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Great! The atmosphere is welcoming and made the adjustment from high school to college a breeze. The students and professors are some of the greatest people you will ever meet.
John Carroll University is a wonderful college to further your education while learning useful, everyday life skills all while building lasting relationships.
John Carroll is truly a home away from home. It is a small campus that allows for smaller class sizes which allows for better relationships with professors. The faculty here really care about you and your academic experience. An example of this is when I was struggling in a class, I went to my professor's office hours and she was so accommodating, even letting me do extra work to boost my grade. The students are very welcoming as well. Everyone holds the doors open for you, people will say hi even if you don't know them, and it is an overall positive community. Lastly, it's proximity to the city of Cleveland allows for a lot of school-sponsored outings to sporting events, local restaurants, and festivals. Overall, John Carroll is a place that makes me feel welcome and safe and I can't imagine attending any other school.
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During my first year at John Carroll, I struggled a little bit adjusting. However, I quickly fell in love after I started getting involved on campus. I became a part of service programs, immersion trips, and retreats. I made friends through both students and faculty that will last a lifetime. John Carroll is a close-knit community that cares for each other; everyone is family. The campus is beautiful, the academics are top-notch, and the athletics teams are always exciting to watch!
JCU Pd is always around to help or call, and the campus is small so they can typically get there pretty quickly.
Pacelli is literally the worst place to live on campus. But once you've finished your freshmen year your other options aren't bad.
The people in Greek life are all pretty friendly here. And if you choose to join I'm sure you'll have fun.
If your on a sports team it's a lot of fun but if you aren't its cliquey. All the sports teams are pretty good though, and the games are fun to watch
The class sizes are small so professors can actually get to know their students. Also a smaller school allows for me to meet people earlier.
John Carroll University priority is to keep students safe. There are always campus patrol along with police patrol. Security is available at odd hours and willing to help students and aid in their safety.
I felt my freshman year dorm was more spacious and the building was in better shape than this year. The Millore house is run down I feel and not as appealing as the other buildings. It defenitely needs updating. The students and R/A are very friendly and the promotion of family is stressed.
The football team at John Carroll University is the most popular sport both in involvement of playing and also supported by student body. School Spirit is infectious and promotes unity among students.
I would choose John Carroll University all over again. It is a friendly campus and the atmosphere is driven towards academics. My major is competitive as a sophomore aspiring to become an Oncologist. John Carroll provides all the resources for students to succeed. I feel it is a goal oriented University in which students are encouraged to serve the community and join clubs of their interest which promotes their field of choice. I am thoroughly enjoying my college experience thus far and look forward to the remaining two years ahead.
I have not yet been a part of any internships but I have heard that many students have been set up with places like the Cleveland Clinic to have paid internships. I know that experience helps an individual receive a job that they want,
Class sizes were nice and small. I enjoyed having small classes because everyone is able to discuss their opinions. The professors were very caring and helpful. Some teachers even offered extra credit to help us out which I really appreciated. The courses were not easy but they were not so hard that I couldn't do the work. I spent a great quality of time in the library studying.
I think campus is safe but not completely safe. I don't think you can trust everyone. But if I was in need of help or needed a friend to walk me across campus late at night I know they wouldn't hesitate to walk me to my car.
I do not live on campus. I have been in the dorms and some are nicer than others. I remember it being extremely hot in Dolan! But other than that the dorms were well kept and the students on the floors were very welcoming.
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I honestly do not know that much about Greek life. But whenever my classmates speak about it they always sounds so enthusiastic! They say that the people involved become like a family to them and it is nice to see familiar faces around. They help each other study and get involved with activities to help the community.
I worked in the athletic office my second semester at John Carroll. So many students participate in sports! Their friends and families all come out to support them during games. I think that the most popular sports at John Carroll were football and volleyball. The crowds are always full of spirit and cheer their school teams on!
I am a commuter and my first year at John Carroll was very interesting from me. I think for a commuter it is a little harder to make friends because I did not have the opportunity to have a roommate or friends from a dorm room. I did meet so many great people at my school though. I decided to work on campus and it was one of my best decisions. The students I worked along with were so kind and helpful. It was always so nice to walk across campus and see friendly and familiar faces. I love John Carroll so much, I would not choose another school because I feel at home at this college.
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