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The Marching Southerners are spectacular, and the stadium is pretty great. This a growing University so the costs are rising very quickly. I recommend coming here after community college, or if you have a lot of AP credits.
Jacksonville is fantastic. The food is extremely good and so are the people. The teachers actually care and want to help you. It's my favorite place ever.
I march with the Southerners at JSU so I'm constantly doing something, but the other proffessors are normally really understanding. I've been here almost 3 years and i haven't made below a B yet.
Review Jacksonville State University
I enjoy Jacksonville State University because it is known as the friendliest campus in the south. However, if I were to change anything, I would change that the fees are going up.
I'm just now ending my first year here at JSU. At first, I did not want to attend Jacksonville, but I fell in love once I arrived. I have made some of the greatest friends. We do have some students that say JSU is boring, but college is what you make. Jacksonville State University gives students a tone of options on ways to get involved. JSU does have its problems, like the Wi-Fi, but they have worked and continue to work on it. If you have a concern about "why JSU is not good enough," they will do everything in their power to fix it. JSU is overall a fantastic college and I would recommend it to anyone looking to go to college.
Jacksonville State University is an okay school; especially seeing as it is the cheapest university in Alabama. It has a lot of potential that was not being utilized under President Meehan. Dr. Beehler is doing great things as president. The school has already invested in a new, state-of-the-art student recreational center, a new practice field for the famous Marching Southerners, all of the sports team are making great accomplishments. Also there is a new Advisor for Greek Life so great things will come from that. The SGA is also being utilized more making for a happier student body. As of right now the school is decent. In future years I could see it being one of the best universities in the state of Alabama.
Jacksonville State University is a great college. I've made so many great friends and there are so many great organizations on campus. All the teachers care and are willing to help you and even have office hours so you can come and talk to them. The best thing about JSU though would have to be The Marching Southerners. The Marching Southerners is just a huge 400+ family who love each other and work so hard to achieve a great show that touches thousands of lives every performance.
The student life is great. You feel like you are about of something bigger than yourself. The campus is beautiful and well kept. However, the surrounding towns are run down.
Jacksonville State University is not just a beautiful college from the outside, but from the inside as well. Friendly staff, helpful professors, and even the facilities are fantastic all around. In my opinion, there is not much I would change about JSU.
My overrall experience at Jacksonville State University had numerous of great moments and hardships. Jacksonville State university campus is one of the free- spirited university I have ever visited and majority of students are down to earth. On campus housing is filled with various of activites and formal events; to add, football season is a huge deal to the Jacksonville State University Gamecock's students and professors. Likewise, the professor's are willing to work one on one with each student if students ask. However, the hardship of attending Jacksonville State University is taking numerous of testing outside of student's majors and financial aid issues.
I really like how nice everyone is at Jacksonville. Someone will almost always be willing to help you with something. The football games are also a lot of fun. What I would like to see change is we need more food places on campus. I'd also like to have more then one recycling bin that is actually noticeable as well.
Though they have had some problems with the admissions office as well as the financial aid office, JSU is a great college. Proud to be a gamecock!
Jacksonville State University has a friendly campus and faculty members. However, there are not many entertainment venues locally.
I graduated from JSU in 2004. I ran cross country and Track. I had a great experience, however they graduate out too many teachers and it is very difficult to get a job.
Jacksonville State University is a fun and friendly campus with many activities to take part in. I love it here and I feel like i am getting a great education.
I'm takingan online program. I'm a full time student while working full time. The instructors have been great.
I like it a lot. It is a very friendly campus. I had a hard time making friends at first but now into my second semester that has changed. I have not had one teacher I have not liked. So far so good.
Review Jacksonville State University
I love Jacksonville because it is a very friendly campus. Even if you do not know someone they will still make conversation with you. The teachers actually care and are extremely helpful.
Jacksonville State was okay. The dining options are good, I just wish they were open on the weekends. Student life wasn't that great. Most of the parties were on Thursdays and students would go home on Fridays. There aren't a lot of events to go to so there were a lot of times I was bored. The school is in a small town so be prepared to drive at least 30 minutes or more just to go to Walmart. They do have buses for that if you don't have a car.
It is a great school! For being a small school JSU has so much to offer both academically and with extra curriculars. The professors and staff are very nice and happy to help.
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