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John Hopkins is one of the top 100 schools in the world, rating it to number 20 to the scale. They have the greatest hospitals in the entire universities. I am really competitive and ready to take on the whole world. My doctor path starts here.
It is a very fun school. Being at Johns Hopkins University is like a roller coaster. There may be ups and downs but you could make it through in the end.
Fabulous experience so far! I feel like I'm getting the best possible education in my chosen career path as a nurse. Definitely recommend it to everyone interested in pursuing a nursing degree.
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Hopkins has classes you can take in every subject imaginable and expansive academic resources. But if you're a student of color on campus (especially if you're black like me), those resources have the power to make a fundamental difference in your experience. I’m not always sure the prestige is worth it as the school is very demoralizing for all students. The library operates as a student center because there is no other option. The school’s Facebook meme page is only filled with stress-inspired depressing self-deprecating jokes. The atmosphere lacks joy and new college experiences. It's sad, anxiety-inducing, and academic resources do not equal personal ones, with a month-long waitlist for the counseling center. I lament my decision to attend this school so much that I explicitly tell admitted students-of-color to not come here. If you take anything from this review, take this: when every student feels the exact same way about a school, you should stop and wonder why.
I wish there were more opportunities to network and socialize so students can really forge long lasting relationships.
I love the MS Biotechnology program at JHU. I love the professors, they are very knowledgeable and help one to succeed. The workload is more byt wut worth all the money spent.
Johns Hopkins is really what you make of it, and it certainly isn't for everyone. If you are looking for a school where you can get an easy 4.0 and go to graduate or medical school, this is not the place.
If you want a school where you can do incredible research as early as your freshman year and continue that for grad school, this is a good place.

I personally intend on going into industry and my average GPA (3.3) has landed me several internships with Fortune 500 companies already (I'm going to be making almost $15,000 this summer alone). Doing well here requires a lot of work, but if you manage your time well then you can also have a great social life. I go out to bars and parties on average 4 nights a week, and still get pretty good grades.
Great school, not as scary or competitive as some rumors would suggest. I had an amazing time in the vibrant Jewish community and the phenomenal a cappella scene!
Johns Hopkins offers an incredible academic experience. The professors are approachable and eager to help students succeed, as are the students who work to help one another. Opportunities will continually present themselves, and the networking chances are abundant. From STEM majors to the arts, Hopkins provides an enriching educational experience.
Love the people- if you find the right group, they'll be the ones to help carry you through four years of college and beyond. Academics is challenging. Learn how to be independent. Wish there were better good options nearby though. And more things to do off campus. But living in Baltimore gives us a chance to see real world crises... And how great a necessity there is to serve those who are less fortunate in social justice areas.
The most valuable aspects of an education at JH are the small class sizes and the renowned professors, who are extremely accessible to undergrads, despite their busy professional lives and world-class credentials. The class environment is typically very lively and dynamic, encouraging student participation and direct learning with the teacher.
Johns Hopkins is a beautiful campus. The food is delicious, the people are accepting, and the city is gorgeous. Besides having amazing academics Johns Hopkins also has a great athletic program.
I liked Johns Hopkins diversity of students from all around. The campus is beautiful and definitely a place some may get lost in. I recommend taking a college tour before actually applying to the university, only because the looks can be deceiving from the website. I do think that Johns Hopkins should widen its ranges of majors and allow for students with lower GPAs to attend, GPA should NOT be accounted for admissions purposes because numbers do not make a person.
Accepted early decision to Johns Hopkins. Everyone at the university has been wonderful so far. Looking forward to attending in the fall.
A very prestigious university with top-notch classes, professors, and student advising. Baltimore can be a gem if you know where to go, and are aware of your surroundings!
Great school, lots of ways to get involved. I have learned so much in and out of the classroom, and have made great connections. Party scene isn't great, but its location is so close to downtown Baltimore you can always go to bars, or if drinking isn't your thing there is so much else to do. Dorms are nice, although could be better. The food is awesome for a college campus. Overall, a great experience.
Academics are strong. Professors care. Lots to learn. Diverse student body. Lots of student organizations to join.
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I have a view of Johns Hopkins University that a significant portion of students also have but yet is still unique. As a student who has worked with a case manager in the Office of Student Life to handle the logistics for a semester away as a Medical Leave of Absence, I can say with utmost confidence that they really care about their students. They want to see you succeed and will do anything in their power to meet you where you are due to disabilities or mental illnesses. I also feel energized and intrigued my courses so much so, that long hours and endless all-nighters reap a sense of fulfillment.
School is great people are great you learn a lot people are very friendly food is great dorms are good roomates are generally good overall atmosphere of the place is great highly recommend
Overall, the experience has been good. I have made a few new friends. The number one struggle I faced this year was dealing with a teacher who tried to take points away from me on a test, but I was able to clear that up. Overall this is a great university. It's extremely challenging, but it is definitely worth the struggle.
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