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I don't even want to put a rating for this school because they don't even deserve 1 star. I am disgusted!!! My daughter was accepted into the LPN program. She made it to second term and failed. Instead of letting her retake the term she failed they kicked her out of the program. Not only did they kick her out of the program but now they are stating she is responsible for 100% of the cost. I tried to explain to them she only completed half the program, she did 2 terms and 2 terms were remaining. They stated she completed 53% of the program because they go by hours. I attended a nursing school and it definitely did not function this way. I have never heard of such a thing in any school. How can someone take half the terms and half the courses and owe 100%?!! I suggest looking into other nursing schools. STAY AWAY FROM THIS ONE!!!
I went to Jersey college in 2013 for my LPN. Great school, good teachers. Its a very diverse school. The program went hy very quickly and i plan on returning for my RN
I am just starting at Jersey but I love it! The labs are amazing. The staff is very friendly and they want me to succeed.
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Great staff teacher take there time. Make sure you understand,school is
clean well maintained , organized no run around , welcoming enviroment no awkward lost feeling.
Jersey College is a nursing college. It is pretty pricey however it is a not for profit school. It has its good and bad things just like every other college.
Some professors are miserable with their jobs or have no respect for the students. It seems you have no right as a studen to say anything at all. They all protect each other and pretend they don't hear students complains or feedback. Students work so hard in studying and teaching themselves and is discouraging when an instructor says She doesn't get paid enough to teach or makes fun of other student. No integrity!
I'm still experiencing this college so far it is better than the other 3 schools I attended trying to get this certification
The school is a great school they do believe in their students. They are very professional and really care what is going on in and out of school they also know that life happens so with that being said it's a great school to attend
It's a good school but some professors there are lacking what it means to be a nurse
I found in my experience that the school is teaching about not to use makeup a lot or use fake nails but on the other hand I see many teachers do the opposite of what they teach
By the second semester which is the hardest, the school would already have taken all the loan you applied from the government because that's when most students decide either to drop out or fail the course beyond repeating
I have been going to this school for a year now. Enjoy the small atmosphere. The teachers are willing to help you beyond expected.
There are some things that could be better, but it is that way with all schools.
This school does not offer online courses
They transfer many core classes such as college writing, math and biology courses
They have a great career services center. They offer many fairs on campus for job opportunities
They offer many job fairs and the intuition has many connections mostly all of their graduates obtain a job immediately after graduation
I like the class setting is small and instructors are able to get know each of their students strengths and weaknesses.
The school offers many tools for students. And has many relationships with hospitals and facilities for students to get jobs upon graduation. The curriculum is fast paced but broken down easily for students to learn and know for their nursing career and for it to be utilize daily
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Jersey college makes students think. The students work together to study and prepare for exams and classes. The college is like a family and instructors work hard with students. They want to see their students successful
i will choose my school because i had so much fun with others students even all of them aren't nice.
The school works hard to have events and resources available to us.
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