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I have many family members that go to JMU and I am planning to enroll next fall. I have heard nothing but great things and when I visit, I see why everyone loves it here. Can't wait to be a Duke!
I have several friends who go to JMU. They love all the amenities that a large school has to offer, and how diverse the student body is. There are many clubs and intramural sports to get involved in, and their football team is really good. It does have a reputation as a party school, and I'm not to thrilled about that. Also, you have a long way to walk/ride to your classes.
James Madison university is a great school to come to. The focus on education is spectacular even in large classes your teacher will get to know and focus on each and every person in the room if you make an effort to learn. The campus itself is absolutely beautiful, from the mountains to the architecture of the buildings on campus, you will not mind walking around because the school is so pretty. JMU has so much pride in their athletics so if you love school spirit and supporting sports teams this is the place for you. The campus was rated 5th in the nation by the Princeton review for best food and they definitely live up to that rating. My job on campus has me work until it is dark out and I don't feel comfortable walking home alone so I always call for a police escort to take me home. JMU is a great place to be if you are starting off your college career or if you are a transfer student. There is something here for everyone.
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Although I have not attended it, my aunt did and I did have the opportunity to tour it and spend a weekend with my aunt. One thing I loved about James Madison University is the diversity there is. James Madison was full of people from different cultures and each person is able to show it.
It has a very welcoming atmosphere. Everyone is really friendly. There are so many wonderful opportunities to get involved on campus and off.
There's a lot to brag about when I tell people I attend JMU: the beautiful campus, the award-wining on-campus dining, the sense of community and school spirit. But that's barely scratching the surface of my experience at JMU. The core of what makes JMU so great is the professors who teach there. I'm not sure where I'd be without the Gen-Ed professor whose lectures inspired me to pursue an Anthropology minor, the writing professor who is helping me establish myself professionally and acquire an internship, or the theater professor who put me in a group freshman year with people who I have been friends with for many years since. The professors here care, inspire, and they'll be what you thank JMU for long after graduation.
Overall, my experience at James Madison University has been spectacular! Freshman year was a tough adjustment for me, but being at JMU made it so much easier. I loved my dorm, the food, and the friends I've made. I'm going into my Junior year now and I love my major, my sorority (Phi Mu), and living off campus. There are many off campus living options and it allows you to have a lot more freedom and gain a lot of responsibility. James Madison University has been a perfect fit for me personally. The student body is just full of so much school pride and you always see a new face around campus. Walking through the quad on a sunny day is one of the best feelings you can get. If you're not going to JMU, what are you doing?!
JMU has a beautiful campus and is located in a fantastic location. The staff and students there are all super nice and it just feels like home!
Teachers, staff, and students are all so kind and helpful. Everyone is so nice and the whole campus feels like one big family. The food is amazing and there is tons of clubs and activities to join.
James Madison University is located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley surrounded by mountains, which look especially beautiful in the fall. The environment at JMU is pure bliss; every single interaction you have is genuinely nice, the students hold doors open for each other and are constantly paying it forward through raising funds. The education at this university is unparalleled and it has been featured in many articles as one of the best universities in the nation. JMU's school spirit is something one has to experience in order to understand what the duke dog pride truly is. There are many great organizations on campus where students can really engage themselves and there is a place for every student on this campus. Athletics at JMU is on a rise, the university won the NCAA division I football championship last year, which was incredible. Overall, I would 10/10 recommend JMU to any and everyone. The experience at James Madison is truly a way of life that everybody should live.
The university has a very clean and beautiful campus. Along with their incredible dining, there are many great stores and shops nearby for a great convenience with their free buses. The alumni is very high spirited, and all the events are very exciting. The professors always seem to be involved in their students and constantly put themselves in assistance for students. Overall, JMU is a great school, and you should consider yourself lucky if you get the chance to attend such a fun yet prestigious university!
JMU is the perfect school for me. When applying to colleges I wanted to have
A large student body
School pride
Greek life
Friendly atmosphere
Competitive academics
and a party scene.
James Madison checks every item on my list.
The food is amazing, and the dorms without A/C are the best ones to live in! definitely go Purple and Gold. ROLL DUKES!
James Madison is the place to be yourself and not be judged for it. It's a safe haven. Everyone's got your back and makes sure that you're happy and doing well. JMU is my home away from home.
James Madison University is an excellent environment for both students and staff; everyone from the scholarly to the musically-inclined to the activist will thrive at this exceptional university.
I loved every second of my time at JMU! The friends, my professors all of it! There is a party culture at JMU but there is more like going on hikes in Shenandoah National Park, Trying the food in downtown locales and Enjoying all Harrisonburg has to offer
I am so incredibly happy at JMU. I am from New York about 7 hours away and it was hard for a few weeks but if you join clubs and talk to people in your hall you will be fine. So many opportunities to make friends here, you definitely have to work hard for good grades even for a gen-ed, food is amazing, campus is beautiful, you can go hiking or go downtown, and football is even the best. Only bad thing I can say is that clubs can be very competitive here and they don't give money to out of staters. Other than that, I can't imagine myself at any other university!
Beautiful campus, great dinning, ample housing this school had it all. Lots of clubs and extracurricular activities, including a growing Greek life. A solid bus system for a growing campus it's also another great feature of this wonderful school. The town of Harrisonburg is so friendly and feels like a safe place to live.
Review James Madison University
I am a current transfer student and have not yet attended JMU but after orientaion, I feel like I will absolulty love it!
Not very diverse, but the faculty is amazing and the sports culture is just fun to be a part of. Everyone is friendly, the dorms are for the most part nice enough, and the food is amazing. With the exception of not being a "top" school, the university is great in almost every way.
JMU has a very welcoming group of people that are there for you to really help you. The staff if you take the time to form relationships will go out of their way to make sure that you have the things you need to succeed. One thing that really sticks out also is the fact that the campus is relatively politically balanced(expect for the sociology department) compared to other schools. No constant protest but maybe once a semester (if your looking for a VCU/Berkley experience you wont get that here really). Also, if you're Christian their are plenty of orgs here and churches in the local area. Only stuff that aren't great are parking services, racial diversity, and financial aid especially if you don't sign up for fafsa on time.
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