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We have limited resources. We don't have everything that we need.
The students here are awesome all semester of students in the practical nursing program helps each other. We all make sure we are ok and help each other on things someone else doesn't get.
I didn't have any credits to transfer. The program has really inconvenient me with my personal life. I have not been able to work and I am a single parent with two children. I am the only adult in my home and have very little support. This has been a rough semester but I am pulling through it.
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The work load is a lot. It has been difficult to get personal life things done.The program is very demanding, but I expected that going into the program. The school has set their standards very high and except a lot from their students.
Some professors aren't really helpful. The students kind of help each other and stick together. It was a process to get excepted into the program, but the classes scheduled.
I would chose it again only because I know the outcome of passing the boards with this program and know that they teach you a lot of wat you need to know to be a LPN.
They could have more scholarship offers. The program is very affordable and reasonable.
The practical nursing program is small and they length of the program is short. A lot of the students who takes the NCLEX pass. The schools passing rate is much higher than most.
My experience at J. Everett Light, has been exceptional, teachers know your name, and help in the labs. The director of the Nursing Program also knows all of our names, and is willing to help us with whatever we need.
Academic Flexibility, is very open to unlimited amount of resources, although it makes it hard to narrow in on whats on the Exams, but If you make the time to study all your resources, then your understanding improves greatly and the chance to success on the tests increase.
Small classroom size, acess to teachers, library, information etc.
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