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I like the educational help it offers it's students. I haven't been in an institution that provides me with so much opportunity before. I'd like to see more activities for students, so they can bond more.
The only school that offers a CAAHEP accredited distance learning sonography degree without requiring a previous medical degree.
Small community away from the city of Jackson, but within driving distance. New dorms on campus, Subway, as well as a Starbucks located in the library. The professors are genuinely concerned about our education and are extremely helpful and full of information.
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The staff and administration are very helpful and encouraging. Getting contacts to certain people is a hassle though and they can be better returning calls and emails.
When I come to Jackson Community College , I was so nervous because I was worried about speaking with foreigner but after a couple of months ,things became better, I spoke English so fluently and I could totally understand what the professor told. And I like studying in the library ,it is really a quiet place to study.
The dorms are nice but very loud. The food is awful and so is the wifi. The professors are awesome at least some of them are. There is little to no diversity and the student life sucks. To be honest the only thing that I actually really enjoyed about Jackson college is the American Honors program.
I will recommend any high school graduate to attend Jackson College. The staff are very helpful and it is easy to learn in the classrooms.
The college is pretty good, there's a good amount of choice when it comes to degrees you want to go for. For improvements, I'd say having more degrees in the field of computers and programming would be awesome.
My overall experience as a college freshman has been great. Initially, I was skeptical because there aren't many activities. However, the relaxing accommodations while away from home help. Additionally, the instructors are awesome. I chose community college to help adjust to college life and Jackson has definitely helped me.
It's very convenient for a transfer student.
It's unique for the right person.
The.variety is great at this school.
The value of a degree is very important to the students.
There is a lot to learn in my field and I'm already getting started.
Everyone has been more than helpful.
the workload is not a lot or little. it is enough for you to know what you have to learn to be successful
its a small school. Professors work with you if you have a problem turing in late work
Review Jackson Community College
It could be a little better, the way of teaching.
It's been alright so far. I have not been here for to long and I hope my experiences continue to be good
Once you have graduated you are always able to complete your post grad work there. Once you start to work on that the school has people who ave connects that are in or were in the same field as you are in now. They help line up an internship and then from there they see what happens.
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