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The campus is very beautiful and there are 250+ clubs and organizations that you can join. The academics are also highly rated and I have had so many amazing professors who have inspired me and taught me so much. There is also a lot of vegan/vegetarian options at this school in the dining halls. It really is a fantastic place to call my home while I am studying to earn my degree. I can't imagine myself anywhere else.
Overall James Madison was a beautiful place. I went to go visit in November on a terribly rainy day yet it still had a charm about it. Through the freezing rain and wind I still could see myself there. The people where super nice and around. No one was hiding in their dorms like you see at other colleges. People were getting done what they needed to get done and that I admired. The more we walked around the more I started to fall in love with the campus. Even though there is a lot of walking I still felt a connection. I could not see myself anywhere else.
I absolutely adore JMU. The only thing I don't really like it the amount of partying that goes on, the prevalence of Greek life, and how difficult it is to find parking where you won't get towed.
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Absolutely loved my experience at JMU! The community at JMU is kind, supportive, intelligent, fun and involved. This university is all about living a great college experience and I owe so much to JMU and the experienced I had there. And the professors are top notch - they are there TO TEACH and focus on undergraduate students. Incredibly helpful and personal.
JMU is a stunning place with so much to offer. The sports teams are top notch and the community of people is very friendly. There is a lot of things to love about the university but my favorite is the study abroad program. The program is widely popular and allows the students to study outside the country within their major. This offers a unique learning experience that will play a role in how you learn, the kind of person you are, and how you choose to apply your major.
James Madison University is the friendliest campus, the best food, and has so much to offer! I have had the experiences of a lifetime just by attending JMU. Attending JMU has been the best decision I have ever made, despite the long travel from home. I could not imaging having a better college experience than what I have here.
Great school! Would go there again if they had my field for graduate school. Amazing food on campus and great atmosphere.
I am so glad that I chose to attend James Madison University! All of my professors have been so engaging and in the past year that I've been the student I feel that the environment has allowed me to grow a lot as a person and young adult. So far, the only thing I'd change would be the flexibility of graduate school programs (commuter friendly programs), because I would love to be a double-Duke and attend OT school here!
I like that James Madison accepts students no matter how low or high thier SAT scores are. The atmosphere is very calm. The campus is very diverse, which is what I look for into colllege. The football games at James Madison are very fun to socialize with your friends. Overall, the school is amazing, everyone seems nice.
All teachers I have had are amazing and wanting to help. Yes the classes are challenging but I have never felt so overwhelmed where I can not commit to extra curriculars. The campus is beautiful and there are many hard working people that keep the campus looking good. The food is amazing on campus and the town of Harrisonburg is very culturally diverse with great restaurants.
JMU is a place where students can gather to combine their intelligent minds and accomplish great things
I decided to attend JMU because I've heard great things about the school. The school is competitive and offers the courses that I'm interested in. The students on campus are so friendly and helpful. There is a sense of camaraderie.
I absolutely love the overall vibe at James Madison University. The campus is beautiful, the professors and staff are great, and I love the atmosphere that the students give. The one thing I would love to see changed would be the requirements to General Education Courses; I have a difficult time focusing on them when I would must rather direct my attention to my major courses.
Hands down the best decision I have made in my life thus far is attending and graduating from JMU. Great student lifestyle that balances academics, healthy living, building social relationships, and peer to peer encouragement to push each other. The education and degrees offered add up to create a sought after employee after graduation. The campus is often compared to Agusta, GA during the Masters golf tournament. The football team has won a national championship and attracted college gameday two times in the past three years. The food is spectacular and most students purchase a meal plan all four years.

Aside from the obvious listed above, JMU provides an atmosphere that allows a student to balance their life and remain in good mental health. Your peers, teachers, and other leaders are what make this place heaven on earth.
I have many family members that go to JMU and I am planning to enroll next fall. I have heard nothing but great things and when I visit, I see why everyone loves it here. Can't wait to be a Duke!
I have several friends who go to JMU. They love all the amenities that a large school has to offer, and how diverse the student body is. There are many clubs and intramural sports to get involved in, and their football team is really good. It does have a reputation as a party school, and I'm not to thrilled about that. Also, you have a long way to walk/ride to your classes.
James Madison university is a great school to come to. The focus on education is spectacular even in large classes your teacher will get to know and focus on each and every person in the room if you make an effort to learn. The campus itself is absolutely beautiful, from the mountains to the architecture of the buildings on campus, you will not mind walking around because the school is so pretty. JMU has so much pride in their athletics so if you love school spirit and supporting sports teams this is the place for you. The campus was rated 5th in the nation by the Princeton review for best food and they definitely live up to that rating. My job on campus has me work until it is dark out and I don't feel comfortable walking home alone so I always call for a police escort to take me home. JMU is a great place to be if you are starting off your college career or if you are a transfer student. There is something here for everyone.
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Although I have not attended it, my aunt did and I did have the opportunity to tour it and spend a weekend with my aunt. One thing I loved about James Madison University is the diversity there is. James Madison was full of people from different cultures and each person is able to show it.
It has a very welcoming atmosphere. Everyone is really friendly. There are so many wonderful opportunities to get involved on campus and off.
There's a lot to brag about when I tell people I attend JMU: the beautiful campus, the award-wining on-campus dining, the sense of community and school spirit. But that's barely scratching the surface of my experience at JMU. The core of what makes JMU so great is the professors who teach there. I'm not sure where I'd be without the Gen-Ed professor whose lectures inspired me to pursue an Anthropology minor, the writing professor who is helping me establish myself professionally and acquire an internship, or the theater professor who put me in a group freshman year with people who I have been friends with for many years since. The professors here care, inspire, and they'll be what you thank JMU for long after graduation.
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