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Joffrey Ballet School - American Ballet Center Reviews

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Dancing at the Joffrey Ballet School has been a great experience thus far. All of the teachers really want the best for each student and push each student to reach further to their potential. Classes are full of information so we, the students, are constantly learning and picking up new information from our teachers. The faculty are amazing each with numerous accolades of success but still make a safe environment for growth. It's just an all around great program.
my program is created to suit my specific area of study
You cannot get any better opportunity than this.
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The teachers are the best you can get, very passionate, very demanding.
The prospects are great. The experience and potential opportunities are the best you can get.
Best teachers around, surrounded by talent and great networking possibilities; facilities are old but adequate.
Extremely competive and challenging but a tremendous amount of opportunities!
Since it is a newer program in comparison to many BA & BFA programs we do not have a lot of connections. You must do most of the networking on your own. If the faculty does have connections to somewhere you are trying to audition they will send a good word but they do not invite individuals to who's or have people scout the classes.
You are not able to pick and choose your courses so that does not satisfy many individuals but for me it doesn't make a difference. They make you take a variety of classes which is what I would have chosen to do myself if I did have a say. The sizes are all the same for the most part. As you continue through the school your class will get smaller. It will narrow down to the individuals whom truly care about their career so your the attention you get becomes grater as you advance through the school.
The two programs offered here are completely different and I have had a taste of both. With my final concentration being in the ballet program it is much more consistent and organized. Getting up and going to class is the only way for you to succeed even on your worst days.
I truly love my school but I do miss the college experience that most of my friends have on a daily basis. The instruction is incredible and they truly care about your success, but only if you care as well.
everyone here is 100% dedicated so flexibility isn't really a problem
all the classes and teachers are excellent
The Joffrey has many connections to help there students get jobs after completing there program
Not only are students given top notch training they are also educated in how to take care of there bodies in health classes etc.
Some of the studios are a little on the small side but over all its a great facility.
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