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James Madison University Reviews

2,824 reviews
I will be attending JMU in the fall and so far I've experienced a welcoming and opportunity-filled atmosphere. I have been assisted with anything and everything I've needed help with so far. I also sense a great community awaiting for me there.
JMU is an amazing school that has something for everybody. It is easy to make friends and meet new people. There are a ton of clubs and other activities that ensure there is something for everybody that goes there. Everyone who goes there loves it and has nothing bad to say about it.
I really like how great of a school JMU is. It has excellent programs in a variety of degrees such as music, theatre, business, nursing, and psychology. They have a beautiful campus, and tons of clubs that are a lot of fun. I am in a lot of the dance clubs. This university is also very helpful to the LGBTQ+ community with many programs to support. They also have some of the best food at universities in America. It could be improved by allowing more variety for elective classes.
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