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Jackson State is a great university. My least favorite part of the year is the Registration era. That is the most difficult part but all else is great.
It is an HBCU it’s a different cultural vibes than what I am use too ! There is a lot of southern hospitality, everyone is really enter active.
I would like to see more financial help and assistance. But over the college is magnificent and I was very well splendid.
Review Jackson State University
Great HBCU experience. Somewhat safe environment. Could improve but for the most part has been an enjoyable experience. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to experience life at a HBCU.
The HBCU of my heart . I love this school and would not change it for the world . This was the school I had always dreamed of going to and I finally got to live my dream for the last few years .
I like how Jackson State University goes out of their way to best serve the students. I dislike the campus location being so close with the city.
Thee Jackson State University is one of the top 10 best HBCU schools in the nation! This school has given those who attended and are currently attending, a place to call home. The environment is beyond a blessing and has only blossomed more and more each year. Religion plays a huge part in this school as well as education. Education is greatly important and the professors/educators who work here have shown the care, respect, and patience with those students who try their best to be the succeed. Everyday is a great day at Jackson State!
It genuinely feels like a big family on campus. The cafeteria food could be better. Although the Legacy has nice restaurants. Now that we have a new president, it finally feels like things are getting accomplished.
I love my HBCU. I know I'll have a great time here while also working very hard towards my degree and staying focused.
Jackson State is a wonderful school. They make you feel like family. The staff is very helpful to the students. They take time to get you want you need to succeed.
I have had many negative experiences here. from not being housed for a week while: " living" on campus, to careless housing staff to poor teacher quality.
Although I've only been there for a short period of time, I have enjoyed my experience so far. The people around are amazing and the professors are easy to work with when you need extra help. I have made a personal impact on others as well. I spoke with my roommate before we moved in together and we were already able to help each other.
So far I like JSU because the professors in the classrooms really seem to care about teaching us. I also like the Suupercard.
What's better than being at an HBCU especially one that's ranked number 16 of the top 25 HBCU's. Jackson State Tigers have pride integrity and treat you like family. The campus is warm and loving to all and every ethnicity or diversity is something I really love. My experience here has gave me Moe pride and passion about school than I've had before. So I strive to receive my Masters Degree in Veterinary Medicine with a minor in business. All that pride comes from no other that Jackson State University TheeILove.
One of the best HBCUs I have ever been to. Professors are knowledgeable, friendly environment, and affordable!
I Love the instructors at the school of life long learning. Getting information is not such a bad expsrience, but keeping you informed about your books and other information is the pits. I suppose the student has soul responsibly for that. I don't like the proxy exam. Overall I will give the School a 8 out of 10
JSU has a beautiful campus and is my home away from home. Students learn the importance of working together and building a relationship with God through the trials and tribulations they will face while attending an university.
Review Jackson State University
What I liked most about Jackson is that it's a hbcu college. It's diversity as well and the education is good. People are very friendly.
My overall experience at Jackson State was a great one! I wish I could do undergrad all over again. The students and faculty of Jackson State University are like an extended family.
By the looks of it JSU is a great HBCU that will comfort and educate you. Many parts of the campus alone will inspire you to become what you want career wise.
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