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Im a returning student after close to 6 yrs and I loved going then. Everyone loved John A but the tech is so confusing that I need help. The students they have helping are really kind people. I know I’m behind in tech but that’s why I’m here. What is great is I’m not the only one that older coming back to school. The people he make me feel really ok about it
John A Logan College has many majors including 4 year degrees. It is a safe atmosphere and cheaper than any other University.
John A. Logan its a very good Community collage. John A. Logan should rank #7 & World Report U.S. News that's how great the collage is they seem to care about they students
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I enjoying being a student at John A Logan, currently we are constructing a house in our shop. The house will be donated to Habitat for Humanity. The teachers here work with the students to make sure everyone understands.
John A Logan is a fantastic college for people to attended if they want a quality degree at a discounted price. Their slogan is "Why would you go anywhere else?". and I can honestly say I wouldn't. During my high school career I took advantage of the dual credit classes they offered, without those I'd hate to think how much extra money I'd have to spend.
It is not that bad of a college to go to, if you want to transfer into a four year college later on in your studies.
I was a member of the softball team and was able to be a successful student and athlete. Small class sizes enhanced my learning and academic experience. Overall, my experience at John A. Logan prepared me for my future academic encounters.
It's very clean and good teachers. It has a lot of programs that can help you with your classes. It also a lot of space in the classrooms. A lot of students prefer this college over any other college.
class schedules are good, they work around my schedule
you can get amazing jobs and you get awesome career choices
the teachers take time to explain things not just say them and move on
I would recommend this school to anyone!
Credit transfer is very convenient
Credit transfer is very convenient
The curriculum prepares you for the job market or to go on to 4 year university
Online classes make it easy for working students
Small class size is better all around
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The small class size gets you more attention from teachers.
From what I've experienced so far, it's a very neat place and the dental program instructors are very helpful.
It is great for anyone looking for smaller class sizes and one on one communication. Campus is small so there is never a rush to get from class to class. Love such an intimate campus!
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