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I started in 2007. I am trying to finish my degree. I am seeking finical assistance to complete my degree. The campus is horrible when it comes to parking and the decals are extremely high, especially when you are an online student and just need to run to the library. I will not not pay $50 for a decal and my car still might be stolen or towed.
I like that it is a diverse environment with a lot of opportunities. There are administrators willing to help you secure a future. I would like to see better financial aid and housing initiatives.
It is an ok school. Staffing could be a little more helpful and friendlier to students. It would help if they would return phone calls, when calling about important information.
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Jackson State is the perfect HBCU. We are known for our wonderful band. JSU has great academic advisors and recruiters who are fantastic at helping you become familiar with our campus.
It seems like a good college that has the major I would like to be interested in.It really is a good college close to where my aunt and cousins live,great diversity and excellent food and campus.
I loved how, when I went on the campus to visit everyone was so nice and so acceptance of new students.
One of the things i liked about Jackson State University Was the location. It was not too far from were I lived
Jackson State University thee I live is a place anyone wants to be, but I feel the treatment of international student isn't right, though the teachings are Good, the environment Is condusive and the student life is OK, I think more should be done for the international students, as international students, your housing and application is with the general US citizens, and the school does not provide a dedicated housing for international students, also, the scolarship opportunities available for international students is limited, and you would have to struggle to get as little as $500 scolarship.
The athletics aspect of JSU is fantastic, and the student life is great for US citizens
Registration process could be better. Students should know what they owe before registration day. Returning student move in day should be on a Wednesday instead of Friday so there is time to get everything needed for registration instead of having to still worry about it on the first day of school.
So far the time I've spent at Jackson State University has been excellent. The professors are friendly the campus is easy to learn. The upkeep of the campus is top of the line and all my classes are in close proximity of one another. The police on campus aren't too pushy. They let me in a week early so I could explore the campus and learn the layout. And the campus offers a wide food selection from what they cook up themselves to fast food restaurants on campus. So all in all my experience so far has been excellent and I hope this review will inspire others to join the tiger family.
Jackson State is a great university and has great opportunities for their students. They have many great majors and students who care about their school.
I am a transfer student. I will be attending this coming Fall. I am excited to see what’s in store for me. So far my experience with just the admissions and business has been great. Everybody that I have came across has been nothing but sweet and helpful. As for the students they are very friendly. People will speak to you instead of staring at you.
I transferred to JSU from a 2 Year Community College. The transition was was easy and I received helped from each department.
My experience with Jackson State university is great, the faculty and staff welcomed me with open arms, it's my second home. What i will like to see change is having more restaurants and more school activities.
"Thee I Love." Whenever those significant three words are presented together as a unit, everyone knows they are a representation of THEE Jackson State University. I chose to take a tour to JSU during the springtime of my senior year of high school and immediately fell in love. Every student, staff and faculty member spoke with enthusiasm, which caused me to recognize that I was surrounded by a lot of southern hospitality. I felt that being an only child and advancing onward in a new state with thousands of people, a friendly environment like that would be a necessity and a healthy way of adjusting. Enrolling as a student at Jackson State University made it very easy to become involved in organizations, events, community service, etc. After my first year at JSU, I knew I had found my family. We really are a group of individuals that are accepting, supportive and collectively one. I would not change my decision at all and I would recommend "Thee I Love" to any and everyone.
So far my experience at Jackson State has been an exception one. As a person who considers themselves as an introvert, living on campus and attending this institution has open my eyes to new experiences and opportunities. The many school activities gives me an excuse to not stay in my room all day and meet new people who are helpful in my growth. The teachers have been nothing but influencial and knowledgeable. All the faculty and staff are ready to lend a helping hand whenever I need assistance. And this has been my first year at Jackson State. So far I am really enjoying being at Jackson State
I recommend everyone to attend Jackson state University. I’ve had fun experiences, learning wonderful things. Challenging minds changing lives.
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I love how Jackson State University is a family. Everyone knows how to come together and get along. The student life is great, its always something to get into on campus and many things to get involved in. During football season on game day, I love the spirit and support everybody brings out, it is such a great atmosphere. The teacher there are willing to work with you and help you. The thing I will like to see change is the diversity, food and better dorms for students.
My time at Jackson State has really been what I've made it. You can either have a really bad experience, or make the most out of the cards you are dealt.
I went on a college tour here and we had two guides who had tons of energy and you could tell they really just had genuine love for the school! I learned alot about the school and got to take pictures with students there in a sorority.
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