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JFK Muhlenberg Harold B. & Dorothy A. Snyder Schools - School of Nursing Reviews

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If I could give zero stars I would so your first class n119 if u pass all means keep going if u fail it get out of the school you have much harder classes going up a lot of students get to nursing 3 or 4 then fail and waste 2 years and nothing transfers then u have to go to an lpn school I suggested u go to lpn first then transfer into Jfk this way u have 2 chances to fail and u start in nursing 3. A lot cheaper to if u become an lpn and a local lpn vo tech program first
Terrible communication from office to students They don't want you to be a nurse and just take your money. The tests confusing. Out to make the student choose the wrong answer. The professors enjoy failing If you fail a course 2 times You are kicked out of program! Hard work is lost No one will accept ur credits. Lots of time and money lost No rn degree. You are at their mercy Professors are leaving because they don't agree with the school.
Graduate and earn your RN But you will have to put your entire life on hold because You have to deal with not just academic challenges You have the staff and professors who make it more difficult than it has to be. No grade for a lot of papers and projects in clinical. not to mention no grade given for all the hard work and down talk you will experience. Too Many students are suffering. Terrible exam questions. You will have to teach yourself, the only way to pass!
The communication with the students is poor!!!!! None answers the phone or none gives you an advisor to talk to about issues and concerns! They just want to take your money with late fees and more fees. Horrible communication. It’s just a bunch of old ladies working there! Please save your money and study somewhere else!
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I really enjoy going to this school. Everyone is very friendly and the staff makes sure you want to achieve everything you possibly can. They will answer any questions and help you understand. They provide different services as well.
I liked that the professors are willing to help you when you need it. They are all open to accommodating you and making sure you understand the material. Each staff member will thoroughly explain content when you don't feel confident about what was taught. The one thing I like is that in the classroom your instructor lets you record lessons, they offer powerpoint, along with many examples for the various types of learners. The only complaint I have is with the difficulty it is to get in touch with the financial aid department, billing, advisors. Ive had multiple occasions when i called and left messages for a call back and was never reached out to. So the only resolution to this problem is to go to the school directly.
Your mileage may vary when it comes to academic flexibility depending on the program in which you enroll. Trying to raise a family and/or work while doing the accelerated program is for hardcore sadists who like to play life on hard mode. For this reason, it's recommended that you limit your obligations as much as possible. The regular program is more slow-paced, with day and night class options, but it's no cakewalk either. You're expected to meet reasonable standards and learn much of the same material. It's just spaced out more.
My online course was cancelled twice in a row before I actually got to take it, due to insufficient class size, I believe. The course itself was otherwise convenient. All coursework was to be submitted online, save for the 3 or 4 exams which required in-person attendance at school. In fact, the non-exam coursework itself was completely optional. You simply got extra points on your final grade if you completed all the assignments.

Whether the workload is manageable may depend largely on any other obligations the student has at the time; it's simple to manage on its own, but management may become complicated if other courses and work are being taken at the same time.

Interaction with other students is completely optional (excluding test days) and the course professor was incredibly friendly and made an effort to make herself available to students with questions.
The professors are consistently a joy to learn from and joke with, when appropriate. Their agreeable personalities made them very approachable when it came to discussing course material, general nursing topics, and personal matters.
My experience was by no means the best but despite some misgivings, it was undoubtedly worthwhile. Experiences and degrees from this school are valued highly for good reason.
The workload was definitely intense, for the accelerated program. As the school's website and instructors suggest, if at all possible, do not work for the duration of your schooling in the accredited program. The more competing responsibilities you have, the harder the course will be and the more stressed you will be.
If you have little to no experience with NCLEX-style tests, then habitualize using the testing software the school recommends in addition to the practice problems at the back of the book. The style of these tests may catch a student by surprise and jeopardize their chances of passing the academic side of the initial courses if they take too long to become accustomed to it.
This school has a high rating graduating class. They are very hands on and are always straight to the point. Love it!
The experience with the admissions office is the absolute worst. Registering for a semester is confusing and misleading; when I contact the office for direction or guidance, no one returns calls or emails and they are too busy to see you even if you physically go to the office to schedule an appointment.

The professors and curriculum are great though; definitely make the whole program worth attending.
The online work is okay.
The professors and courses are great!
The professors are some of the best and most inspiring teachers I have had!
The registration process can be IMMENSELY improved.
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The School of Nursing offered their Math for Medicine course on an online format. However all of the course examinations are held at the school. The workload was pretty straight forward, but their was little instructor support for this course. As a student you were expected to complete the course assignments at home and submit them online. The information learned in this course will definitely help in the Nursing profession. However, I feel that most student will be successful in this course if they read the book.
Being a nursing student requires a lot of reading before class. The course workload is manageable, but you will have to be a stickler for utilizing time management. The curriculum is straightforward with no surprises, and you know what is expect of you from the first day of class. The facilities at JFK are pretty modern and the opportunity of internship/job opportunities are unknown.
The academic offered at JFK Muhlenberg is one of the best offered in the state of New Jersey. The professors seems to be very friendly and supportive of the students. They want the students to do well in their courses and encourages the students to utilized the tutorial services offered by the School of Nursing. The class registration process is pretty straight forward and is completed on Union County Community College website. However, the actual tuition payments are made directly to JFK Muhlenberg.
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