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I love everything about Jefferson State Community College. Everything here is great and there is so many good things to say. All of the teachers here are awesome and all of the facilities are very nice and clean. There is so many clubs to get involved in and there is so many resources everywhere you turn. There is several computer labs to visit, a huge library on all four campuses, and it is close to everything nearby. I went here my first to years of college and I would encourage everyone to do the same thing.
I love Jeff State! The advisors and faculty are great! I have a had a wonderful experience with my classmates and my professors. Everyone wants to be there. Nobody goofs off. And everyone is willing to help each other.
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My experience at Jefferson State was okay. It’s a small campus for the most part. I would like to see them upgrade their other campuses to look a bit more modern.
It is close to where I live and they work with your money issues. The class aren’t so big so you get more one on one time with your teacher and they understand if you need to miss for something important. Some teachers work with the students schedule
I just started going for the summer term as a freshman. I am currently taking 4 classes and it is stressful because its compressed classes in the summer, but the teachers are all great. They are dedicated to teaching and will gladly help you. If you need more help there is free tutoring at specific times and online. The campus isn't that big but I like it for how calm it feels. Most of the other students I've met so far are all nice as well.
As of this moment my overall experience with my school has been great. i am learning what I need to be learning and that is thanks to my teacher course plan. They help me when I need it and guide me in the right direction. I am currently enrolled in online courses; however, I still feel as though I am being taught as though I'm in a classroom. If the summer course is this productive I can't wait to see what the fall semester holds.
Great and affordable. A school for the typical student or the busy, employed student. Teachers and faculty are great and always willing to help.
My experience overall is okay because I just go to class, do my work, and go home to repeat the same thing over again the next day.
I love the teachers. They are so helpful and make it easy to grasp and actually learn and remember beyond the classroom. The campus is nice. Schedules are flexible to work while in school.
I recently graduated from Jeff State, and plan on attending UAB in the fall. I had a wonderful experience there and I'm looking forward to visiting from time to time.
I just finished my second semester. So far I enjoy the help they give, the service, and easy access the online cite has. I hope to have even better semesters in the future.
I am a freshman at Jefferson State Community College. My major is nursing. The professors are very helpful.
I love that Jefferson State is less busy and intimidating than a larger university. It is an amazing place to start your college career. The teachers, counselors, and staff all are very supportive and genuinely want to see you succeed. There are also wonderful scholarship opportunities and work studies to choose from to help with financial problems. I would like to see better online classes become available, since my experiences with the online options have not been as great as in-person classes. All in all, a very friendly, positive, inviting place.
Jefferson state community college has a peaceful and friendly environment. The staff are really nice and always looking to help students. Also, the teachers are really affable. They really make an effort when it comes assisting and teaching their students.
Jeff State has been a great school. I have really enjoyed my first year there. All of my professors have been great. I love the school. I do not recommend online math! I was in it and dropped because the software that they use is hard to understand.
The college is a great starting point for those who need a little time to get it together after high school, and is the best way to start out. Most of the students who attend the college, are students who came from university from out of state or within the states. They have 4 campus that are easy to access at all times. Most f the professor are very much reasonable and the class schedule are very flexible for students who work or have parent duties. The College Is Overall 100% Overall!!!!!
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I only did online courses, so I do not have actual experience at the school (except for coming on campus to take exams for certain classes). Most of the teachers I've had have been very nice and helpful and were constantly keeping up with us through our online class. Every time I visited the campus, it was clean and the people seemed nice.
The teachers and staff we're nice, helpful. My teacher I had during my classes was very organized and informal on all the classwork as well as hands-on demonstrations using all the equipment needed for examining the different parts of the human body.
I took the Dental Assistant Non-accreditated course. My instructor was absolutely amazing. As a single mom, full time employee, and student at Jeff State, I was able to balance the course load. It was also an affordable program.
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