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Johns Hopkins is an amazing school, and although the curriculum can be very difficult and is very challenging, the opportunities are endless, especially if you're on the engineering/science/premed path.
Johns Hopkins is a very challenging school, but has many resources to help students succeed. The alumni network is great for connecting students to careers, and professors are willing to help students. The social culture can definitely be improved, along with school spirit.
Various academic resources are available across the spectrum of majors at JHU. Professors and teaching assistants are extremely helpful as long as students are taking initiative to reach out and work hard. There are so many different extracurricular activities it's hard to not find your own little group or place to fit in and thrive.
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There is a strong emphasis on academics. A large percentage of the students are constantly stressed about their courses.
This University is a very rigorous one, but the hard work definitely pays off. The study body is quite divided however, and not many students leave the library! Greek life is really good at Hopkins and not as pretentious as some other schools of the same caliber. The athletes don't socialize much with other students, but besides that I have made some great friends!
Lovely camps and great programs. I'd definitely recommend for those wishing to get a higher education in the medical field.
The school is highly competitive in its academics as all top-20 universities are, but there is a lot of outreach and resources for students to thrive like PILOT and the Learning Den. There is a lack of direct attention from faculty and professors unless you seek it out.
Be prepared to work hard if you want to go here. The vast majority of the students go above and beyond to succeed or else they wouldn't be here. Despite the impressive work ethic of the student body, most students still manage to have a good time on the weekends and after classes. Hopkins' reputation as being a soul sucking university really only applies to the pre-med students who stick it out until senior year, so unless you plan to be one, never fear!
Hopkins is a place most people have a love/hate relationship with. The academics are brutal, and the social life can be limited, but overall the school is filled with brilliant professors and hardworking students. You will rarely find yourself outside the library, but when you do the campus is scenic and has lots of great spaces to hangout outside. Most students are involved in research, which is very easy to find. The club offerings are wide and it’s highly recommended you join some. The social scene is small but lively. Most people looking for more social events join a club or fraternity. Location wise, Baltimore is not the best city or college town, but is at least cheap. There isn’t too much to do in the surrounding area.
Very quick turnaround process for the application for graduate school! I received my decision within 2 weeks of submitting my application
Beware of the applied economics (master's). Instructors are TERRIBLE. Admissions will tell you it's about 10 hours of work a week. You will spend more time than that trying to decipher poorly written assignments that contain tons of mistakes.
I have had so many opportunities at Hopkins, and I can't imagine I'd be exposed to as much as I am had I gone elsewhere. The coursework is doable if you are willing to work hard, but it will definitely be a shock to anyone coming from any high school. Be prepared to fail a few times before you get the hang of things, but you will love to people here and all of the experiences.
Very clean with great security. There’s no worries of feeling unsafe. Very active and lively in the evening including the early mornings.
For years, Johns Hopkins has been my dream school. I just got accepted for the graduate program, and I am so excited, but unfortunately that means I can't review the school based off experience yet. However, it is a very prestigious institution and I have heard nothing but great things. So far, for the most part, the staff have been very nice and helpful during my registration and financial aid process.
It's the best place to advance your career in science ...I don't regret any penny I spend here now or in the future..The tech is top notch the advisors and professors are the best you could ask for and they always encourage you to chase after your dreams no matter how hard the challenges seem to be.So I would definitely recommend anyone who wishes to advance their career to consider John Hopkins as their first choice anyday and anyone
I am a first year graduate student in their online Museum Studies program. So far, I love everything about Johns Hopkins University. My professors have been very attentive and answer all my questions quickly, the work is very relevant and there are so many resources to help me. JHU's admissions office and academic advisors have been in constant contact with me, making sure I was all set for the semester. My student alumni ambassador is a wonderful person who has been helping me with JHU on a personally experienced level as she has graduated from the same program. I am proud to be a part of the JHU community!
The overall student atmosphere is very welcoming and pleasant, you definitely get the sense of a family on campus, and the teachers are effective at conveying the material. Unfortunately, there has been a lot of robberies/mugging occurrences lately which really hurts my opinion on the school. The food is also not the best, though that is apparently being changed moving forward.
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Johns hopkins has access to many resources including options for not only in academia but as part of your field of study. The buildings provide an positive academic environment and the campus is filled with so much activity (including clubs, sports and green space). Go blue jays
John Hopkins is one of the top 100 schools in the world, rating it to number 20 to the scale. They have the greatest hospitals in the entire universities. I am really competitive and ready to take on the whole world. My doctor path starts here.
It is a very fun school. Being at Johns Hopkins University is like a roller coaster. There may be ups and downs but you could make it through in the end.
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