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Well I haven't attended it but when I took a tour of it, it seemed like pretty nice place, the 2 year program looks awesome and the price is even better, now I dont got to drown in debt.
This college has amazing faculty and staff members who are always willing to help guide you through your college experience. There are many classes to choose from as well as online options.
The instructors are amazing. They will work with you through any problem you are having. They want you to understand the material and want you to be successful.
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I haven't started yet but I have a lot of friends, that attend JCTC and all I hear about them is a good think.
I love the one on one attention I received while completing my associates degree. The teachers and advisors took the time to make sure I was comfortable with my classes and was there for me when needed.
So far my experience is okay, most of the teachers are good at what they do and some just don’t care about their students at all.
I enjoy JCTC given it is a 2 year college, it provides an easy transition from high school. The course load is moderate depending on your major but the professors have a strong commitment to their students. The one thing about JCTC is that it does not provide the entire college experience since it lacks housing and non academic facilities. However, the Ultra program and partnership with neighboring University of Louisville is a great social benefit.
I like that the classes are small. Small class sixes help me feel more connected with my instructors. That they will work with me on my schedule because of work. It is also very close to everything downtown.
The college for the most part is ok but most the workers and volunteers have respect issues. They are not process friendly when it comes to keeping up with your own payments or any miscommunications due to student loans and students academics as far as GPA and living situations.
I love JCTC because it is a small college with small class sizes. They have a lot of different majors to chose from and they have a wonderful transfer program. Tuition is very reasonable. I am currently taking all of my classes online as a Computer Information Technology major. I love JCTC!
This is a great school for students that can't afford to attend a 4-year university right out of high school, or for returning students. The campus is located near the University of Louisville, and there are a lot of courses that will transfer to UofL without issue. Many students enroll here to get the pre-requisite courses out of the way for a much cheaper cost than at a 4-year university.
JCTC also offers many 2-year programs for students, such as nursing, at a much cheaper price than UofL.
I love jefferson community Technical college. They help with every aspect of getting into school. I cant wait to start my first year of college and on the track of a college degree.
In the few weeks that I have been attending I've come to make many new friends and have found a new home I often come here to just talk to people in the center on the days that I don't have class this is the place to be and I love it.
So unorganized some teachers are just there because it's a JOB. They take all your time with full week schedules and end up sitting in class most of the time.
People have families at home and they just don't seem to care. I really feel that I go to class for no reason. Sometimes
I enjoy my program and the instructors. They're truly there for the students and have our best interest at heart. However the administration is useless, one hand is never knowing what the other is doing. Communication is horrible, being left on hold for 30+ minutes or being transferred to five or six people who can't actually help you after all. By the time you reach the person that can, they aren't in the office and won't call you back despite leaving a voice mail. However the instructors for the aviation school are true advocates and anything that needs to be done with the administration, they will do what they can on your behalf. Would I choose this school to get just any degree from? Probably not, but for it being the only aviation program in the area it is well worth it.
Jctc has been great to me so far. My professors are more than great when it comes to communicating and getting the extra help that I need. This stress free environment has helped me have a enjoyable freshman year of college. I will definitely tell people about it.
I attended the Jefferson Community and Technical college campus in Shelbyville, Kentucky for three years. I started in high school and took two classes at a discount as a senior which was incredibly helpful as it gave me a head start on my college career. I found that JCTC offered a kind of stepping stone for me from high school to college and helped me to be prepared to be responsible for reaching my goals. I always felt that the staff were there to help me with my education path and had my best interests in mind. Now that I am attending Eastern Kentucky University I am incredibly grateful that I had JCTC to help me save some money that I can now put toward the cost of university. The one thing I could suggest to the school, though the rural location makes it difficult, is to look into food trucks or other food options for students during the day. JCTC is a great place to learn and grow and I would recommend JCTC to anyone seeking higher education.
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I like the small class sizes, I think it is very beneficial to students. However, I do think that they should enforce a stricter absence policy.
I think it's a great school. The place is nice and wonderful. Students are helpful if ask for help, other than that, they all are quiet and it's hard to make friends. The teachers are good and the advisers are nice and great but not that helpful. Some of the workers from computer room or whatever they call it, they are not helpful and scary. Overall, I think it is a great school.
My experience with Kctcs has been nothing but great. Administration is always there to help even if it means they have to come in earlier or stay later.
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