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John Wood Community College Reviews

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I would not change anything about this college I absolutely love the environment and the school itself.
Very flexible! This school offers options for any budget. They have online, classroom courses, hybrid courses availabile. They want to do everything to help you succeed.
The staff here are very welcoming and there is a lot of diversity. Everyone has a different plan and career path they are planning to follow. The sports teams are good and they have lots of opportunities to be a part of the school.
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My experience with John Wood has gone by fast. I can't believe this coming Spring semester will be my last at John Wood. I am glad I chose a community college to start my academic journey. I knew I didn't have enough money for a bigger university. John Wood has excellent courses, and good professors.
While it is a small school, i would definitely say that attending here helped to further my plans. with all of the help and support that i got from teachers and advisers, i am happy to say that i went here. the only thing i would change is for it to have a bit more student life aspects. they have a lot for a small school, but a but more couldn't hurt
John Wood is an excellent community college that offers great value in education. In an environment of steadily rising college costs JWCC is a great local school for pennies on the dollar of what a traditional four year university costs.
I went to John Wood for my freshman year of college. John Wood is a great transition from high school to college. The administration does a great job with taking care of their students.
Transferring was an easy process.
professors were helpful and there when a questions was needed to be answered.
I have not had any experience with job prospects or the career center.
I had one amazing professor, other than that the professors were okay to horrible. They did not listen to our input at first and blammed us for 8 people failing out. The class sizes are a great size, not too big!
At first my interview was great but after being in the program i feel needed information was left out and they in a way lied to us as students.
Academically we were set up for failure our first semester and i feel as if the information we were being taught was beyond our expected knowledge level. We lost quite a few students, around 8 our first semester due to one specific class.
Although John Wood Community College is affordable, I would not recommend their nursing program due to the lack of organization and professionalism. It was a great college to start pre-requisites and finish needed courses to obtain bachelors degree. I just have not had the greatest experience in the nursing program as a whole, there was on professor who i can say was passionate about her job and the success of her students.
I have not really had much experience at this point to determine.
Teachers are straight forward and expect you to know the material. Teachers are fair and award you with the grade you have earned.
Jobs in the health care field vary and are diverse. Health care is not a field that is going to lack in jobs any time soon.
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Any hard science course, if it is a good course, may seem overwhelming at times with a high workload but that is how you know you are in a course that will prepare you for future endeavors.
I refreshed some of my courses before going into nursing. I was hesitant due to being a CC but the faculty and staff were great but expected you to do your part. Other schools I have been to baby their students so much that it takes away from the students that want to be there and learn.
They have options to make you schedule between work and family be successful with education.
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