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Jacksonville University is a private university with a lot to offer. I have attended Jacksonville University for a year now, and the professors and staff have always made an effort to make me feel welcomed and comfortable. It is a small campus, so you get to know your professors on a personal level, which is something I enjoyed. The classes are challenging, but definitely doable if the work is put in. Although at most times I had a large workload, I knew I could always reach out to my professors for help if needed. The only negative to attending Jacksonville University is the location of the campus. It is located in a very high poverty and crime filled area, so it is not always the safest place to be and there aren't very many activities to do off campus.
From an educational perspective JU is a good school. Most professors were accommodating, but some were rude and unhelpful. I personally did not like the life outside of the classroom.
so far Jacksonville looks to be an amazing college but i will have to see once i get there in the Fall semester of 2018.
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This is a great university that prepares all their students for postgrad work or school. The professors are topnotch and really care about their students success.
Jacksonville University has offered a great college experience to me so far. The professors are very responsive to student requests for assistance and will work with you on any issues you may have. There are free tutors in all subjects available on campus so that students can receive extra help where it is needed. There is a family feel to this school that is inclusive and supportive. JU is located close to the Atlantic Ocean, so students have plenty of fun weekend activities in a nearby getaway locale. I am participating in the Aviation program, which is top-notch. I will graduate with a four-year degree that will have me completely prepared for a career as an airline pilot. At the opening-of-school ceremony, all of the incoming freshmen carried candles signifying we should strive to be a "light in the world." I believe I am studying among students who are focusing on their studies, trying to do their best in school, and wanting to make a difference in the world beyond college.
I would like for people to be more attentive to their employees. I would like for the food to change. Some of us pay a lot of money and they serve bad food.
Overall academic are amazing. The class ratio is very small, but that just makes your relationship with the professors even better. It’s truly a family at JU, and it is a great campus to be studying at.
I liked the feel of the campus and the location. Could have more of a variety when it comes to food.
Jacksonville University was a big step in my life, coming here was a difficult decision but over all I was able to adjust well. The food isn't anywhere near the best college food I've had, it's pretty poor on a regular basis actually. There are good people here, very nice and well trained professors, and there are enough seasonal changes to give me what I like!
Great location, great school. Classes and professors are great. Jacksonville is a big city so there is plenty to do outside of school. The beach is a ten minute drive. Downtown five minute drive. Would highly recommend giving Jacksonville University a thought.
Jacksonville University helped me learned and grow, not only on the academics, but also as a person. The curriculum is well thought out and is always trying to improve themselves; I know since I worked at the Dean's office. Overall is an excellent university and environment.
JU is a "small" private university that does care for your post-grad career with all the events and opportunities they hold. I gave JU a 4 out of 5 star rating due to the equipment in the Merrit Penticoff Science Building being outdated while other buildings look better than ours.
To start off, I love this campus. There is always something to do, people to get to know, something to always get involved such as fun activities. It is a great environment that gives you the feeling of one big happy family. I would like to see us put more food businesses such as tropical smoothie or subway onto the campus.
I love the location of the school. I like that the campus isn't too big, or too small. I like how there are many opportunities available here.
Jacksonville University is a great school for those that like a small community. The class sizes are small therefore making it easier to learn difficult material. You see a lot of the same people too which really helps when making friends!
I am doing online nursing course. I love the fact that I can work full time and I can do my classes when I want too. If i don't sign in my dean will contact me. The instructors will work with you.
I have a cousin who attended the school. Based on my visit there and also on comments and experiences of other past students. It is certainly not a bad school to attend the only problem was that the need to incorporate more practical courses in the curriculum
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I absolutely love this school. If you are looking for a school where class sizes are small and would like more one on one time with the professors, this is the school to attend! They also give lots of scholarships for academics! Not to mention the location of JU is gorgeous and is a super pretty campus.
I was hooked the moment I got there!! It's just an awesome university and beautiful! Everyone made me feel at home and answered any questions I had.
I love the campus everything is so green and beautiful. The people at ju are very welcoming. as soon as i arrived i felt like i was at home already. the president gave out his number so you can text him anytime ,if that isn't welcoming i don't know what is.
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