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I love the campus and the Catholic Ministries. The course load is tough, although when talking to others it depends on the professor you have. I don't agree with all my writing assignments being political based. It's not a political class. We discuss politics more in my writing class than my actual global politics class.
I still go here but the campus is beautiful and the people of Harrisonburg are very kind and passionate about their community. Anyone that wants to go here should definitly come and experience being a Duke.
Great Campus! Very Beautiful, so many fun activities to do and the academics or great! the food is the best food ever!
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I am currently a high school senior, but I've been to JMU's summer band camps, taken a tour, and been to one of their riveting football games. The campus is vast but beautiful. There is plenty of space at this university. The dining hall provide excellent food, and staff are very friendly. Dorms are decent, enough room for two people to have their own space for their things. They have a great football team, and a phenomenal band. My favorite part of JMU is the Marching Royal Dukes.
I love the community and inclusiveness of the JMU campus. Everyone is always so kind and willing to help someone else out, like holding doors open for people. There are clubs for everyone and ways for all students to get involved.
JMU is a very well run school! The students are super nice and friendly, the faculty and staff are too! They have so many useful resources to help their students succeed, and an added bonus is that their food is fantastic!
James Madison University is an amazing school. From the food, to music, to sports, everything fulfills your needs and more. The friendliness from the people is amazing here.
My daughter just started as a freshman this week , campus is Beautiful,dorms safe and campus as well, she tells me the food is awesome. Plenty of, access to many resources, would recommend to all!
Beautiful campus. friendly students and staff. above and beyond on move in day and welcoming freshmen.
IT IS THE BEST!!!! Everyone is so kind to each other, especially to kids who are just starting out, or going to summer camps. I love it there.
I took a tour of the campus and fell in love. Once touring I know this is the college for me no need to tour another college.
JMU has the academic and extracurricular diversity to feel like home to any student. Not to mention, the campus is beautiful and the community is proud.
JMU has great academics to offer, but needs to desperately work on its diversity. 70% of the school is white, which wouldn't be a problem if the majority of that number weren't prejudice in some form.
The overall atmosphere is so welcoming. When you are there, you don’t feel like a visitor. It is second nature to feel like home at James Madison, which is why it becomes home to so many
As a minority student, I would recommend JMU for what if offers socially and academically. However, JMU truly needs to work on its diversity.
JMU has so much energy and excitement. The school spirit is contagious! There's a place here for everybody.
Amazing place to go to school! The campus is beautiful. Everyone is so friendly, students, professors and staff. The academics are intriguing but challenge you at the same time. Student life is amazing, there are so many opportunities to get involved around campus.
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Awesome! I have had the most wonderful experience here! Forget the ranking of the school, all schools provide wonderful educations!
It’s a culture of contagious happiness and manners. Everyone holds doors for each other. You’re secretly shunned if you aren’t. Food is great. Campus is beautiful and surrounded with greenery and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Met my the true first best friend I ever had there, and future partner in crime.
Overall a great public university with strong academics and a loyal alumni network. Business school is highly rated and prepares students for jobs after graduation.
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