigorous, but the faculty really prepares students in a wide range of topics, especially those pertaining to STEM.
Overall, had a great experience especially when I started studying something I enjoyed. The academics are definitely challenging, but there is a great collaborative learning environment. People are willing to help each other out a lot.
I was overall very pleased with the campus and the living environment. I would recommended anyone to Hopkins that want to go into the medical field.
The best part of Johns Hopkins University is that they have a scenic campus and mouth-watering food. The academics are rigorous but will eventually ready you for your future career.
JHU has an amazing support network. The advisors and professors genuinely care and want to help, whether its academics or making life decisions.
Johns Hopkins Advanced Academic Programs' online courses are identical to their in-class courses. They are often taught by the same professors. They make up in spade for the lack of face-to-face with their Discussion boards where participation is mandatory and graded. Tests are typically easier because they are intrinsically open-book. So projects are used to demonstrate application of the knowledge.
Great school with lots great things and lots of great people. In Baltimore which is a great city, with lots of diversity and very incredible professors and students
Johns Hopkins School of Education is a great place to earn a degree! The advisors are helpful and care 100% about taking your academics to the next level. Small classes make for a great learning environment. Go Hop!
Attending Johns Hopkins University was a great college for my undergraduate degree. It was by far the most academically challenging experience I have ever had. The campus is beautiful and very safe for students studying there. There are many extracurriculars available and research opportunities for all students. It was definitely worth the money spent on tuition and the hours and hours of studying!
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Johns Hopkins University provides a well-rounded education. The campus is always being watched by security. The library is fantastic and the university online services provides many resources. There is diversity among the students and faculty members. Close attractions of Towson and downtown Baltimore provide opportunities for nightlife and food. There is a lot of pride in Hopkins Lacrosse.
Everything here is so great and I would 10/10 recommend people to come here. The atmosphere is so great. The campus is beautiful
My experience with Johns Hopkins University has been amazing so far. Although I am only a prospective student, I visited their campus many times. I live near the campus so I see it almost every day. It always looks clean and neat, and overall the campus gives off a happy vibe. I cannot wait to attend classes soon, hopefully.
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