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So far I have had a great time at Reynolds. The institution has willing and energetic teachers who do all their best to see the students succeed. The students and staffs interact well, the school organizes game to get the students and teachers to involve. I don't have to worry about safety and security when I am at Reynolds because safety is their number one priority.
Reynolds is a great price for the school. Faculty are extremely helpful & considerate overall. They value learning. One professor told me "even though it's a community college, I teach the same here as I do at 4 year universities". Most students are nice although usually rushing between classes and work. I appreciate the foundation Reynolds has provided me with.
Reynolds is affordable and offers a lot of degree and certificate program options. There are three campuses to choose between and there are a lot of online options as well. Class sizes are smaller, with 25 being the most I've ever seen in an in-person class. The only downside to the school is that the financial aid department is very disorganized and behind the times. All payment plans are done through a 3rd party and refunds take forever.
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Nice community college in Richmond. Also, surround by VCU. Located in the downtown Richmond with many things to do nearby.
Good local college to go to. Lots of degree choices. I love that they added the 24-hour financial aid hotline, which is helpful and can ease the financial aid anxieties. The bookstore is helpful. Most teacher are great and accommodating. Don't believe some teacher reviews. As long as you do your work within a timely matter, most teacher will work with you. It is conveniently located in Richmond near many transportation options and near lots of great local eats and tourism spots.
classes are good, advisors are pretty bad, locations and times/variety of classes are convenient, food choices are growing at the Parham campus, definitely a good school to start off at
This was the perfect step coming out of high school and not being sure about what I wanted to do. I get amazing opportunities and teachers.
I am currently a sophomore here and I have yet to have any major problems with the way they work. All the teachers I've had are great.
The school itself is really nice, but the teachers that are hired could... well, they need a better background check is all I can say.
It is a very nice little community college. It is very affordable, and you still get a great education. I would recommend it to anyone thinking about going to college.
I enjoy the fact that everyone that works here treat you like family. I came into the school lost and didn’t know how to get started and Mr Brown came and resued me! This school is great, I love my classes, my teachers are great!
Throughout my first year of college at J Sergeant Reynolds, I would say that my experience was overall great. I made new friends, I was able to stay home and get the same education as others without worrying too much about future debt, the professors are helpful and sweet.. I could go on about how wonderful of a school it is. Community college is the smarter option in my opinion, J Sarge just makes the community college experience better.
At Reynolds, you will find a diverse student body, reputable professors and a wonderful educational experience. This community college can help those who are looking to save money, while attaining a quality education, or for individuals who need to reestablish themselves academically. At J. Sargeant Reynolds, there really is a world of opportunity.
J Sergeant Reynolds has a friendly, comfortable and inviting environment. The campus is beautiful and easy to navigate through. The staff and professors care about the students and are willing to help students during their time of need. I made great friends at the school and participated in several of the clubs the school has offered. Like many other colleges and universities, it hosts many events from science events to 'end of semester parties' for the students. Overall, my experience at the college was great!
J Sargeant Reynolds is not only a college but a home in which I feel very safe. I am an international student from Sierra Leone and the first in my family to attend college in the USA. At Reynolds they have teachers, counselors, librarians,international advising team and other staffs who are always willing to help and guide you through every step. They don't just listen to what you have to say but take extreme steps to help students out. The environment is very welcoming, food very economical and tasty, books and tuition affordable and most of all quality education is provided for all no matter your age, sex, race, nationality, and religion. They have all the resources to ensure one has a quality education. #aproudreynoldsstudent..#fromafricasierraleone..
J Sargeant Reynolds Community College is a terrific educational facility. The teachers are polite, accommodating and professional. The tuition is very reasonable, definitely worth the money you spend. I became a student here about 2 years ago and was something of an unusual case as I was a home schooled and interested in attending college in high school. The teachers were so good that even though I had never set foot in any classroom like this, my first semester had terrific results. The grounds are nice enough, though the buildings are a little utilitarian. They offer online classes, with a required introductory course. Being home schooled, this was a great option; after 3 courses online the experience has been very good. The professors are good, the grading system is great, and the overall school is terrific!
I was homeschooled up until attending J Sargeant Reynold Community College. Naturally, I was very nervous to be stepping out of my comfort zone. Reynolds Community College took me by surprise in the sense that I fit in better than I thought I would. I have excelled in all my classes and have hardly had any problems with any of my professors. My advisors have all been extremely helpful and have been completely understanding and flexible with my schedule. Reynolds has definitely served me well and prepared me for a four year university.
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Overall Reynolds has been a great experience. I came out of high school unsure of what I wanted to do with a lack of motivation. I decided to go to Reynolds so I could see what college might be like and figure out if I wanted to eventually transfer to a 4 year college while saving a lot of money on core classes. I ended up loving all of my professors and I have really been engaged in my classes. Student life is nothing like a 4 year college because Reynolds is filled with students taking classes to transfer somewhere else, however this is not something Reynolds should be blamed for. They try to offer student life and increase engagement but most people are just not there for that. I find that this is not a big deal as long as you make friends outside of class. Reynolds has been an overall great experience and I saved a lot of money on core college classes.
I have had a good experience at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College. They staff there are really nice. They are willing to help you. The advising there is awesome. I never had any problems.
I love the relationships with professors. The best thing is that you do not feel like a number and they actually care about you which is always nice. I can always go to my professors with any issues I have.
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