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So many problems all the time. I don’t have access to a class on black bored for months. Then they threaded to kick me from the class for not doing work on there.
This college is very good with students and their education. They pay attention to you and treat you as a student instead of just a number in their student population. The instructors genuinely care about how well you do in your classes.
Jefferson College is fantastic! Thanks campus is a beautiful sight, and especially the new library! I have enjoyed my time studying at Jefferson College. The professors are great, and the students are amazing as well! Great experience and highly recommend!
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I am a Music Education Major at Jefferson College and I can proudly say that I would recommend this college to any student! The professors are very professional, and help students with anything they can. The Diversity in the school is astounding with students from all over the world. All of the programs at Jefferson College help train you for lifetime careers as well as transferring onto Universities. It is a small but beautiful and safe campus, students here are very friendly and you can make friends almost instantly. All of the classmates you have become like family, and it makes the college experience so much better. With Clubs and Activities the choices are limitless, they have groups for all sorts of different studies, whether it be Music and other Arts, to Science and Services, to Athletics and Gamers. Jefferson College is the place to be, for all types of students.
Jefferson College is a great school. The teachers are very in depth with their students and care a lot about their education.
Overall, I've had a great experience with this college. The campus is big but small enough to walk to each building. Faculty and staff members are very helpful and there is tutoring services should you need it. I like this campus because it offers the classes and the degree program I want and need. Also, and I like that I don't have to travel so far to get there, which saves me time. But above all, it is very affordable. The campus has recently remodeled and updated their library which is very nice now. There's also enough parking and there's student housing nearby too. Additionally, they have a great athletics program. Lastly, there's nothing that I can think of to change it to make it any better.
I am a music student at Jefferson College and I LOVE it! The professors are so personable and I call this school home. I take 20 credit hours so I am in the Fine Arts building all day and night, but I never get sick of learning here. I have made life-long friends here and I'm glad I choose Jefferson college.
This school offers two campuses with exceptional professor that do assist you when you need assistance. This school is not a party school whatsoever because it is a community college. I do not have anything negative to say I enjoy this school.
Love Jeffco! It is a great school. The teachers are amazing and extremely helpful! The food at the café and snack bar is delicious too! Love being a student there.
I enjoyed how easy it is to move around. There is constant help all around you and I feel really comfortable here. Being an athlete, you are constantly busy but it is a good time. I have met a lot of people who are really friendly and caring. The professor care about you and want you to have success no matter what. Living in the housing is a good time. Four bedroom apartments with two bathrooms is nice because you have plenty of privacy sleeping in a room by yourself. I have always felt safe at Jefferson and I have no regrets coming here.
They are patient with you and welcome you with open arms. They make you feel at home. Plus it's close to home.
I liked how everyone on campus was very helpful because I took online classes and didn't know much about the campus. Also the teachers were very helpful when I needed help
Campus is very well laid-out and it's easy to find where to go. Teachers and staff are all very helpful. The only thing I'd change is the student atmosphere, but that can't really be helped. A lot of students just seem so distant.
typical community college. The teachers help you as much as you ask. It’s decently priced and the help as needed
Jefferson College is affordable and close to home. It is a great investment, especially if you are not sure what major to choose.
Have loved the teachers.... my first advisor was horrible - he was in the Arnold branch. Hillsboro branch is way more knowledgeable. Wish they had cheaper out of district costs...
This college has a very safe feel to it I enjoy the small class sizes, the free gym access, many opportunities. Professors are always willing to answer questions and concerns or go over grades.
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Jefferson College is a great school to attend if you are undecided in your major or want to stay close to home. While I attended school, I was able to work full time as well, and I saved enough money to move out of my parents house and get my own apartment before I start university in the fall.
I like the atmosphere of Jefferson College. It is laid back and easy going, and there are many resources readily available. MOST of the professors are extremely smart and approachable. There are a few that seem to shut students out.
I have been at Jeffco for 3 years now, graduating this semester actually, I love this school and it is a great starter option if you're like me and wanted to stay at home a bit longer before going off to university. Plus there pricing is a lot more reasonable than that of a ​university. The class sizes aren't too big either and teachers always seem willing to help and answer any questions that come to mind. I never did the on-campus housing since I'm only 15 minutes from the school but I've heard they're nice as well.
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