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I loved how the school has such a diverse atmosphere and there are no judgmental or discriminating people.
The faculty take the time and make you feel welcomed and at home. As a transfer student the faculty helped make my transition easier than most. is Although the school has a nice campus, some of the buildings could use some updating. Other than minor things, this is a nice school to attend.
I’d like to see a change in the dormitory living conditions to change. Not all of the dormitories are in poor condition but some students have better conditions than others. Also it isn’t a bad to have the cafeteria open later.
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With my previous year of college at Jackson State University, the experience has a great take on my life. Jackson State University teaches me the importance of community service, campus involvement, and most importantly pursuing accedemic excellence.
I’ve been at Jackson state for a semester and it has been awesome. The culture is great and campus life helps you a lot .
I just love the atmosphere! So warm and welcoming like a huge family/home away from home. My Mom left me saying "well son the food is great here and so are the professor's and staff..they were so friendly and helpful i know your going to be in good hands being you 14 hours away" lol it was hard for her at first but she's more confident now after spending a whole week here! THANK YOU JACKSON STATE FOR CHANGING OUR LIVES!💗
I transferred to Jackson State University from Holmes Community College. Jackson State has the most beautiful campus. Some dormitories might need to be spacious for incoming students.
I like the diversity and the environment . There is always something new and exciting to do on campus. They equip us with iPads for school purposes as well as an up to date library and computer lab.
My experience at Jackson State University has been nothing but the best. I have been given the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. On a daily basis, staff are continuously finding ways to help students meet and connect with individuals that are currently working in their dream careers. I love the fact that Jackson State is a diverse school and that there is an opportunity for everyone to shine and improve. As far as change, I want our school to be recognized for the positive things that we do instead of the negative things. Jackson State has its ups and downs just like every other school; however, as long as we stick together, we can rise far and beyond all negative stereotypes.
Jackson State is a pretty good university. There are a lot of experienced teachers there who care about all of their students. The classroom sizes are pretty small compared to other university which allows students to have a one-on-one connection with their teachers.
Jackson State is a great university. My least favorite part of the year is the Registration era. That is the most difficult part but all else is great.
It is an HBCU it’s a different cultural vibes than what I am use too ! There is a lot of southern hospitality, everyone is really enter active.
I would like to see more financial help and assistance. But over the college is magnificent and I was very well splendid.
Great HBCU experience. Somewhat safe environment. Could improve but for the most part has been an enjoyable experience. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to experience life at a HBCU.
The HBCU of my heart . I love this school and would not change it for the world . This was the school I had always dreamed of going to and I finally got to live my dream for the last few years .
I like how Jackson State University goes out of their way to best serve the students. I dislike the campus location being so close with the city.
Thee Jackson State University is one of the top 10 best HBCU schools in the nation! This school has given those who attended and are currently attending, a place to call home. The environment is beyond a blessing and has only blossomed more and more each year. Religion plays a huge part in this school as well as education. Education is greatly important and the professors/educators who work here have shown the care, respect, and patience with those students who try their best to be the succeed. Everyday is a great day at Jackson State!
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It genuinely feels like a big family on campus. The cafeteria food could be better. Although the Legacy has nice restaurants. Now that we have a new president, it finally feels like things are getting accomplished.
I love my HBCU. I know I'll have a great time here while also working very hard towards my degree and staying focused.
Jackson State is a wonderful school. They make you feel like family. The staff is very helpful to the students. They take time to get you want you need to succeed.
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