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John Cabot University Reviews

51 reviews
The school is poorly run. It is an American school in Italy, but is run by the Italians and has the speed and customer service of an Italian business. There are opportunities in International Business, International Affairs, and Journalism, but the rest are extremely limited. There are very few classes to choose from and a major has to be picked as soon as you register for your first classes. Major changes are looked down upon too. The only thing that makes this school special is the fact that it is located in Rome. If it was in America, I wouldn't even consider going to John Cabot University.
There isn't a connected feeling of campus because it is an urban campus with only 2 small academic buildings. Classes were nice because they were small and exempt on Fridays. Attendance is mandatory, though. Some professors are really good, but most are foreign and are either hard to understand because of the language barrier or just not very good teachers.
The price of the provided apartments is very high, $1500 a month. It is much cheaper and more convenient to rent your own apartment near the main campuses. There are cleaners that come to the apartments once a week and clean the floors and kitchen. There are 2 social rooms and one large courtyard. There is little place for privacy, however.