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Jacksonville University is a great school for those that like a small community. The class sizes are small therefore making it easier to learn difficult material. You see a lot of the same people too which really helps when making friends!
I am doing online nursing course. I love the fact that I can work full time and I can do my classes when I want too. If i don't sign in my dean will contact me. The instructors will work with you.
I have a cousin who attended the school. Based on my visit there and also on comments and experiences of other past students. It is certainly not a bad school to attend the only problem was that the need to incorporate more practical courses in the curriculum
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I absolutely love this school. If you are looking for a school where class sizes are small and would like more one on one time with the professors, this is the school to attend! They also give lots of scholarships for academics! Not to mention the location of JU is gorgeous and is a super pretty campus.
I was hooked the moment I got there!! It's just an awesome university and beautiful! Everyone made me feel at home and answered any questions I had.
I love the campus everything is so green and beautiful. The people at ju are very welcoming. as soon as i arrived i felt like i was at home already. the president gave out his number so you can text him anytime ,if that isn't welcoming i don't know what is.
I have only spent a year and a half at Jacksonville University and I already feel part of a family. The faculty and staff are always friendly and reading to help make your time at JU better.
My mother attended Jacksonville University and she allowed my brothers and I to experience student life along with her. At a young age we attended seminars, games, and different college events. The campus is beautiful and the staff is friendly. We were always accepted by fellow students and staff.
I am a Sophomore this year at this University and I absolutely love it. The clubs at the school are all very involved and are wanting to make JU a better place for everybody. The teachers are great and helpful and if their office hours dont correlate with your schedule, the tutoring center is free and really a great resource. The President at the school is the most involved president I've ever been a part of and is always making improvements to the school. It's a great community to be a part of.
Jacksonville University is excellent; I miss it every day.
I remember the green campus, the lush trees & the river like it was yesterday. The professors and doctors are abundant in their presence and are available twenty-four seven, that's hyperbole, but they will answer the phone calls. JU is a place to grown and build channels with people from around the globe; you're networking as much as you're discovering experiences in the world. I was the first to go to college and didn't know what to expect, but JU was like a family, I'd recommend them to any friend.
The professors try to get to know and help you most of the time. The campus is pretty calm and looks beautiful year round. I just wish there was more places to hang out and have fun.
I took tour at the beginning of the month and the tour guides were amazing. The school environment was overall excellent. There has been a ton of changes in the campus for the good of the students. Very Impressed.
Jacksonville University is in the perfect location, being located right on the river, close to the beach, near a major airport, just outside of the United State's biggest city it can't get any better. The professors here really want to help you in every way they can. Everyone on campus is so friendly!
Although tuition can be pretty expensive, the overall university experience is nice. Most teachers try to be accommodating to students as well.
Great experience. The JU education is top notch. There is a reason it is called the "Harvard of The South". I would highly recommend JU to anyone that is interested.
The fall of 2016 was my first year at Jacksonville University. Although some classes have been a lot tougher than others, it is worth it in the end.
When i visited Jacsonville i had a good experience .That college is made for me and i would really like to attend it.
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JU is a small school, but that is exactly what I wanted. All of my teachers know me by name, I do not have more than 35 people in my class, and the campus is beautiful. When you look at schools, these minor, but important topics come to mind. I love JU and the atmosphere is so calming. The sporting events are so fun to watch! JU has wonderful faculty that are extremely outgoing. On top of it I have seen the president of our university on many occasions, many people can not say that they have seen their universities president. I hope that many individuals become interested in JU and one day become a part of the dolphin family.
Jacksonville University alumni are looked up to and admired.
I feel quite safe. Though somewhat spread out, Jacksonville University is a campus with few "blind spots."
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