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I absolutely love this school. The professors seem to really care about you doing well. Students are nice and welcoming. Its just a nice place to be surrounded by great people and a good environment to be apart of.
Poorly managed. The deans are always confusing. They delegate professors who are careless and busy to do advising and counseling, and it never goes well. The registrar office has the rudest people whatever you ask them, they make you feel like its a burden and it's not their job to help you. Professors are foreigners most of the time, their accents are so thick you have trouble understanding them. Plus they hire a lot of first time professors who never taught before. If you're not a business related major, all the other majors have super limited course options. The university feels like you are going to an American high school. Overall, the school runs like a business and it is designed to accommodate study abroad students. Unless you're going for a semester abroad, this school is not worth it.
I am about to finish my first year at John Cabot University and I have to say that it is one of the best decisions I've ever made! JCU is absolutely perfect for me. The professors are passionate and empathetic. The small classroom size makes me more than just a number here. I've met people from all over the world and I've had the opportunity to live in Rome, one of the most beautiful cities in the world! Having no classes on Friday makes traveling around central Europe so easy! My experience so far here has been amazing and I cannot wait to see what is in store for the future here at JCU!
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It isn't an important aspect of the school, but the school supports them as well as every other club at the school.
Had the opportunity to attend the ROMUN 2015 confrence, meet many interesting people, and got to travel a lot.
There is very little campus crime because the school is so small and there isn't really a campus. The safety of the city is actually the variable that affects safety walking from class to class. The housing buildings are guarded sufficiently.
There isn't a connected feeling of campus because it is an urban campus with only 2 small academic buildings. Classes were nice because they were small and exempt on Fridays. Attendance is mandatory, though. Some professors are really good, but most are foreign and are either hard to understand because of the language barrier or just not very good teachers.
There are a lot of intern/job opportunities in the international degrees and in journalism. There is also a board that fliers for job and internship offers are posted in one of the campuses.
The price of the provided apartments is very high, $1500 a month. It is much cheaper and more convenient to rent your own apartment near the main campuses. There are cleaners that come to the apartments once a week and clean the floors and kitchen. There are 2 social rooms and one large courtyard. There is little place for privacy, however.
There is no Greek life.
There are 4 sports that you are able to play: soccer, cheerleading, basketball, and volleyball. Soccer is the main sport, barely. Nothing is heard about the teams, the stadiums/courts are located off campus and hard to get to, and the school doesn't post rosters or schedules of the teams. The basketball team is coed.
The school is poorly run. It is an American school in Italy, but is run by the Italians and has the speed and customer service of an Italian business. There are opportunities in International Business, International Affairs, and Journalism, but the rest are extremely limited. There are very few classes to choose from and a major has to be picked as soon as you register for your first classes. Major changes are looked down upon too. The only thing that makes this school special is the fact that it is located in Rome. If it was in America, I wouldn't even consider going to John Cabot University.
You need to have an ID to enter any campus building, this helps to keep campus a safe place
A lot of differences, especially regarding nationality
You need to get there early in the morning
Every night there is something going on, you can choose among clubs or just a drink with friends and there is no need to go too far for both
As a student you get many discounts
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Meet many people, learn a lot, work-study opportunities
We do not have Greek life on campus, just clubs
Nice local people, wonderful scenery, many museums
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