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Joe Kubert School of Cartoon & Graphic Art Reviews

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If you have the artistic talent and dedication to the craft then this is the perfect school for you. If you think that the occasional doodle makes this program seem easy, then dont bother. Drop out rate is high, hw assignments are strictly graded and so is attendance. Not a easy school even though "Cartooning" sounds easy, they will weed you out quickly if you suck or have a poor attitude. Graduates here go on to Great careers. DC MARVEL, DISNEY, PIXAR, DYNAMITE, Etc.
The mansion is where the dorms are and it is very cool. Everyone gets along there. The school is the old Dover high school, a large brick with trees. Very pretty.
Due to the nature of our work our networking is top of the line and computer lab is daily.
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The library is well stocked with current art and comic books as well as the art store. There are no athletic programs available. We do have a lot of clubs but 1st year students are overwhelmed with work.
Financial aid is easy to navigate with the help of the councilors.

Pell, FAFSA, etc.
Keep in mind this is a Full Time school. 5 days a week 8:30 to 4pm. there is no rescheduling available. It is a very intense programs. If I have to be out due to illness etc. I just email my assignments in and get the notes from another student.
Everyone is just really themselves. There is so much diversity ethnically, religious, and economically. Gay, straight, Bi, everyone gets along and is very excepting.
Every class I need to be successful in the industry. It is difficult to get into the school since only 35 students world wide are chosen. It's well worth the hard work.
10 classes and 10 professionals in the industry teaching you!

Ultimate opportunity to learn the comic profession 1st hand.
In ,y first year I have drawn more than my entire life. Plan to be in school 5 days a week and homework in 10 subjects a week. If you love to draw you will be right at home here. Great teachers who are working in the industry while teaching.
We have the opportunity to been seen by all major comic companies. It is a very exclusive program so we are the first choice of major comic companies. We have all the assistance we will ever need including legal and professional portfolio building post graduation.
WiFi and Adobe provided as part of the tuition
Everything you need is right there on campus. Art supplies, computer assistant and troubleshooting, library, and professors who are in the business. Every summer they allow the students to work on campus on a Military comic that is produced, printed and mailed right from the campus.
From assembling your portfolio for each job interview to actually getting you the interview. Also they take us to comic con and network with us t get seen. Advice you as a post graduate with advice, legal assistance, and tapping into where you would get the most exposure of your work.
Art Store is on campus and library. The train station is about 2 blocks from the school. Everyone works together in school and in the dorms, and we use a Facebook group for our class to communicate assignments, critiques, and getting help.
On average there is only 6-12 students per class. That is why it is very hard to get into this school. Very limited admittance availability. Only 35 students max attend the first year. The academic attention is one on one as well as lectures. We have goes speakers often and take many field trips as well to museums, comic cons, and galleries.
Dorothy in Financial Aide walked me through every step and even told me about a few avenues to avoid having to borrow very much.
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All of the professors are in the comic book business which allows us to gain knowledge of our desired industry first hand. It get no better than a class with Andy Kubert or Tom Mandrake. Its an experience of a lifetime if you are into comics!
Students are from around the world. the school consists of artists from every background, sexual orientation, financial, background, and perfect environment of those who are different. Love to go everyday and always feel accepted despite where your from. Staff is wonderful, engaging, and targeted.
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