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Many took online classes, but overall I liked the experience. Wish they added more classes for distanced learners
I attended J. Sarge for 2 years and received my Associate's Degree in Business Administration. My experience there was very nice. I had great teachers that were willing to help as much as possible, tutors were available to students as well as TA's during class. The school has two campuses, Downtown and Parham Road Campus. In my opinion, Downtown campus has the best customer service while Parham has the best campus life set up Parham unfortunately, has better food/ more food options, free parking for all, and a bigger campus. Wile Downtown has a coffee shop with little food options, validated free parking for students, and only one building for classes, which isn't that bad considering it is a Community College. However, I think both campuses should have equal opportunities for students.
Overall good at informing students of activities. Good professors and fair amount of resources for struggling students.
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J Sargeant Reynolds is a great school to get your 2 year degree. Everyone there is nice and willing to help!
Teachers in the ASL program are very qualified and know what they're doing. They're willing to assist students in various ways to enter this complex field.
The school offers tons of on-campus activities and events for students. From what I have seen they are free. The Parham Road campus is quite nice and newer than the Downtown campus. I find the program I am in to be disorganized and often creates frustration and confusion for students. Like most schools, there are good professors and not so good. I have had both this semester. The jury is still out.
Reynolds have well governed staff; and, they have big facilities. Small class sizes to maximize learning and help you stay on task. Having small class sizes mean I can learn more an individualize my learning with a one on one with the professor.
Reynolds has given me the opportunity to have a flexible college schedule while working 2 jobs. I am very grateful for this program!
Affordable and convenient. Professors are hit-or-miss, but overall it's a great choice for students in Richmond looking to earn an associate degree and transfer to a 4-year institution.
I am a dual enrollment student. I have enjoyed how the library and student services are set up. Although some of the professors have various styles than others, I have received an enjoyable level of education from this organization.
My experience with J. Sargeant has been a great one. I have had some wonderful professors and interactions with some of the most amazing people!
My time at J. Sargeant Reynolds was appreciated. I started taking classes as a high schooler and then received my associate degree. It was because of Reynolds that I was able to transfer to a four year university with no debt as well as a degree behind my back. Great professors.
I loved the Professors at J. Sargeant Reynolds. They were very enthusiastic about the material and always available to help with any questions. I felt right at home and confident in myself while I was going through school.
This is the only college I've ever attended so far. I received a certificate in Pastry Arts a few years prior to going back to school this year. The class hours are the best I've been able to find. They also provide great classes for the prices.
What I enjoy most about J Sargent Reynolds is the faculty. They are very caring and want to see their student succeed. The staff is very attentive and is able to acknowledge when a student is struggling with their studies. The class scheduled times are very helpful when it comes to working around personal life. I really enjoy going to college here. It could be very challenging, but who do not want a challenge throughout life.
JSRCC is affordable, but you get what you pay for. The general education classes are a joke. There is no decent food on campus. People are not particularly friendly and there is not a great social scene.
You are not a student at this facility. You are a dollar sign. From advising through the deans of the school, I have received little to no useful help. I’ve been “advised” for wrong classes to sign up for and the incorrect major to sign up for. I’ve had a dean say that at his level he doesn’t meet with students face to face. I’ve had classes dropped the day before classes started with no explanation. Veterans, be warned, the certifying officials here DO NOT DO THEIR JOBS CORRECTLY!!!! I now owe thousands because of their administrative errors. My only advice, if you have to go here, don’t back down. You are the customer, and they are the business. Don’t just take whatever they say as gold. DO YOUR RESEARCH ON EVERYTHING!!!!!! When they screw up, they will try and tell you it’s your fault. Don’t believe them. Find out for your self. You are money in their pocket, nothing more
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The overall experience at J Sargeant Reynolds Community College has been very positive. From friendly and helpful staff, to the safety and appearance of the campus, I have no complaints.
Many associate Reynolds Community College as being a lose school because it is a community college. However, they offer some of the best academics for a fraction of the cost.
Instructors are easy to work with and seem like they want you to learn. I enjoy the ease of getting to campus and like the smaller atmosphere. Tuition is the cheapest in the area.
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