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It is a great school. The problem is you have kids that who have absolutely great academic record but you cant give them any scholarship. The school states because they do not receive lot of endowments to give out scholarships, but it seems you have any funds to build more buildings. Remember it is the students who makes the school what it is, not your buildings.
The atmosphere at JMU is superb. Everyone is willing to help one another. People are kind to one another and inclusive. Great environment for learning as well as meeting new people.
If I could, I would do my four years at James Madison University all over again. The University and its professors really care about the students. There is so much encouragement to do more than just go to class. I really enjoyed getting involved with many organizations and finding other passions outside of my major. JMU thrives to push their students to Be the Change, and I think they succeeded.
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I have enjoyed my time thoroughly at JMU and cannot imagine life at another campus. Both the school administrators and professors have helped me blossom into the person that I am meant to be, while providing me with help in any areas that I need it.
James Madison is an amazing school, it made a nervous girl who never left her hometown a grown up who was comfortable to go anywhere. I recently traveled outside of the country and would never have been able to do that without the resources James Madison has provided me with. Very blessed to attend this school and very thankful I chose it.
James Madison University has proved to be a wonderful university in a multitude of ways. The students and staff are both very welcoming, and helped me settle into a college atmosphere. Harrisonburg is a close community, and wonderful college town, all in one. There are many outdoor activities in harrisonburg, such as, hiking and snow boarding. I am quite happy with my decision. Go Dukes!
James Madison University has a campus environment that draws you in and makes one wish they had more time to embrace it. The faculty are dedicated, passionate and willing to help as long as you as a student put in the same amount of effort. The surrounding town is full of people who love to get to know the students of JMU, and the off campus life is just as great as the on campus life. The dorms on campus help you grow closer to your fellow students, and those friendships will stay with you throughout the rest of your time at James Madison.
James Madison University is the best balance of social life, academics, personal wellness, and overall happiness you can have on a college campus.
Exciting is the one word I would use to describe JMU. It is an incredible school with amazing opportunities, where the faculty and administration actually care about the students success, and preparing them to enter the workforce after college. I highly recommend JMU to anyone wanting to pursue a higher education!
My first year experience was not the best. I wish that the JMU administration was a lot more stern on their RAs and really cracked down on bullying. When my RA broke confidentiality, they did nothing about it as well as nothing about the bullying towards me that ensued as a result. Additionally, in regards to a sexual assault case, they went against their own hand book and ruled in the rapists favor. The campus is absolutely beautiful and the people are truly lovely, as well as the fact that the academics are quite pristine, they just need to get their administration in order and show a true interest in the well-being of their students.
If you are health conscious or have dietary restrictions you will be miserable.The price of the on campus food vs the quality is robbery!I lived in Hillside; it has a possible mold/mildew and dirty air system.Professors don't teach, lack office hours, use online test banks rarely making exams from anything in my notes or classroom experience.Average test scores in all my classes are 60 and below. Few professors curve.1st year classes are structured more for a transfer student or eqv incoming freshman with a year+ of college credits.Bad professors are now disguised as TBA when signing up for classes. It is very difficult to get into many geneds.Advising is severely lacking, as is quality STEM professors.I'm still wondering the function of the campus nurse because JMU made headlines this year with mumps, measles, flu, mono, strep outbreaks.
James Madison University has a gorgeous campus and amazing food options! It has strong academic and extracurricular programs as well. However, I have felt kind of trapped in the Harrisonburg area, and I want access to more internships and job opportunities that I feel I may be able to find in a more urban environment.
Attending James Madison University was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The community of the campus is unlike any other. JMU students are known for always “holding doors” literally and figuratively. That may sounds like a small gesture, but that energy radiates through the entire campus. A helping hand is always there for you and people are so friendly. I have met so many wonderful people from attending this university. These are friends I am going to have for the rest of my life. I earned my Bachelors of Health Sciences degree and can honestly say I was challenged in the best sort of way. This degree set me up perfectly to go for a masters in Occupational Therapy. I am currently enrolled for a fall program and feel that JMU’s courses gave me everything I needed to succeed in my career.
It was a huge university and had a lot of awesome people. The professors, staff and faculty all seemed really nice. I enjoyed my electives a lot! The education and psychology departments are phenomenal. However, I recommend everyone stay away from the physics and chemistry department. A lot of the professors have a language barrier or teach above your head intentionally. The class averages do suffer, but there's a huge curve at the end, which means you learn nothing but pass. There is a lot to do around campus, but the area is a ghost town when students leave for break. The people of the town are racist, so this not a people of color friendly location. The minority population is usually segregated (own parties, fraternities, and extra-curriculars) from the rest of the community. It is a beautiful campus and I would recommend the school overall but had to put in a disclaimer.
My experience at James Madison University is extraordinary. Going to school so far away I never would have thought it would feel more like home than my childhood home in New York. I have made so many lifelong friends and many memories. I get to experience things I never would before such as being a Rho Gamma in the fall. One thing I wish JMU would change is some of the housing facilities. I was lucky enough to live on East Campus in the nice dorms, but most other dorms don't have air conditioning. This is a problem because sometimes the hottest days of the year are during finals week second semester. If I was living in 90 degree heat I don't know how I would be able to focus or get enough sleep/
Move over Disney World, JMU is the place to be! The easiest decision I have ever made was sending in my deposit to the best place on earth. The people are kind, the food is great, the professors care and the memories are sure to last a lifetime. The summer before freshman year, I was so nervous to move in, but within hours after being settled in, it was easy to call this place home! JMU dedicates the week before classes begin to the freshman class. With activities to help to get to know people to how to survive showering in college, you will feel extremely prepared for the first day of classes. GO DUKES!
JMU was the best decision. The friendships, memories, and degree I left with have created a wonderful life. I am so proud to be a JMU alum!
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I loved my first year at JMU, the school is beautiful and the students are amazing. All the staff are there to help you be the best you. Of course the athletics program is incredible too. JMU provides huge opportunites for students and continues to improve the school with the building of various buildings like D-Hall and the new convocation center. The only thing i would change at JMU is to create more parking for students.
James Madison University is a great place to be. Wonderful food, campus, gym and party scene makes your experience there unforgettable. Also, Showker business school has a lot of good professors who are always willing to help. Recent rankings show that JMU improving their academics year by year.
After my first year at James Madison University, I was lucky to come out with a good experience. I spent a year with the LGBTQ+ and Ally Program, which gave me a crowd to fit in with. However, a lot of people left, either through social or monetary problems. You just have to hope to fit in, and nothing happens to you. As a girl, partying, especially on Halloweekend, might end badly for you.
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