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I'm a rising Senior at James Madison University. It's a great college. I think the best qualities about JMU are that almost every single person I've ever meet here are very friendly and super nice. Also, the school spirit is off the charts. JMU has a very good academic program. Every once in a while, a professor isn't great, but the amount of amazing professors outweigh the bad ones. The food in the dining halls is very good and most of the aspects of the dorms are great. One of the only complaints that I have about the dorms is that there's no air conditioning in half of them and Virginia in the beginning of Fall and end of Spring can be very humid.
It's a very happy place with a great location and delicious food. The people in there are extremely nice and helpful and everyone is welcomed there.
It's amazing. So much fun, great food, great town, great places to live at low rent, and amazing academics!
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This is one of the happiest colleges in Virginia, and I am even confident enough to say in the country. I have not met one JMU student who is not passionate about the University. The food is comparatively good, the campus is beautiful, people hold doors for each other, and students know how to balance partying and academics. James Madison University is where I found myself. I went into college struggling with depression and loss. I never felt as if I fit in at any of the multiple schools I attended K-12. Attending JMU allowed me to, for once, feel like I fit into a welcoming school environment. I was able to experience a sense of community and love for life that I had not experienced before. James Madison University is where I found my home.
Whenever I step onto campus, I feel this energy that makes me smile every time. Everyone is so friendly in classes, clubs, and walking around on campus. The teachers want you to succeed and the classes are challenging which I feel is great since we come to school to learn. The campus is in the Shenandoah Valley so the views all around campus are incredible. The food is rank 6th in the nation and i have to agree. Only thing I would change is the train running through campus. Overall, JMU was the right choice.
From the first visit for me all I could say was "This is home". I had gotten into Jmu's technical theater program which I was beyond happy because thats what i want to do with my life.
My time at JMU was overall a wonderful experience. Great people, professors, education and food. Even though there are a lot of students from VA, there are also a lot of students from the Northeast ranging north from Boston down south to VA. For most students, it's easy to find a group that you fit in with.
My experience with the college of business and the accounting program was awesome! The professors are extremely intelligent and want you to learn as much as possible to prepare you for the real world and your CPA exam.
James Madison University has such an indescribable community atmosphere. Everyone here is kind, genuine, and inspiring. If you like to party, there are plenty of opportunities and if you don't, there are a ton of sober actives to get involved in. Greek life is prominent, but you don't need to be a part to party.
James Madison University is a quality school, and a tremendous return on investment. Great academics, and beautiful campus.
I liked the overall experience of JMU. The buildings and class sizes were good. The food was fantastic. However, they need to improve on the area around them.
James Madison is a welcoming and completely friendly environment. They offer a wide range of classes for any major or dream career you had in mind.
Love jmu! Great school, beautiful campus. Had so much and learned from so many great professors. Chose JMU over UVA and have never regretted it!
James Madison University is a beautiful campus! Extra friendly people, and friendlier staff. Very accommodating for anyone with a disability, and very understanding about various situations.
Uninviting people, really hot humid weather, pretty much West Virginia, really old dorms, no air conditioning, students are out of a Vineyard Vines catalog, really far walks to class, and almost everyone is from "NOVA" which is this really pretentious way of saying your from Northern Virginia.
James Madison has been a wonderful experience, allowing me to explore my passions and interests. The faculty here is wonderful and will help guide you with relevant work experience with interships and summer jobs. The experience networking here only after has been great!
I graduated from James Madison University in 2014. I had an awesome experience there and would recommend it to anyone looking for a medium-large sized college with lots of choices of majors, club sports and activities, and LOTS of school spirit! Everyone at JMU is so friendly and I am proud to have graduated from there.
I really enjoy the atmosphere and people here at JMU. Everyone is very friendly. There are a lot of parties that happen around campus, but you don't have to partake in those if you don't want to. Another downside is that most of the majors at JMU are ones that you have to apply to get into. It makes it hard to decide what you want to do.
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beautiful campus, food is great, and a vibrant student body. Would definitely recommend this college for anyone. Not much in Harrisburg but James Madison is something else
James Madison University is an all around fantastic school. It is absolutely gorgeous, and the students are extremely friendly, welcoming and open. I would never feel unsafe walking around at any time of day or night, and the teachers are extremely professional and very excellent. James Madison University offers unbelievable food and fantastic organizations, resources and extras (such as the gym).
James Madison University is a lively and bright school. From two campus tours I've been on I've been able to see the student life, the academics, sports, dorms, campus food, and seen just how much all the students love their school. Everyone I talk too talks so wonderfully about how great it is, and when you're on campus you feel so welcomed and that you've just reached home. The diversity is grand here and it makes for a new and exciting student life and a learning aspect to the school outside of the classroom. My experience with JMU has been a wonderful and hope everyone gets that feeling once they visit as well!
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