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I love Jackson State University! The culture is amazing and I love the diversity on the campus. The school overall is like a big family. Everyone single individual welcomes you with warm hands and helps as much as possible. They strive off of excellence. Jackson State University challenges minds and changes lives!
This HBCU is awesome! From the sounds of the band to the exciting classes to the networking opportunities, you’ll definitely gain a wealth of knowledge and experience at Jackson State University.
My experience at Jackson State University has been an experience to remember. I have been enrolled at Thee Jackson State University since August of 2016. I have been on the Dean's list my entire time attending Jackson State University. There are great professor's their to challenge you academically and to help you to succeed. Also, there are always great activities going on around campus that we all are able to attend. It's also, great sports teams at Thee Jackson State University. Thee Jackson State University is a great University to attend.
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Jackson State University has been an amazing experience. I was surrounded by other students of different backgrounds and learned from highly qualified experienced teachers who deeply care about their students. JSU is definitely the best HBCU out there, as it provides students with multiple opportunities as minorities to put their name on the map. I am a proud to call Jackson State my home and ALMA MATER!
I love the school overall. It is very uplifting, and education is the main goal. The environment is race friendly. There's several organizations on campus for everyone with certain needs.
A school that challenges me to improve myself and serve others, a school that has a welcoming environment and is steeped in history, and overall can challenge your mind and change lives is the perfect school for me. That school is Jackson State University (JSU). JSU is a good college choice for me because I always wanted to attend a Historically Black College and University (HBCU). Learning about the struggles our ancestors went through to obtain an education inspired me to become a teacher. It also motivated me to choose a HBCU in the south.Jackson State University I’ve gained amazing relationship with their students, faculty, and the community.
When I first came to Jackson State I was shy until I met different people. The atmosphere there is so wonderful. The students and staff members welcomed me with open arms.
My experience at Jackson State University has been simply amazing. There are some great teachers that do not mind helping you at any time. The learning that I have receive has prepared me to be the best educator I can be. I have learned so many skills that i can apply in my classroom. The school has allowed me to visit classrooms and give assistance to the teacher and help me as a future teacher .Jackson State University has opened up sp many doors for me. When I first started my college years, I could not start like every one else because of my ACT score . My Act score was a 15. I had to apply for the Sumner Developmental Program. The SDP allowed me to get enrolled in school and start on time. This program helped me and gave me an opportunity to excell in college. I finished the program with a 3.0 and I received the award for the highest female GPA. I currently have a 3.7 GPA and striving for a 3.9 this semester.
I like the family atmosphere at Jackson State. The faculty is very supportive and go above and beyond to help you succeed. The university has just the right amount of students. I like the fact that it is not a big school where you feel so insignificant. The classroom sizes allow you to have a more one on one experience with teachers. The student population is diverse enough with people coming from several parts of the country and also there is large international presence. It is a great place to start life long relationships.
I love how it included everything you could need. I love how welcoming the students were and how much the campus seemed alive. I wish there was a store for androids as there is for iPhones.
i honestly do not like that the school does not help with financial aid. i would like to receive more help with scholarship opportunists.
Great education experience and very diverse. It’s a family tradition to go here. Going to Jackson State couldn’t have been a better choice.
I am a sophomore computer engineering major and so far my years have been nothing but memorable. I truly enjoy myself here and I look forward for bigger and better things at THEE Jackson State University!
So far, I am enjoying my experience. The environment, classes, and social activity are all major contributors to it.
I loved how the school has such a diverse atmosphere and there are no judgmental or discriminating people.
The faculty take the time and make you feel welcomed and at home. As a transfer student the faculty helped make my transition easier than most. is Although the school has a nice campus, some of the buildings could use some updating. Other than minor things, this is a nice school to attend.
I’d like to see a change in the dormitory living conditions to change. Not all of the dormitories are in poor condition but some students have better conditions than others. Also it isn’t a bad to have the cafeteria open later.
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With my previous year of college at Jackson State University, the experience has a great take on my life. Jackson State University teaches me the importance of community service, campus involvement, and most importantly pursuing accedemic excellence.
I’ve been at Jackson state for a semester and it has been awesome. The culture is great and campus life helps you a lot .
I just love the atmosphere! So warm and welcoming like a huge family/home away from home. My Mom left me saying "well son the food is great here and so are the professor's and staff..they were so friendly and helpful i know your going to be in good hands being you 14 hours away" lol it was hard for her at first but she's more confident now after spending a whole week here! THANK YOU JACKSON STATE FOR CHANGING OUR LIVES!💗
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