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I like that the classes aern't too packed with students.I like that they allow you to pick your own schedule. They also have gotten better at getting in touch with the students regarding your concerns about the portal. When i first started they really lacked in communication but now they have gotten a little better. I believe they could do a little better with the outside of the buildings, and i see they have been working on the dorms, classes, and etc. In all they could have done better and they are show ing much improvement in different areas that weren't so great.
This school has its characteristics. Things i would like to see change the schools over all word. For example: if the administration says something about classes or changes or money problems what are we paying for.
I love that fact that the teacher will go out of there way to help adult education students graduate.
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Jarvis Christian College is a good College. I like my major department because all my professors where great and will help you with everything you needed. I liked the pride everyone had for the school colors and all the sports. It was a great experience.
Jarvis is a very nice school the people are nice everyone speaks to each other they welcome you with open arms help you with pretty much anything you need to get done.
The things I like at Jarvis Christian College is , the way some of the teachers are very hands on and very understanding about different projects. I also like the way the classes don't feel overwhelming. However, I feel that the school should have more groups that involves the different majors that they provide.
Jarvis Christian College is an all black school, which I like. They have a lot of great opportunities for you to achieve and participate in. You can grow a lot by be at Jarvis. The staff are very friendly and also are involved in student activities and help student also.
In my opinion the school need to do better in almost all there areas. They mostly need to work on their food and their maintain
I felt like I was in High School again. Very restrictive, very babying, and over all not a good experience. There's a very large lack of communication and organization, and the academics (freshmen ones at least) were extremely easy, to the point where I was bored and didn't feel like they were worth my time. The facilities really need to be updated (Though to be fair some students were pretty disrespectful to said facilities, thus why they were like that)

I only went there because they gave me a full academic scholarship, and I was still disappointed. The whole time I was there I felt sorry for everyone who paid anything in tuition. Please save your money. I know the staff there mean well, but it just doesn't work out.
i really love Jarvis Christian College. the campus as a whole is very family oriented. we are all a family here at Jarvis Christian College. One thing i like is how the classrooms are small and also the teachers work hands on with you and make sure you are understanding the material at Jarvis. The college is very social and the facility is very interactive with us . I would really recommend Jarvis to anybody who asks about my school. I would not change anything about Jarvis.
its is a very unique experience. the nature surrounding the campus immerses you into the ultimate college life. the people are actually friendly .
Jarvis is the best student for me. I love going here. There is no other place I rather be. I'm thankful for all of my instructors and peers.
I have enjoyed my time so far at Jarvis. The professors are awesome. They are very helpful and concerned about us taking getting our education seriously. They always make time to see you. Very easy to make an appointment with them. Have so many ways to get help when needed. Buildings old but that is made up in the classroom.
the class size are great the teachers enjoyed what they teach.
I feel safe because they have security outside to make sure anything bad want happen.
A bit pricy to stay in old dorms that need a few upgrades that need to be done. can also be loud by the students
Don't know to much about the Greek life to be honest. but all I know that they throw parties and have competetions.
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I do have school spirit when it comes to games. I support all my athletes.
My school has a few events that are cool but I wish they have more to offer there. Favorite experiences are when we have guest speaker that comes over.
The professor take their time in order for you to understand the topic.
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