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J Sargeant Reynolds is not only a college but a home in which I feel very safe. I am an international student from Sierra Leone and the first in my family to attend college in the USA. At Reynolds they have teachers, counselors, librarians,international advising team and other staffs who are always willing to help and guide you through every step. They don't just listen to what you have to say but take extreme steps to help students out. The environment is very welcoming, food very economical and tasty, books and tuition affordable and most of all quality education is provided for all no matter your age, sex, race, nationality, and religion. They have all the resources to ensure one has a quality education. #aproudreynoldsstudent..#fromafricasierraleone..
J Sargeant Reynolds Community College is a terrific educational facility. The teachers are polite, accommodating and professional. The tuition is very reasonable, definitely worth the money you spend. I became a student here about 2 years ago and was something of an unusual case as I was a home schooled and interested in attending college in high school. The teachers were so good that even though I had never set foot in any classroom like this, my first semester had terrific results. The grounds are nice enough, though the buildings are a little utilitarian. They offer online classes, with a required introductory course. Being home schooled, this was a great option; after 3 courses online the experience has been very good. The professors are good, the grading system is great, and the overall school is terrific!
I was homeschooled up until attending J Sargeant Reynold Community College. Naturally, I was very nervous to be stepping out of my comfort zone. Reynolds Community College took me by surprise in the sense that I fit in better than I thought I would. I have excelled in all my classes and have hardly had any problems with any of my professors. My advisors have all been extremely helpful and have been completely understanding and flexible with my schedule. Reynolds has definitely served me well and prepared me for a four year university.
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Overall Reynolds has been a great experience. I came out of high school unsure of what I wanted to do with a lack of motivation. I decided to go to Reynolds so I could see what college might be like and figure out if I wanted to eventually transfer to a 4 year college while saving a lot of money on core classes. I ended up loving all of my professors and I have really been engaged in my classes. Student life is nothing like a 4 year college because Reynolds is filled with students taking classes to transfer somewhere else, however this is not something Reynolds should be blamed for. They try to offer student life and increase engagement but most people are just not there for that. I find that this is not a big deal as long as you make friends outside of class. Reynolds has been an overall great experience and I saved a lot of money on core college classes.
I have had a good experience at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College. They staff there are really nice. They are willing to help you. The advising there is awesome. I never had any problems.
I love the relationships with professors. The best thing is that you do not feel like a number and they actually care about you which is always nice. I can always go to my professors with any issues I have.
My teacher I had for college composition 111 and 112 was very nice and helpful. My pharmacy technician teacher lacks good supplemental information to prepare us for the National Pharmacy Technician Certification test.
I have really enjoyed my time at J Sargeant Reynolds Community College. Like any other school, there are great parts about it and also downfalls. However, I think that for the most part, the faculty are very helpful and passionate about their field of study. The advisors are straightforward and always willing to take the time to help you figure out what you need to do moving forward. Additionally, there are so many opportunities for new experiences, such as events, seminars, and information days.
J Sargent Reynolds is a good community college they offer plenty of courses to help you start your college career
As a first-time college student, Reynolds Community College provided me a great experience. Cultural diversity is very common in this college and it has a friendly environment. Reynold's library with its many facilities makes studying and researching easy for all students. It's worth mentioning the honors program at Reynolds and its advantageous role in students' academics.
Its a community college. There aren't many clubs and no sports so the student life is very poor, but academics are by far the best for Community colleges in the state.
So far, my experience has been pretty good. Just completed my first semester at Reynolds, and I managed to maintain a 4.0 with the help of great professors, and even greater friends/ study buddies/ accountability partners!
The professors are good. You can tell they've had a stellar educational background. Some things I'd like to see is a gym, or maybe a bigger cafe.
I would like to see more teachers who actually care about their students as well as friendlier staff in the financial aid office who actually want to help you with your problems.
I love the fact that you actually learn at Reynolds. The professors are excellent in preparing you for your career. However, the school could improvement with better organization.
I believe that this school is great for students who want the college feel but are not quite ready to go to a traditional 4 year university. The professors are great, there are great student events, and the students there are fun to be around. The only negative point that I have against this school is the financial aid department. They can definitely test your patience with their lack of urgency and organization. However, the overall experience there was great.
My experience was a challenging yet rewarding adventure. I would recommend that any young or old student that do not have a clue on what their next move in life is. Just take a semester a Reynolds I promise you, you will be satisfied and more knowledgeable than you previously was. My first semester at Reynolds I was hooked on the knowledge that I received I was dramatically challenged from high school to college. In college no one is telling you anything your on your own. I actually had to develop some study habits due to the lack of education I gained through high school. The key to college and life is good time management, if you can set a schedule and stick to it in this life or college you will be successful. College is the rest of your life so make it worth it learn, study and succeed.
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Its a great college to get started in explicitly if you have financial strains. It runs just like any four year college just for the everyday average worker. Full time and part time student availability is also a option here to.
This is a great school for people going back to school for a quick certification or associates degree. There is no college feel at j sergeant. The food is terrible, but they do have activities
I enjoy J Sargent Reynolds Community College the staff is professional, fair, and strive to see it's students achieve and graduate. the college offers personal classroom interaction as well as hybrid an online classes. Improvements that I would like to see is more partnerships within the college for students to get internships as well as employment placement specialist to assist students with emplacement.
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