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My experience at John Tyler was a good experience overall. The campus is easy to get to. The teachers have been good teachers who are willing to help when asked. The only thing I would change is that they offer more teachers available to teach certain subjects.
The administration is not very good or responsive. The classes overall are pretty easy compared to a 4 year university. The Chester campus is very dated and small. The students are friendly but there aren't many opportunities to get involved. Cost is very affordable for the most part.
John Tyler is a beautiful campus and the location is nicely situated in Midlothian, not too far down town but still close to restaurants and stores for when you have to wait between classes or exams. The professors and staff are a whole lot friendlier and eager to help than they are at the college I attended previously, which I am glad for. The online classwork, however, is a little awkward, especially when it comes to the science classes. I had a hard time finding materials for at home labs and things of that nature. My only real suggestion for change would be for the school to help online students a little more than they do because that avenue is not really there.
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Variety of courses offered at both campuses. Professors willing to work with you when you don't understand.
I have been over the past two year and some of the staff are very helpful. The ARC need some improvement on helping student , because when I was over their they help a few stuff. Some of them dont know what their talking about. They need really smart student and organization on which subject they tutor on specific subject.
I like John Tyler because of the smaller classes it offers. My experience here has been great because of the warm and welcoming community it has that makes going to college better.
I love John Tyler! This is my second year attending and my experience has been amazing. The professors are friendly, intelligent, helpful, and fun. They have no problem helping their students with anything. I feel completely comfortable talking to all of the staff. I always feel safe thanks to the great security that are always around. To include, the services JTCC offers are also great. The ARC helps students with their work in various subjects. I have not had a bad experience with the ARC, and the tutors are very friendly. They provide honest feedback and have patience. The clubs are fun and there is always something to do. I recommend JTCC to any student determined to have a great career and future without the endless stress.
Nothing too special about this school would %100 recommend attending to complete all the credits traditionally associated with the first 2 years of college and save money. However, the overall college experience does not exist here feels more like a watered down high school experience. As well hard to make a connection with anyone at the school that last outside the class.
I am a dual enrollment student at John Tyler Community College and take all my classes online. I like the format that the college uses for online classes (Canvas) and the professors are always easily accessible if I have any questions. I go to the campus and take exams in their testing center and they are open on weekends which is very nice. The college has just finished construction on a new building and it is easily accessible to the interstates.
I love that John Tyler is a small school that cares about it's students success. What I would change about it is encouraging more students to seek help from the resource center
JTCC is a solid community college with a decent campus and wide class offerings. The professors want to help but are obviously not very good at what they do, there are exceptions, but if you want to excel, you have to teach yourself.
John Tyler is a good college to go to if you are planning to transfer to a four year university. It is very diverse and friendly. The staff is friendly and helpful. The teachers are generally really good at communicating and are attentive to any disability or student accommodation. The only issues I have had with John Tyler is that figuring out how to use the payment plan is very difficult because it is a completely different company running it and not a part of John Tyler itself. I recommend going here to a lot of high school students as it helps you prepare yourself and mature/grow to be able to be successful in a four year university. Had I gone straight to a four year university, I probably would have struggled a lot. I will say that John Tyler is really good at keeping students involved in fun activities around the campus and with clubs.
Small Class sizes ranges from thirty to fifteen students for those students that do not do well in a large class. The professors are willing to help students that struggle in their class, which means there is more one on one time for students that struggle with certain classes.
I absolutely loved attending this college! The wonderful atmosphere and the helpful staff there made my 2 years there an excellent one! Upon graduating with an associates in pre-BSN, I knew I was going to miss the friends and faculty I met there. Thank you John Tyler for guiding me into the next chapter of my education.
I enjoyed John Tyler's online classes. They had many choices and class availability. The information was easy to attain and if I needed to meet or contact a professor, they were quick to respond.
It's an amazing school that has treated me right and where the teachers are super helpful in many ways
John Tyler Community College has a nice environment and the community is very friendly. All the professors here have their own teaching style which suits many different students. Also, all the professors here try their best to help their students succeed. The advisers here are fantastic as they help you every step of the way. They also help guide you down the most suitable path for your career choice.
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I graduated from John Tyler Community College with an Associate's Degree in 2017. John Tyler did not just give me an education but allowed me to explore my Dyslexia and to learn how to work with it. I learned that I was a visual student who worked well in an online environment. The classes I had taken in the campus and virtually were pleasant with professors who were passionate about their jobs.

The school is split into two campuses, the main campus does general courses, while the other campus does art related courses. Where I lived, the campus that does art was an hour away, while the main campus was fifteen minutes from my house. I would like to see more art classes being integrated into the main campus so people who are closer to the main campus can them. As such, the art campus should have more general classes so students who were closer to that campus could take them there.
I love the Chester Campus! I have made so many new people and I have been connecting very well with the professors, as well as taking study breaks in the library by doing some workspace activities they do every month.
Overall, my experience at John Tyler was a good one. The class sizes were small which was nice, and the people are friendly. I didn't really care for some of the teaching styles that some professors used, but I managed to get through it.
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