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I love the staff members, they are very helpful. I stay on campus so I would like to see more activities for the students that don’t get to go home every weekend.
Jackson College is a phenomenal option for every student, and for any major. Regarding to the health care field which is my major, Jackson College is a perfect choice. My major is sonography, and this college is known for its success with this program. The tuition is low compared to universities, I’ve had great professors who care about teaching. Things that this college could improve on would be the speed and organization of financial aid office. I also think the student advisors should be more educated in all of the degrees and programs Jackson College offers.
What I like about Jackson College is, the tuition, room and board, network opportunities, resources they offer on and off campus, basically the connection between students to students and students to faculty. What could be changed, is that, there should trips taken outside of the city, state, and other opportunities to connect and build with other students and learn different ways of living, such as tips on interviews at a well known company, how to apply for those jobs, volunteering in a different environment, etc. Overall, this school is excellent in helping me and others succeed in what career we are pursuing as well as giving us the space where we have more to learn but won't be left behind.
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I have had an amazing experience with this college. The class sizes are small and the learning environment is comfortable. There is always help if you need it!
So far I have had a great experience with Jackson. The teachers are nice, they will go out of their way to help you. The teachers grow a personal bond with you so I am all close with my teachers. They are flexible with your personal schedule and the teachers are understanding if you have to miss. The academics are challenging but with the help of peers and teachers it makes learning simple. I would highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a two year degree or transfer credits.
I like the educational help it offers it's students. I haven't been in an institution that provides me with so much opportunity before. I'd like to see more activities for students, so they can bond more.
The only school that offers a CAAHEP accredited distance learning sonography degree without requiring a previous medical degree.
Small community away from the city of Jackson, but within driving distance. New dorms on campus, Subway, as well as a Starbucks located in the library. The professors are genuinely concerned about our education and are extremely helpful and full of information.
The staff and administration are very helpful and encouraging. Getting contacts to certain people is a hassle though and they can be better returning calls and emails.
When I come to Jackson Community College , I was so nervous because I was worried about speaking with foreigner but after a couple of months ,things became better, I spoke English so fluently and I could totally understand what the professor told. And I like studying in the library ,it is really a quiet place to study.
The dorms are nice but very loud. The food is awful and so is the wifi. The professors are awesome at least some of them are. There is little to no diversity and the student life sucks. To be honest the only thing that I actually really enjoyed about Jackson college is the American Honors program.
I will recommend any high school graduate to attend Jackson College. The staff are very helpful and it is easy to learn in the classrooms.
The college is pretty good, there's a good amount of choice when it comes to degrees you want to go for. For improvements, I'd say having more degrees in the field of computers and programming would be awesome.
My overall experience as a college freshman has been great. Initially, I was skeptical because there aren't many activities. However, the relaxing accommodations while away from home help. Additionally, the instructors are awesome. I chose community college to help adjust to college life and Jackson has definitely helped me.
It's very convenient for a transfer student.
It's unique for the right person.
The.variety is great at this school.
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The value of a degree is very important to the students.
There is a lot to learn in my field and I'm already getting started.
Everyone has been more than helpful.
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