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Everything from the students, faculty, staff, campus, food, and social life here is great. It's a fun, challenging, and stimulating environment. You'll find your place at JMU no matter who you are.
Awesome friends made here, best years of my life so far. Im leaving with everything I need to make a life.
As a freshman at James Madison University, I was extremely surprised at the welcoming community atmosphere. Orientation week allowed me to easily transition and make friends within my dorm. The facilities and food are exceptional.
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I attended, and graduated from, JMU eons ago, and now have sent there two daughters who love it as I do. Student-friendly faculty and staff, beautiful campus, terrific college atmosphere. JMU has about everything anyone could want in a university.
I love the entire atmosphere at JMU. Everyone is so welcoming and exciting about being there. One thing I would change about JMU is the air conditioning. I wish every dorm was equipped with it.
The campus is beautiful and the people are all very friendly. The extracurricular scene is also very active and inclusive, with countless clubs and sports to choose from.
I knew from the 1st time that I visited that this was my number one choice and was thrilled to be accepted. It is a large school, but has such a friendly atmosphere and you immediately feel like your part of a family. The academics are good, and there are lots of opportunities to join in and meet other students through clubs, sororities/fraternities, and campus events. The staff are very friendly and involved with the students.
The JMU campus is so beautiful, and all the students walking around the campus seemed friendly and happy. The food is amazing and in all it gives off a really great vibe.
James Madison University has become my home away from home. From the friendly people to the academics, I wouldn't trade my experience at this university for the world. My university is recognized as a devoted community whose goal is to prepare students to be educated and knowledgeable individuals in society. The professors want nothing but success for all their students, so they work with students and push them to become enlightened individuals. Along with the academics, the community of people is extremely diverse which is amazing because it brings together people from various backgrounds. James Madison University has many amazing opportunities for their students and community.
Rude to income freshman. Didn't want to take people on tours around the campus. Don't even send personal letter to let you know whether you got accepted to their school, you have to create an account.
I am a freshman, architectural design major. All of my friends have different experiences based on their major. My major is intensive, yet I do not have as much nightly homework as my peers, more so it is weekly based.
It is a good university. However some of the classes are large and not a good opportunity to get a one-on-one conversation with the professor. Overall, there are many majors to pick from and strong and well known programs offered.
JMU is an incredible school both academically and socially. The classes are challenging and the athletic programs are excellent. The campus is one of the most beautiful campuses in the country.
James Madison University is a school full of opportunities. You can literally accomplish anything you want to do at this school. The staff is there for you, and so are the students.
There is such a kindness that can be felt across the whole beautiful campus that makes you want to learn and be successful. The professors all want you to do well and are more than willing to help you achieve your goals.
It seems very welcoming on the outside, but in reality it is not very accepting of others unless they are white and involved in Greek Life. None of the professors have really made any impact on my life and it seems like they only teach because they want good reviews.
The academics are of high quality and professors care about your success, as long as you do, too. There are many services that are complimentary for students from entertainment to medical help. However, a culture of caring and acting about bigger issues in even as small as our community, much less the world, is lacking and can be quite frustrating. At first, it may be hard to find your niche, but there are like-minded people. The best way to find them is by joining organizations that you are interested in and following your passions.
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I have enjoyed my time at JMU. The students at JMU are all truly happy and supportive of each other. I especially like the opportunities for undergraduate research in the sciences and have taken advantage of this during my time at JMU. Overall, JMU is just a happy place to go to school.
I've visited and stayed with friends there a few times, I love it. It's all around a great place and I have a ton of fun. I will be attending in the Fall semester of 2018 and have already been accepted. I am a high school senior.
I love it here at James Madison University. The professors really care about the students and everyone is friendly.
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