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The small class sizes give me the opportunity to ask questions and have a great learning experience.
I love that they offer a full business administration degree online! It’s very convenient for those who don’t have the time to go to classes on campus.
The professors are super sweet and kind. They always give out help when you need it and they do a good job. Your student life can be the best if you go out and do anything possible here at Rhodes. Or you can lead a simple college life. The dorms are clean and petite but spacious for size. And if dorms aren't for you, you can live off campus. They always have something going on to get out and connected to the college. Sometimes they have a food truck on campus once or twice a week as well! I would definitely recommend Rhodes State.
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I like Rhodes state because of the small class sizes and the ability to commute to class! All the teachers are very helpful and want to see you succeed.
I love going to Rhodes State College because it is such a small community, and you have more opportunities to meet new people. They have lots of clubs to join and be involved with different people. It is also nice because it is really close to my home and job. The professors are wonderful and are willing to help you with whatever you need, or point you in the right direction. There are very little things I would change about my school, but one of them is a nicer student center.
Overall I have had a very positive experience with Rhodes State. The professors I have had on campus so far are very willing to help if a student is struggling. I did feel like the professors of online classes were a bit less helpful than I would like. I would only recommend online courses to students who are disciplined on their own and able to follow deadlines without any prompting.
Staff is very helpful. They email you back right away. They help guide you with things you need for your program.
I returned to school after a long break due to family struggles. I had to go through a lot of paperwork to get back into school after being gone for so long, but the school worked timely and nicely with me to make sure I got everything in order to return back to school in the fall semester.
The reason I am connected with Rhodes State College is that I went on college visits on top of getting my teeth cleaned there. I also know many people that have gone there. I really liked the fact that the classroom sizes are small and the professors will know your name.
The tuition makes schooling affordable and the program I am enrolled in(PTA) has one of the highest passage rates for the board exam after graduation.
Only being a freshman at James A. Rhodes State College I believe this is one of the best colleges to start out at. The professors are good at what they do. They are there for you and care about your education. The campus is beautiful and I feel safe when I am there. The college as a whole make the students seem wanted and everyone cares about a quality education.
I really like the small campus and how local it is. The price is a lot cheaper than other colleges and has saved me a lot of money. One thing I'd like to see change is more scholarship opportunities.
I have not begun attending the school yet, but they offer many academic opportunities such as scholars and honors. I have a few friends that attend as well, and their classes are slightly rigorous.

Go for a visit on campus. That is one of the easiest ways to tell if you'll feel a connection to the college. Ohio State's campus is absolutely beautiful as well.

There are so many opportunities at this school. I come from a small town, and I never thought I would enjoy a big school, but when I visited, I absolutely fell in love. So many friendly people greeted our tour group, and it was obvious there are many students there that are passionate about what they do
I really like how the facility staff is always willing to help and actually wants you to succeed. I like how campus police really helps out a lot and is willing to walk you out to your car, especially at night. They really ensure safety, and academically want their students to succeed as much as possible!
Thus far my academic experience with Rhodes State College has been great. I am currently enrolled in the program of Occupational therapy assistant with this insinuation. Im this program it is very rigorous coursework and hands on activities that demonstrate real life situations. During my first year coursework, I have learned that the course requires students to plan out their schedule to make time for studying. It has taught me that help is just a hand raise away, don't be afraid to ask for help . The professors are very helpful and passionate about helping students succeed in their program. When I reach my fieldwork opportunities there will be job opportunities that will be available for occupational therapy assistant students.
Throughout my one year with Rhodes State College, I strongly feel that this College wants their students to acquire the adequate knowledge to be successful in their profession of choice. with. All the faculity members and and staff go out of their way to help their students succeed in their programs. These professors have helped students like me by giving constructive guidance on how to succeed in the occupational therapy program. The experience with Rhodes State College has been great this far and looking forward to what this College has to offer in the future .Rhodes State College is unique from any other college or University but if students have any questions or concerns with their program or class the professors are easily reached to resolve any issues day or night. I highly recommend Rhodes State College to any high school graduate seeking a college because this facility goes above and beyond to set students up for success in their profession of choice.
My school is very close to home, which makes travel very easy for me. The classes are not big. This means that the professors are more likely to be able to help each individual student more if needed. I am currently a post secondary student, which means I'm still in high school as well (Senior). Transitioning from high school to college can be a scary process. I feel like Rhodes State College has prepared me for when I want to transfer to Bowling Green State University.
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My advisor didn't sugar coat anything didn't waste my time and is always available when I need some help
I love the work at your own pace but the professor is always willing to help
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