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The environment is amazing and the people here are great. Chapel is an awesome part of the school's culture. The food could be a lot better, but other than that, most of the professors are great and very passionate about their students' learning.
I played soccer for JBU and was quite busy with that for the most part. I was an entrepreneur major and found the academics to be very good. The reason for the 3 stars is the location of JBU. If you enjoy city life this place is not for you. I wanted to get a job outside of work-study but there wasn't many options outside of Walmart. Also just Arkansas doesn't pay well in general. I'd say if you have the means to go outside of Arkansas, do it. I'm moving to Minnesota to find better work opportunities. The school is great but Siloam is just to small for me. Hope this helps.
The community is wonderful. Everyone here is so friendly and we are all like a big family. There is little to no drama and the professors treat you like their own children.
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This college has allowed me to do all my classes online, at my pace. Though it is on the expensive side, it is worth the money. I am hoping to graduate in a timely manner and its been a very interesting time. Getting to know teachers and doing things in a timely matter has taught me to be more productive.
John Brown University is a happy, welcoming, diverse school. The professors care greatly to make all their students feel comfortable and confident about their college experience.
I am going to be a senior this coming fall, and so far I like JBU. I love all of the professors, they are always willing to help when I have a problem and its easy to have strong relationships with them. The dorms are nice as well, they all have great communities. Plus, the campus always feels like a safe place, I can walk from one side of the campus to the other at night with little fear. My major issue is the lack of diversity on campus. Many people on campus can be extremely conservative (this goes for both students and faculty). To some, this may not be an issue, however, it's not great for someone who thinks outside of that "conservative" box. Something as simple as calling myself a "feminist" can ruffle some feathers. For those in the LGBTQ+ community, this school continues to believe their lifestyle is completely against Christian values. Consequently, many that identify as LGBTQ+ might run into some problems.
If you desire an education that puts Christ at the focal point, then this is the best university I know for you. John Brown chooses professors who desire to teach in a way that will prepare their students to use their gifts to glorify God. They've got the best art program I've ever experienced, and everyone on campus is aware of how important each major is to serve in Gods kingdom and better the world.
However, if you are a person who wants to party in college, John Brown is not for you. John Brown only requires you to not participate in things like drinking, gambling, premarital sex, or anything that might lead you to participate in those things for the time that you are enrolled at John Brown.
I've never seen a college like this. Everyone I've talked to who has experienced public colleges says that they are relieved and refreshed by the JBU environment. It's very hard to find a place like this in the US. I've had the best experience.
As a non-traditional student John Brown University was the best choice when I decided to go back to school.
I really love the professors at this school. The campus is beautiful and the buildings are almost completely updated. Some of the programs need more resources. I love the school as a whole.
I enjoyed John Brown. My class in the advanced program was great. I made some great friends and memory's.
If you have the means to go to a semi-expensive private school, I would recommend John Brown for sure. The professors are all great, the dorms are great (I was in Hutcheson), and Siloam Springs is an adorable town.
The students here are focused and don't get distracted. They put they're work above trivial matters. Everyone is friendly and invests in the lives of those around them. The small class sizes here allows easy one-on-one discussions between students and professors, leading to greater rates of achievement.
I am loving John Brown so far! I am currently a sophomore photography major. Transitioning to college is hard, but John Brown has made it much easier for me. The community of students and faculty is amazing! Everyone is so nice! The professors are so helpful and always willing to sit down and talk if you ever need anything. They genuinely want to get to know you as a person. Campus is so beautiful! It is a great size because its not too big to where you feel lost, but its big enough that I feel like I can always have the opportunity to meet new people
I am a 2nd semester freshman at Johns Brown University, and I have loved it so far! It has a beautiful campus and is located in the little town of Siloam Springs. I know that it is a very cliche thing to say, but community is definitely one of my favorite things about John Brown. John Brown has been expanding its programs, and has a high academic expectation, keeping to a good level of challenging while not being too hard. It has met and exceeded my expectations of good academics, engaging student life, helpful professors, and good friends.
I have truly enjoyed my time at JBU. I have learned so much and have been able to make great friendships. The Professors at JBU are top notch, they are kind and professional. They enjoy what they do and it comes through in their interactions with students and other faculty. The only thing I would change is to offer more scholarship opportunities. The cost of attending is out of reach for so many.
I am so grateful for my own experience at JBU- my professors have been phenomenal and I have experienced so much growth. My friends of different racial or sexual minorities have not shared this same positive experience, which is my only real cause of concern.
I love the community and campus activities. It's nice being able to walk into the cafeteria and know that you'll know someone.
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The admission department was so helpful. There were more than willing to be able to be reached and answer any questions had. There wasn't ever a time that I didn't send an email or make a call with the admissions department that I wasn't reach back and answered in a timely manner.
JBU is a genuine, godly place with a friendly community and professors who care about your individual education. The academics are challenging, and it's not hard to have an intelligent conversation. Not to mention, the area is so beautiful!
John Brown University is a small, private, Christian university full of friendly, helpful people. There are many majors to choose from ranging from Outdoor leadership to Nursing and Engineering. There are four major dorm buildings two of which are co-ed as well as a handful of town houses and apartments for upperclassmen. The faculty and staff boast many award winning professors, researchers, and authors. Graduate schools adore JBU graduates due to their preparedness for the real world and real world problems.
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