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Jackson State is a wonderful school. You meet wonderful people especially the teachers. The student life is great. Alot of people consider Jackson State the party of life school but it is more to it then that. The only thing I would change about JSU is the area it is located other then that everything else is wonderful.
My experience at Jackson State was enjoyable for the most part. I was able to participate in the band and meet new people. The environment is fun and the staff are encouraging. The only thing I did not like is the fact that I did not know the status of my grade in a class until the end of the semester
Although I have yet to graduate, I have nothing to say about my dear ole college home. The staff, administrators and professors are all there to help you matriculate through Jackson State! It's a great and fun environment too!
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The school is great being an HBCU but I have has quite a few problems with my department and when I was registering for school. I have spoken with numerous of people who has said the same thing about their department.
Jackson state is a small school in a rural area where you will probably know most of the students or see a lot of the same people on a daily basis. Make sure you always go to class because teachers do not tolerate abscences. All of the students at this university may not be the best for you friend wise. Pick and choose who you want to share your life with and make sure they are participating in a heathy college lifestyle.
I like the fact that some of the teachers really care about us and really care about our education. Some teachers are very motivating and they want us to genuinely strive to be the best and succeed. Some thing that I would like to change is the parking availability. There's never enough parks forcing some people to park in the only available slot (which of course is handicap parks) which results in tickets
Jackson State is great college for students who want to stay connected with friends, get involved with on and off-campus events, and build relationship with teachers. So far, my experience at Jackson State has been like no other. It has been ranked one of the top HBCUs in the U.S. Jackson State takes its academics very seriously. The campus provides plenty of opportunities for tutoring and many places to study for anything you may need, whether it be for a test, group project, or class assignment. Jackson State offers a wide variety of food choices for students no matter where they come from. There's Mexican, vegetarian options, and even foods with an Asian twist. Also if you have SuperCard, you can use it to eat off campus at any restaurant that accepts it. Jackson State University is a big campus and very diverse. It is beautiful, the professors care and the campus environment is full of history. I made a great decision of picking my HBCU, I hope others do the same!
As a first time freshman I am loving my school from the fan base of sports to the classroom and even the party scene and stuff the school organize for the students to do throughout the week
Jackson State is a wonderful Historically Black University where you are molded and transformed into an outstanding Jacksonian student as you matriculate. There are improvements that could be made just like any other university. However, overall Jackson State is one of the best choices I have made.
I like Jackson state because of the area. It's diversity on the campus local close to home. The professors are great teachers. The campus life is not just party life it's a life of learning. The housing area is short but working on that to clear it up.
Jackson State University is a great university to grow personally as well as academically. The staff genuinely care for the students.
Not only does Jackson State challenge minds, and change lives, it prepares you for life after college. Students here are faced with numerous decisions but are fortunate enough to have incredible faculty, staff, and resources that will help one make thoughtful choices that are in the best interest for their future. This is one of the many things I love about Thee. One thing I would like to be changed, or dropped, is the out of state. I am not a resident of Mississippi and I understand how that fee can be a pain. Other than that, I would not change a thing about Thee. The campus life is eventful, the school spirit is amazing, students are involved in everything possible, and the alumni are just as involved. Jackson State has made Mississippi my second home. I never saw myself here in the past but I'm glad that I made the decision to come here!
I love that they work so well with students so they can succeed.
They could make the whole registration process go smoother.
Thee you will love. This college is like a big family. You have all types of activities. From football, to basketball and on top of it all, the greatest band in the Land; The Sonic Boom Of The South!
I love Jackson State. The teachers were all good teachers and taught each subject well. It is easy to get to know the campus. The cafe has some really good food. I made many friends and the people on the campus treats me like family.
I love Jackson State! The staff and students on campus make the students feel welcomed. The people are very joyful and encouraging. They are also all about getting your work completed before partying and hanging out. There is plenty of help available for those in nees as well. I really enjoy going to Jackson State University, but the only thing I would change is the dorm I live in, other than that everything is excellent. I encourage anybody to go there because it will be a marvelous experience.
My First Semester experience at Jackson State University has Been great. I enjoy living on campus and also the student life. As far as change, I think housing, JSU does not have as much room as they should. There are more dorms needed and the dorms that are available needs to be remodeled. Overall I love my HBCU. Thee Jackson State University .
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This was my first semester in the Graduate program and I learned a lot. The professor was awesome the told their time and made sure that the students understood their leisure before precising to the next assignment. That helped me a lot.
Great atmosphere and alot of opportunities. Police to focus more on crime instead of parking decals especially when their are not too many places to park.
Love the togetherness of the students and the teachers. Family friendly atmosphere. The schools has a down home feel that make you fall in love with the surrounding. The Alums are helpful and considered. They really make you feel at home by showing up to help the freshman's move in on move in day. They gain a respect by introducing there selves to your parents and some even offer to watch out for you while you are in Jackson. It's truly a Thee I Love experience.
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