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Jeff State is a great starter school. Beautiful campus, awesome teachers that get involved and care about the students. I would not trade my time at Jeff State. It has prepared me well for my transfer school.
When I first graduated from high school I felt that I would not feel comfortable attending a big college, so I chose Jefferson State Community College. The faculty and staff have made me feel so welcomed, and I know I made the right decision.
So far, i like the school. The advisors are awesome. They do have an issue with picking the phone up, though. It is very hard to get in touch with them about financial aid.
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So far everything is going awesome. I start Jeff State January 8th and am so excited to get started toward fulfilling my dream!!
I liked how Jefferson State felt so easygoing; it was a smooth transition from high school so there wasn’t a ton of pressure to get everything as organaized as possible asap. The other students were good and easy going as well as the teachers. I enjoyed my first semester at Jefferson State and ready for the second!
JSCC is definitely a great school to go to if you aren't exactly sure what you want to do as a fresh high school graduate. It allows you to have flexibility and time to decide what you want to do without wasting money at an expensive university. There are multiple campuses so it's hard to give a solid review on the school as a building. I have attended the Jefferson and the Shelby campus. The Jefferson is the main campus which is a shame because it's in pretty desperate need of renovations that aren't likely to happen any time soon. However, the Shelby campus is much nicer. It's not amazing, but just average. The only other thing that needs to be improved is the knowledge of the student advisors and the financial office. They are pretty much useless and constantly loose documents, never know what the are talking about/will give you the run around. Other than that, it's a pretty good community college.
This campus gives you a very high school type feel because the classes are so small. The teachers are very nice and are always there to help.
I still attend this school, but I love it! It definitely is helping me ease into college with just coming out of high school (even though I did take some Dual Enrollment classes, but those had mostly high schoolers in them so it just seemed way easier than a regular college class).
The staff at Jefferson State Community College truly cares about their students and they are very helpful! If an issue arises we, the students know there is a someone on hand ready to assist. The Professors take their roles serious and it's very clear that their students success equtes to that of their own. I've found myself at Jefferson State and as I continue on my journey, I know that the staff is on board and ready to assist in any way possible. Their efforts are greatly appreciated.
I had some great professors and some really bad ones. Both campuses are beautifully maintained and easy to access. I enjoyed my time studying there and found it fair.
Jefferson State is a very good school, I love how diverse it is and how much the professors are willing to help you.
I have been attending jeffersosn state for a while now. Most of the proffessors are very resourceful and helpful. The student life is diverse with all age, gender, and racial groups. It's a fun environment and easy to get around. I would recommend this school for anyone looking for a starter school as I have enjoyed my experience on this campus.
Small campus is easy to navigate. Instructors seem interested in students' progress and help with problems as needed.
Jefferson State community college aims to develop independent critical thinkers who are intellectually agile, characterized by a zest for reasoned and civil debate, committed to understanding the diversity of the human experience, able to express ideas with clarity and grace, committed to life-long learning, equipped with ethical and civic values, and prepared for lives of leadership and service. The College is committed to providing an intellectually rigorous undergraduate education within the context of a supportive, diverse residential community. The curriculum integrates the traditional liberal arts with selected pre-professional studies. The faculty are passionate about teaching, value close relationships with students, and are committed to the pedagogical and intellectual importance of research. The flexibility and help with knowing why I am going to back to school.
The campus has a nice, quiet, calm atmosphere, and the instructors and staff seem to be friendly. It's small, as it's just a community college but still a fair amount of activities.
College is alright. Would be better if there were more on line business classes. The college has locations spread out around the Birmingham area. The class sizes are small so that's a good thing. You should research your instructors on Rate My Professor. Some of them aren't good on-line instructors. They won't grade papers or respond to e-mails.
I currently attend Jeff. State for Dual Enrollment classes and so far I have been impressed my by proffessors and Administration.
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For my Jeff state experience it was the equivalent of an educational prison. To put this into some perspective, I enrolled into Jeff State after a poor academic freshman year of college at the University of Alabama Birmingham. Jeff state is a high school without lockers, but it was exactly what I needed. No distractions, no frat parties to be a part of, no campus life, nothing. Just commute to class, attend class, go home. Going from a full university experience to a community college was humbling to say the least. With all these things, added with the shame I felt upon myself for wasting my mother's time and money the year prior, I was focused and dead set to escape this social prison. So I did just that, and now i'm due to graduate this may. For what its worth and what it offers, Jeff state is a tremendous educational institute. From its great diversity (age and race), to its crippling boredom, Jefferson State Community College is a great choice for anyone in the Birmingham area.
Great experience with JSCC 2016/2017. Excellent staff & students in the Veterinary Technology program!
Instructors communicate well with students and are very thorough in teaching. Veterinary Technology instructors are extremely knowledgeable & strive for students to succeed.
The campus is somewhat spread out but easily accessible with the help of a map. Seems like a quiet, safe place to study with minimal distractions. However food, shopping and other businesses are not too far away.
Pleasant experience with financial aid & admissions departments and all JSCC staff.
Online courses are easily accessible & the JSCC website is very informative & easy to maneuver.
Overall pleasant experience with JSCC. Highly recommend this college and the Veterinary Technology Program.
I loved my experience at Jefferson State. The teachers were the best teachers I've ever had. They were willing to work with you when you needed help and were always understanding. However, one thing I didn't like was the poor choice of electives. In all the school is a great school and I would highly recommend it to anyone.
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