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I regret coming here. I have personally watched LGBT students be targeted, racial targeting, and little to no patience with students with disabilities such as autism. The teachers, all but one, have behaved incredibly inappropriately and the dean refuses to address these issues.
Wonderful college! The small class size is a plus for people who like one on one help with professors. Faculty and staff are friendly and helpful, always willing to help in anyway possible. The school is clean school and well maintained. The programs offered are useful and can be accomplished in a timely manor. Highly suggested college!
Enjoyable, friendly professors. Cafeteria is limited to vending machines and student parking can be full at times.
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I work everyday 3pm-11pm and they allow me to take classes in the morning. For someone who works the mornings they have evening classes as well
I haven't taken many online courses
They make you do a resume and help you find a career in your field
Classes are all orientated towards the career choice you want
I like how the school and teachers help you one on one and even students too
The classes are great. They're for a specific study so you're not taking a bunch of unnecessary classes
I love JBC. I was having trouble with FAFSA and the financial aide counselor helped all that she could and got me into school without me having to take out a HUGE loan.
Everybody at Jamestown Business College gets along, nobody makes fun of people, or creates drama in the classrooms, it makes for a very friendly environment.
I feel that I am getting my money's worth at Jamestown Business College, and then some, it is a very friendly and safe environment for everybody and is a very welcoming facility.
The network reliability at Jamestown Business College is very good, you can access the wi-fi from everywhere on campus, and has a very good network speed. We are aloud to print up to 200 papers per term before we get charged $0.15 per sheet we print. We are not required to bring our own computers as there is always at least one of the five computer labs open at all times.
The teachers at Jamestown Business College and phenomenal it's very easy to find help when needed, and very efficient to be able to talk to your instructors one-on-one, it makes the learning experience more enjoyable and allows you to feel like the college and the instructors actually care about your grades and your need to succeed.
All students are required to fill out the Financial Aid forms online for both Pell and TAP. The aid is extremely helpful, but I was also forced to take out a loan to cover expenses that exceeded my financial aid. The director of financial aid here helps students take out loans if they need it, and goes over what the loans are and when it needs to be paid back by and everything else like that. All the fees are laid out in the meeting with the financial aid director.
I'm majoring in Hospitality Management, all my classes are ones I need to get my Associate's Degree. I don't have to take any unnecessary courses that will just add to my workload and stress me out while being useless. The college has their schedule set up so you only take a maximum of 3 classes per semester (for day students, 1 or 2 for Evening/Weekend students) so you don't get overwhelmed as well. The school also posts job opportunities on a main board in the hallway and online that often relate to business students so the students don't have to do so much digging through papers, and some jobs are sent to JBC first to give us the advantage of getting the job.
It's a small school, but it offers all the classes you need to graduate. The instructors and the staff are all very helpful if you have any problems or questions. The classes are in a 3 day rotation, with one "off" day on the class, so if you need help you can go in and get it from the instructor.
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JBC Is Unique – A small school in a small town community setting. Small campus with friendly staff. Students are focused and generally in similar programs, so its easy to share opinions and knowledge with classmates.
The student body is diverse, and yet because most of the body of students have the same classes throughout, the student body gets very connected. From the moment one visits the college and getting a friendly smile to attending and meeting the people, makes it one great college in getting away from home and enjoying the company of the student body.
JBC Resources – The computer labs are gradually upgrading to provide one with the tools that are needed to complete the courses. Wireless accessibility is provided, this helps students work at their won desks then have to go to the computer lab.Different labs are throughout the college with printers
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