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I like that JSCC is a state school that offers almost everything to start your college career. I love that they provide classes that aren’t as big classroom roll as huge colleges. I love the campus because it is easy to make your way around and has a lot of student resources available
The staff and instructors have been very helpful and communicate well. They have answered questions and been very supportive.
It's very different from a university. Like all community colleges, they don't have dorms or an actual cafeteria or food court. Jackson State doesn't have a lot of stuff like UTM does. It's much smaller than UTM also but I like small schools. It's easier to get to know the professors. I work at Jackson State now and it's great. I'm a student worker so I can study and work at the same time.
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The professors are dedicated to teaching their students, ensuring that the lesson being taught is received by the student efficiently.
So far I love my experience at Jackson State Community College. I am able to get a good education in half the time and half the cost. There are several campuses and class schedule is very flexible. All of my professors have been amazing. The atmosphere is great. JSCC is a great school to attend.
Jackson is a nice affordable college with excellent professors. This is a great place to attend if you're wanting to go back to school or pursue a second degree without spending too much money.
Jackson State Community College is a great school. The teachers and staff are dedicated to helping you succeed. The campus is beautiful. It's like one big family.
i enjoyed the overall college experience.the one thing i would like to see changed is for the smaller campuses to offer more classes available and not have to drive or attend the main campus in jackson, tn.
I transferred from UTC to Jackson State and all of my credits transferred. I had no problem with credits. They even have online lists of classes that coincide with each other, if they do not offer that specific course, so you can make sure your classes transfer.
Online courses, for me, are very hard to keep up with. Traditional classes are better because I am better at face-to-face interactions.
Professors at this school are very down-to-earth and will help you at any time. There are a variety of classes offered, most are between twenty and thirty people.
I am currently at a community college, which offers associate degrees. I am not look for an associates, but a bachelors. So, as it pertains to me, I am not looking to graduate from this school and start a career.
My school is easy to adjust to. Coming from a big college to a smaller campus makes everything more accessible. Campus is not crowded and the professors are never too busy to stay and help you after class. It is a very unique experience that I am grateful to be apart of.
The registration process was hassle-free because there were many class options available that worked around my work and family schedule. I have been eligible for early registration for the past few semesters, so I get access to the classes before they begin filling up. I have never had to transfer any credits because I am a first-time college student.
Registering for my online class was just as easy as registering for any other classes that I have taken. I am currently taking my first every online class- General Psychology. So far, I have really enjoyed it. The professor is very straight-forward about what is expected and provides clear guidelines on how to complete each assignment. My favorite thing about this online class is that I know exactly what is expected from me each week. I love it!
I am personally not familiar with the career center or job prospects because I plan on transferring to a University to continue my education to receive my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration.
Class sizes are one of my favorite components to Jackson State. The small class size (generally 20-30 students) allows me to receive plenty of one on one time with the professor. Every course that I have taken here has been of high quality that I came out of learning lots of new material. I have been lucky enough to love every professor that I have taken!
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There are really not many career or internship prospects for me individually, because I plan on transferring to a 4 Year University (University of Memphis). I will receive my Associates Degree in the Spring here at Jackson State, and then continue to receive by Bachelor's Degree. I do know that Jackson State is very helpful with internships and career prospects when it comes to students going straight into the workforce after receiving their Associate's Degree.
I am a Business Administration major, and everyone that works in the business department at JSCC has been beyond friendly and helpful with the career decisions I have made. My advisor has helped me pick out the perfect classes for me, and I have enjoyed all business- related classes that I have taken so far. There are many strong business leaders that work in the business department that I am able to look up to when I am in doubt about my career choice.
I have had such an incredible time here at Jackson State Community College. I am blessed to have helpful staff and employees that will go above and beyond if I, or any other student, encounters a problem. The professors make me feel at home and at ease in their classes by being friendly and open to discussions. I have learned a great amount of helpful information throughout the time I have spent at the college. I would strongly recommend Jackson State Community College to any student of any age, ethnicity, gender, or race, because the school is so accepting.
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