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A very prestigious university with top-notch classes, professors, and student advising. Baltimore can be a gem if you know where to go, and are aware of your surroundings!
Great school, lots of ways to get involved. I have learned so much in and out of the classroom, and have made great connections. Party scene isn't great, but its location is so close to downtown Baltimore you can always go to bars, or if drinking isn't your thing there is so much else to do. Dorms are nice, although could be better. The food is awesome for a college campus. Overall, a great experience.
Academics are strong. Professors care. Lots to learn. Diverse student body. Lots of student organizations to join.
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I have a view of Johns Hopkins University that a significant portion of students also have but yet is still unique. As a student who has worked with a case manager in the Office of Student Life to handle the logistics for a semester away as a Medical Leave of Absence, I can say with utmost confidence that they really care about their students. They want to see you succeed and will do anything in their power to meet you where you are due to disabilities or mental illnesses. I also feel energized and intrigued my courses so much so, that long hours and endless all-nighters reap a sense of fulfillment.
School is great people are great you learn a lot people are very friendly food is great dorms are good roomates are generally good overall atmosphere of the place is great highly recommend
Overall, the experience has been good. I have made a few new friends. The number one struggle I faced this year was dealing with a teacher who tried to take points away from me on a test, but I was able to clear that up. Overall this is a great university. It's extremely challenging, but it is definitely worth the struggle.
Johns Hopkins' reputation precedes it, but the student experience leaves much to be desired. As a senior, I've found that my time at Hopkins has been unnecessarily stressful, which has caused me to frequently forego basic human needs in the way of social interaction, nutrition, and mental health just so that I can keep up with my coursework. Of course, it would be easy to rationalize these sacrifices in retrospect if the reward were tremendous as well. I've found the opposite to be true. The career center and advising are extremely unimpressive. If you're a student here, it feels like being cast out to sea with no life preserver. I wish I could say something better about my soon-to-be alma mater, but this just isn't the case. I now feel bereft of my passion, curiosity, and energy. Hopefully things will improve with time.
I love Hopkins! I’ve had an incredible experience and have met wonderful students and professors. I am very happy I came here.
The education level is excellent. There are a lot of resources available to a student. Johns Hopkins University is slow to adapt to current market requirements such as AI and Machine Learning for its MBA course and needs to improve its Career Development Team to get more companies on campus.
Hopkins has a beautiful cohesive campus and great facilities. Freshman housing is standard, no frills. The FFC dining hall food is actually decent catering to a wide variety of diets. The library is very nice with study environments for different occasions including dead silent reading rooms, cubicles, and group study rooms that can be reserved ahead of time. Because it is always poppin' even on weekends, this can become problematic especially during finals week as students struggle to find a nice quiet study space. Students here are smart quirky, and down to earth. Many many premeds. Although social scene isn't great, nightlife is there for those who seek it. The work is challenging but the atmosphere here is not "cut throat" contrary to popular belief. Overall I have enjoyed my experiences here making meaningful friendships with students who are talented, driven, and genuinely passionate about what they are studying.
Johns Hopkins has a robust environmental engineering master's program that will prepare me for my hopeful career as a wastewater plant manager.
I plan to attend Johns Hopkins in the Fall of 2018 and I have visited multiple times and spent the night with some students. It is an excellent campus of academically focused individuals that also love to have their share of fun. An excellent university!
It's not as hardcore as one would expect. There are a lot of resources to utilize, many student organizations, active greek life, and the neighborhood has many stores, restaurants, etc. Great school!
I like everything about the school! The professors where well versed on their areas of expertise and special topic interest. We were well instructed on how to do proper researches.
It's a tough university with a grueling curriculum and lots of professors that are usually there for research first, students second. However, that being said, the students know what they're in for and a surprisingly supportive community (albeit self-deprecating) has risen from this high-ranked college.
The facilities and professors are top notch. The alumni network is able to help with networking and establishing your career after graduation.
I am currently a freshmen at JHU. Overall, my experience here has been amazing academic wise. The diversity in the student population is great, I have friends from all over the world and all different nationalities. The food on campus is delicious, and the meal plans fit everyone's needs.
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I visited Johns Hopkins this summer, and i absolutely love it! the campus is beautiful and the city is fun. its a prestigious school but at the same time, its fun!
Johns Hopkins is an amazing school filled with diversity and top-notch faculty. the surrounding area of Baltimore can be unsafe at time; however, the university does its best to keep students informed of crimes and keep them safe when on campus. I value my time at Johns Hopkins and know the prestige of the university and all I have learned will be a great investment in the future.
The academics are rigorous, but the faculty really prepares students in a wide range of topics, especially those pertaining to STEM.
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