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Jefferson State Community College Reviews

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This college is an affordable place for me to start my college career, especially to complete my general educational courses. I have to get accustom to the college system to prepare myself transferring at 4-year university. Good place to start!
Okay classes and teachers but not many avenues in trades or anything but academics. Most enjoyable class was first aide.
Several convenient locations. Several online and in-house classes to choose from. Great atmosphere.
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Its a Community College and it's really not so bad. Low budget classes and some really bad teachers; however, I found some of my favorite teachers here too, and it's very cheep.
They’re staff is always down to help and everyone is excellent , I hate the fact Jefferson State is a Community College but it’s really good and also I dislike their admission process because I am a transfer student and it took them forever and gave me trouble
I haven’t started at Jeff State yet, but from what i’ve seen while applying is that everyone is really nice!
it can be tough but it is good they are trying to prepare you for a 4 year college if thats where your heading. very helpful
I loved that all the teachers genuinely care about you and your success in their class. They're very understanding and it makes classes fun and easy.
I'm in the Veterinary Nursing program, and it's great! I like how it's all online, because it gives me the ability to still work full time. The only reason it's not 5/5, is because I believe certain things should be done in person.
The teacher are very down to earth and willing to help you in any way possible. The campus is beautiful with the little pond out front of the general studies building. The culinary class are top grade and really involved with their lunch and dinner services.
tuition is low classes are small the overall aura of the place is amazing i wish i could live there jesfnvksejfgvbakweujcnavlbareouvcf.
I like the environment of my campus. Everything is close together and hard to get lost. There isn't much to do around campus, but it's a relaxing environment. The campus could definitely improve the amount of activities they currently hold. My typical day consists of driving from my house in the mornings to school, then heading home after class. It's not a far drive, so it isn't a problem for me. The campus is pretty small and has police officers on duty at all times to ensure the campus is safe. I feel very safe when going to my different classes.
Easy to work with, great teachers, and great atmosphere. Jeff state not only makes you get your work done they also want you to have fun while your earning your degree.
Financial Aid office not knowledgeable... just recites and give you estimates of when you will receive anything. Need new Financial Aid workers
The advisors suck and are not helpful at all. Do not trust anything they say. They will have you taking stupid classes that you don't even need just so that they can get money out of you. They don't have any dorms and the teachers are 50/50. Sometimes you will have a good teacher sometimes you will have a bad teacher. There's no food on campus. Nobody cares about race so no worries there. There are never any parties. Safety isn't really all that like they have campus police and you can call them when you need to but it's a long, complicated number, I'd rather just dial 911. Anyone can just walk in the building though and no one would question them so that's not very safe.
Jefferson State has provided me with a variety of learning experiences. The professors work just as hard as the students to ensure a successful learning experience. There are many opportunities provided to help students grow in the field of their choice.
Jefferson state community college is a great 2 year college, the staff is very helpful and the atmosphere is awesome.
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Jeff State is the perfect place to grow or as they say "Find your place". Choosing to come here insted of starting out at a university I think, was a great decision. Instead of spending a lot of money at a traditional University still not knowing fully what I wanted to major in, at Jeff State, I was able to figure out what I was interested in for half the cost. And most of the instructors were from universities in the aera, some from The University of Alabama, UAB and Auburn University. The amount if finanical aid through transfer and home scholarships has been awesome too.

Over all, I love Jeff State, sure the social scene isn't like a univeristy but it does it's purpose. The awesome faculty and staff are willing to not just help you wile youre there but eager to help you succeed at your transfer institution. They help you get a leg up when you're starting from the bottom.
Jefferson state is a great community college at first I was undecided about but when I first started I noticed that all the teacher care about the students. Also, the college staff is friendly and will do anything to help you out finding classes. In all, Jefferson State Community College is an amazing college.
I really enjoyed going to Jeff State until I entered the Nursing program. The teachers were very helpful and also I really enjoyed the small classrooms and a campus you could walk everywhere. Nursing program was a completely different story, the teachers did not care and every semester well over half the class failed. I don't like how many students the discouraged from ever becoming a nurse.
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