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As a senior in high school, I looked down on the idea of attending a local community college rather than that of a 4-year state university. There tends to be many high school students with the same thought process, however, as a current student at a John Wood Community College, I can attest that choosing a community college has been my best decision. Financially speaking, John Wood has saved me thousands of dollars through scholarships and their already low tuition costs. Moreover, I am able to still live with my parents, again, cutting down on costs due at the end of each month.
I enjoyed how personable the college was. I was always able to get help from a teacher when needed because class sizes were smaller. It was easy to learn my way around and there were always people there to help guide anyone around the first couple days and weeks of each new semester. I even enjoyed taking online classes through this community college because the teachers always kept in touch and made it clear that you can ask for help if needed.
I have loved all my teachers and they all seem to want you to do a great job. They are always there to help when you need them.
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What I like about John wood community college is their flexible class schedules. They have regular class, online, blended, and open learning classes. I am a parent as well as a college student. I take one in classroom class and 2 online classes right now because I also work and have a family to take care of. That is why I really like how flexible they are with schedules.
I am in my second year at this community college. The staff is very helpful and are all about student success no matter back ground, age, or personality! Although the school is small the diversity in students and educators is very large. The campus is very safe and flexible with all schedules. The class types are structured, open learning and online. What ever your goals or obstacles are they are behind their students 110% of the way. The cost per credit hour is significantly smaller than all other local schools. The technology and up to date instruction is phenomenal! I am very pleased with my decision to attend John Wood Community College.
I have met many great people. One thing I love about John Wood is the size of the building. It is just one building which makes it nice in the winter when you have to walk between classes. Everyone there is very friendly and always willing to help. There are numerous clubs and organizations to get involved in.
The advisors and staff can either be very friendly and welcoming or totally bothered with your presence. Somehow the not so friendly staff makes to get by unnoticed. It's a very small campus but it has mostly everything you need to get general education done and move onto a university. Way overpriced though. They take all the FAFSA they can from you.
John wood presented me with the opportunity to recover from the mistakes I made as a high school drop out and prepare me for transfer to university. Many of the professors are awesome to work with, although it seems to be all-or-nothing. Either you get a fantastic teacher or one who is very close-minded and bad at communti ating with or understanding young people. The diversity among peers is sub-par, especially in the branch locations, but that is to be expected.
Even though I am only a High School Senior I still think that it is a great place. I have visited them many times and they have always been 100% with us. I have been to the college more than once for plenty of reasons and I see that it has real potential.
I in my first semester of college and I’m finding people are friendly and helpful. The professors are good and likable I’m enjoying meeting new people and making new friends
I would not change anything about this college I absolutely love the environment and the school itself.
Very flexible! This school offers options for any budget. They have online, classroom courses, hybrid courses availabile. They want to do everything to help you succeed.
The staff here are very welcoming and there is a lot of diversity. Everyone has a different plan and career path they are planning to follow. The sports teams are good and they have lots of opportunities to be a part of the school.
My experience with John Wood has gone by fast. I can't believe this coming Spring semester will be my last at John Wood. I am glad I chose a community college to start my academic journey. I knew I didn't have enough money for a bigger university. John Wood has excellent courses, and good professors.
While it is a small school, i would definitely say that attending here helped to further my plans. with all of the help and support that i got from teachers and advisers, i am happy to say that i went here. the only thing i would change is for it to have a bit more student life aspects. they have a lot for a small school, but a but more couldn't hurt
John Wood is an excellent community college that offers great value in education. In an environment of steadily rising college costs JWCC is a great local school for pennies on the dollar of what a traditional four year university costs.
I went to John Wood for my freshman year of college. John Wood is a great transition from high school to college. The administration does a great job with taking care of their students.
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Transferring was an easy process.
professors were helpful and there when a questions was needed to be answered.
I have not had any experience with job prospects or the career center.
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