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The staff is extremely professional and friendly. They go out of their way to ensure that you have an amazing experience and an top-notch education.
I loved all of my teachers. The assignments were reasonable and the way the classes are structured allows me to make new friends with my classmates. The only thing I would change would be the business office. Every semester I had problems with the business, their was a lack of communication on their part by giving wrong information to me, which led to problems.
There are so many good things about this college. The teachers are amazing, everyone is friendly, the college has so many resources to help students out, whether it be transferring to a college or dealing with more personal issues, such as transportation. Anything I have needed help with, or any problem I have had (which is almost none) was taken care of fast and with no hassle. Definitely would recommend this college to anyone!
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I like the campus and faculty, the faculty there was very helpful when it came time for me to register for classes. Although I would like to see a change in how smooth they operate in the administration offices
I love the professors that teach at James Sprunt. They have a wide variety of classes and intended pathways to offer.
My experience here was amazing so far. Everyone is friendly, and the teachers really try to help you understand anything you don't catch on too.
You get to meet other people going into the same major. You feel more at home, and less stressed.
My experience at James Sprunt has been good. The teachers offer you help and are very understanding.
I enjoyed my classes. The classes were not very big and you could get the help you needed. All of my professors were amazing.
The college is great for the student career prospects. It is great that they have employers recruiting on campus. They try to help you in every way possible that you may succeed.
I am a CNA/Medication Aide and I am going for Associate Degree Nursing. I have family that has graduated from James Sprunt Community College Associate Degree Nursing and they all said it was the best. I agree with them 100 percent. I work a full-time job and go to school full-time. I have a very large workload. I would love to work part-time and have more time for school but, it is only me in my household.
I feel that I got the help I needed with all my classes. It is a small campus and can get to my classes faster and not be late. I really enjoy this college.
Duplin Early College, has been an amazing experience which has brought many advantages. One of the reasons I applied to the school was because of the program they offered which was 2 years of community college how many blessing is that! Just the enthusiasm of reciecing a letter back that April of 2011 was so thrilling and life changing at the same time, I knew this was the school I imagined and hoped for! I did not start off well but what made me happy was the support system I can honestly say that the teachers and every single principal that has came to the school has absolutely helped me in every way possible, giving me rides after school just to attend tutoring sessions, giving me the help I need, giving me advice about my futer but most importantly they belived in me even if I missed days of school and failing a lot of classes, they never lost hope in me, I will never forget that it impacted my life for the better and I want to pay it forward one day. Another of the great things I have absolutely favored was the students, the group I came with as a freshman were in other terms like family. It is an advantage to be accepted to a high school with such small students, that helps a lot in getting to know one another. I loved the fact that I grew at DECHS from right in wrong I can honestly say lessons have been tought i've learned to deal with many intelligent young people as well as fake people that claimed to be friends, I matured in different ways I still have a lot more to learn but I can honestly say I have learned. The friends that have stuck around have been another blessing because here I have met people who actually cared about me as in giving me advice, pushing me to do better many of my friends were on the top ten and are now attending many universities I admire the fact that I got to meet some of these amazing people I call friends! What better way to expiernce high school! And to hang around the right people and have the positive atmosphere.
I love this school so far compared to when I first attended Saint Augustine's University in Raleigh, NC . I love a campus that is small, not many people and I can concentrate on my work more and be more focused, that is why I am attending James Sprunt Community College. The faculty and staff are so wonderful, generous and helpful. I am getting my work done , turned in on time , I am not procrastinating like I use to. I am bettering myself to be the beautiful, talented black woman I can be , cause I am a phenomenal woman" GOD is within HER she will not Fall" , and I will make it in this world and I will graduate with a degree. Sorry got off topic a little bit, but yes I would recommend this community college because it is a wonderful college, successful people have graduated from here and you will get the education you need and it is worth it.
I absolutely love this school and the faculty!
I have really enjoyed my time at James Sprunt Community College. Most of the staff are really nice and eager to answer any questions.
The tuition is set by the state assembly so the fees are standardized for in-state student. The financial aid advisers are easy to work with. They work hard to help you get all the aid available to you.
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This college has partnerships with many universities within our state. These universities come work with our college staff to help the transition to university to be seemless.
I love this community college. It has excellent professors, a wide variety of courses, and small class sizes. The school also offers classroom classes, online classes, night time classes and hybrid classes
The flexibility of classes is great. They offer traditional classroom classes, online classes, night classes and hybrid classes. This is an excellent community college. It offers a large variety of courses available in a variety of ways.
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