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I absolutely love Ivy Tech. They any degree out there. You can do anything you want at Ivy tech. Plus the instructors and other faculty/staff are always nice and the advisors listen to you when it comes to classes. My number one school.
I don't feel like I'm just a number that occupys a seat for a couple hours. Professors are dedicated to their student and want to see them succeed.
After going to Ivy Tech Community College Wabash Valley for two years now, I can say I love this college. Not only are the professors outstanding but they are always willing to help you with anything. The campus is a beautiful area. Classrooms are very spacious, and equipped with just the right materials and tools. This campus also offers tutoring in math, English and diverse study groups held in the main campus library. Like Ivy Tech is know for the price is right! I would defiantly recommend Ivy Tech Community College to anyone who is looking to go to school or go back to school.
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Overalll classes have been flexible with my schedule. So far I have not had to transfer any credits
Online courses can be taken at your own pace which makes it easier
Career center is always available to help with transferring credits or even helping you find a career
Small classes make the learning fun and easier
Love the school I attend, I couldn't have chose a better school
Great can apply to real world
Small classes were prefect for me when learning with great teachers
I was able to get the general studies classes that I had taken at ano there college transfered the same day as my official transcript arrived at IVY Tech. My other classes are going thru a review process to see if they will match up to any of the courses provided at said college.
There are a variety of associate degrees that can be transferred out to a 4 year college or you can take an associates degree and continue to earn technical degrees as well.
After already completing college at a private school, I realized I wasted time and money when I could have gotten a lot of my courses done at just as competent school whp cares about their students success.
Ivy Tech has been insanely convenient for me. I happen to live right next door to the campus, and have never had any issue with going to and fro' the school. The classes are also very flexible where if you don't think your particular class is a good fit for you, the professor let you know way ahead of time if you will be able to transfer out and into another class that would suit you.
I have taken the majority of my classes online, and I wouldn't have it any other way. The Blackboard system the school uses is easy to access/use, reliable, and just all around awesome. They hardly have any shutdowns or technical issues, and if they do, they are quick to resolve the problem(s) and get students back online. Each online class is wonderful where it requires its students to speak/discuss with other classmates in discussion boards and such. The workload is also very manageable; each class is very good about giving students a syllabus and weekly schedule of assignments.
Ivy Tech is superb about letting students know about other colleges in/around town where one can complete their degree while not losing their earned credits.
I adore all of my past/present professors! Thus far, I have had no trouble with any of my instructors, whatsoever. They have all been incredibly helpful and insightful. I have mostly online classes, but my online professors always make themselves available for face-to-face interaction for me and my peers.
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A degree from Ivy Tech is definitely of high value; although Ivy Tech is a fairly inexpensive, community college, that in no way detracts from the value of their degree fields. My own campus has been awesome with having tons of Job Fairs for the students to browse through and get information from, that I will say. Our Career/Disability Services crew is extremely active in the community and bringing the community to Ivy Tech.
I truly enjoy being an Early Childhood Education major at Ivy Tech of Terre Haute. I have met most of the Education staff, and they are all wonderful, caring individuals. I feel like I can take any and every one of my assignment struggles/questions to them, and I will receive ample help and kindness. Being in this program really makes me excited to become a potential preschool teacher and/or daycare provider.
I have had the most wonderful experience at the Terre Haute Ivy Tech. I enrolled when I was a senior in high school, and right from the get-go, the staff assisted me and helped me ease right into college; my transition was literally a breeze! I love the school so much that I not only attend classes, but also am a Work-Study student for the Wabash Valley campus president! I honestly can say that I made the right decision by choosing Ivy Tech; I not only have saved thousands of dollars by staying so close to home, but I have even received money back from financial aid! I love this school!
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