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I love that Jefferson State is less busy and intimidating than a larger university. It is an amazing place to start your college career. The teachers, counselors, and staff all are very supportive and genuinely want to see you succeed. There are also wonderful scholarship opportunities and work studies to choose from to help with financial problems. I would like to see better online classes become available, since my experiences with the online options have not been as great as in-person classes. All in all, a very friendly, positive, inviting place.
Jefferson state community college has a peaceful and friendly environment. The staff are really nice and always looking to help students. Also, the teachers are really affable. They really make an effort when it comes assisting and teaching their students.
Jeff State has been a great school. I have really enjoyed my first year there. All of my professors have been great. I love the school. I do not recommend online math! I was in it and dropped because the software that they use is hard to understand.
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The college is a great starting point for those who need a little time to get it together after high school, and is the best way to start out. Most of the students who attend the college, are students who came from university from out of state or within the states. They have 4 campus that are easy to access at all times. Most f the professor are very much reasonable and the class schedule are very flexible for students who work or have parent duties. The College Is Overall 100% Overall!!!!!
I only did online courses, so I do not have actual experience at the school (except for coming on campus to take exams for certain classes). Most of the teachers I've had have been very nice and helpful and were constantly keeping up with us through our online class. Every time I visited the campus, it was clean and the people seemed nice.
The teachers and staff we're nice, helpful. My teacher I had during my classes was very organized and informal on all the classwork as well as hands-on demonstrations using all the equipment needed for examining the different parts of the human body.
I took the Dental Assistant Non-accreditated course. My instructor was absolutely amazing. As a single mom, full time employee, and student at Jeff State, I was able to balance the course load. It was also an affordable program.
Jeff State is a great starter school. Beautiful campus, awesome teachers that get involved and care about the students. I would not trade my time at Jeff State. It has prepared me well for my transfer school.
When I first graduated from high school I felt that I would not feel comfortable attending a big college, so I chose Jefferson State Community College. The faculty and staff have made me feel so welcomed, and I know I made the right decision.
So far, i like the school. The advisors are awesome. They do have an issue with picking the phone up, though. It is very hard to get in touch with them about financial aid.
So far everything is going awesome. I start Jeff State January 8th and am so excited to get started toward fulfilling my dream!!
I liked how Jefferson State felt so easygoing; it was a smooth transition from high school so there wasn’t a ton of pressure to get everything as organaized as possible asap. The other students were good and easy going as well as the teachers. I enjoyed my first semester at Jefferson State and ready for the second!
JSCC is definitely a great school to go to if you aren't exactly sure what you want to do as a fresh high school graduate. It allows you to have flexibility and time to decide what you want to do without wasting money at an expensive university. There are multiple campuses so it's hard to give a solid review on the school as a building. I have attended the Jefferson and the Shelby campus. The Jefferson is the main campus which is a shame because it's in pretty desperate need of renovations that aren't likely to happen any time soon. However, the Shelby campus is much nicer. It's not amazing, but just average. The only other thing that needs to be improved is the knowledge of the student advisors and the financial office. They are pretty much useless and constantly loose documents, never know what the are talking about/will give you the run around. Other than that, it's a pretty good community college.
This campus gives you a very high school type feel because the classes are so small. The teachers are very nice and are always there to help.
I still attend this school, but I love it! It definitely is helping me ease into college with just coming out of high school (even though I did take some Dual Enrollment classes, but those had mostly high schoolers in them so it just seemed way easier than a regular college class).
The staff at Jefferson State Community College truly cares about their students and they are very helpful! If an issue arises we, the students know there is a someone on hand ready to assist. The Professors take their roles serious and it's very clear that their students success equtes to that of their own. I've found myself at Jefferson State and as I continue on my journey, I know that the staff is on board and ready to assist in any way possible. Their efforts are greatly appreciated.
I had some great professors and some really bad ones. Both campuses are beautifully maintained and easy to access. I enjoyed my time studying there and found it fair.
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Jefferson State is a very good school, I love how diverse it is and how much the professors are willing to help you.
I have been attending jeffersosn state for a while now. Most of the proffessors are very resourceful and helpful. The student life is diverse with all age, gender, and racial groups. It's a fun environment and easy to get around. I would recommend this school for anyone looking for a starter school as I have enjoyed my experience on this campus.
Small campus is easy to navigate. Instructors seem interested in students' progress and help with problems as needed.
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