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The alumni network and job prospects are outstandingly high. Many students who graduate the school that needs a job, will get a job within a few months.
The online courses that are offered, I have not really experienced them.
The classes that are offered are pretty much the same each semester but flexibility on classes is not so flexible.
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The campus life is not so desirable but interacting with the students takes your mind off of the scenery. Some students study in the library at times but many study on there own.

There are no laptops at the school excess able for students but there are desktops. All desktops are excess able to students during library hours. Systems on the computers are older but they get the task completed.
The overall experience here at Gupton College makes the interaction with other students great. You become more of a family and you tend to band together as students. The bond that is created last for a life time.
The process is pretty simple to go through for the financial aid and tuition. The value of the education that the college gives is worth the amount of tuition that is paid.
The student body at the school is semi diverse but the student body is great with interacting.
The workload at John A. Gupton is intense and requires many hours of studying. The program gets you ready for the National Board Exam.
The unique things are that when you graduate from the school, the bond between your classmates is outstanding.
I really like my school and the interactions with my professors. They stirve for excellence in learning and push you for your excellence.
Student housing is very limited and very restrictive.
Class registration is student friendly.
I've already begun searching for an apprentice position.
Some of my Natural Science credits were too old to transfer.
Most students are very friendly and try to help each other. Most are highly intelligent as well.
I haven't gotten to that point yet....
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I do not take them!!!!!
I haven't gotten that far yet. But I'm sure help is availble
Strict dress code, one classroom which means classes are limited and small. Faculty and staff are very much available for one on one if need be.
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