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Ivy Tech Community College - South Central Reviews

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I love how we can use our Student ID's to receive discounts at local businesses. The staff members here are very friendly. Ivy Tech has a lot of resources to help you achieve your academic goals. They offer free tutoring services.
I would recommend Ivy Tech, especially the Sellersburg campus, to anyone. Personally, I am taking classes for a visual communications degree, and there have been minor issues concerning varying coursework between classes. Some visual communications classes have not prepared me, and some other students, for 200-level courses. The Sellersburg campus is the best Ivy Tech campus, in my opinion, out of four I have visited.
My first experience was the staffs are really nice and the registration was really quick. The campus are clean.
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I love my community college, my advisors and professors are all very friendly and easy to talk to. It doesn't matter what type of problem I encounter everyone is alway ready and willing to help. Even though tuition is not too expensive, I couldn't hurt to lower tuition costs.
I like that the staff is very quick about answering any questions you have the first time around. Also, the campus is very well kept and easy to navigate.
Ivy Tech Community College is centrally located in Southern Indiana, making it a reasonable location for surrounding cities. It is affordable and they have no problem answering any questions you may have.
I took dual credit classes through this school in high school and am attending here in the spring and for my AAS in Nursing the next fall. The advisors are patient and work with you and your situation to fit you into classes that fit your schedule. The instructors are flexible and quick to offer help. The campus is organized and up to date. Cons are they do not offer sports, housing, and no student organizations because it is a community college.
I attempted one semester online, and it was not my greatest semester by a long shot. If you are very self disciplined with minimal distractions at home, then it would be great for the person having issues going to campus. Personally, I prefer morning classes on campus.
The job propsects seem to be great once you graduate. Ivy Tech tries to do their best at offering a great education to each student, and it shows once a graduate starts their career,
Like all schools there are bad porofessors and good ones. So far I have lucked out with a majority being good. The teachers are so helpful when you speak up and actually confess to having problems. They're more than willing to work with you on whatever inconviences may have ufolded. The classrooms are small compared to Universities and even other community colleges, but I found I do do better when I'm located in smaller classrooms. The average size at Ivy Tech seems to be around the number 24.
When you first apply online all the way up to graduation day your advisor is there beside you. This helps immensly for people who arent exactly sure of what they're doing on any level. I haven't yet been able to use career services through Ivy Tech, but I have heard nothing but good things from the people who have. I know once I graduate that's where I'm going to be dragging myself.
The advisors are there to help.
Compared to other schools -- this one cares.
My school is awesome at being flexible. They have many class times to choose from as well as many seats in the class. They also have a wait list to be put on if the class has already been filled. Now that I have entered a program my school schedules my classes for me. This is good because I do not have to go through my adviser to schedule classes. It is bad because I do not get to choose the times or days of my classes.
I have only take one online class at my school. It was a good experience but I would prefer not to do it again. I like face to face classes better. Online classes are easy to sign up for because there are usually many. The teachers interact well with the students and most of the time they chime in on the discussion boards. Discussion boards help students get to know each other but it is still hard because it is all online.
I haven't noticed a really big alumni network at this school. I have only witnessed a few alumni at this college and they were helping to teach a class. Alumni coming back to help teach classes that they have taken is good in my opinion. The jobs that are available near by are posted on a wall at my school for all the students to see. I think this is a great way to help the students find current and future jobs.
I enjoyed most of the classes that I have taken at this school. I enjoyed my anatomy classes the most. Almost all of my professors have been really nice and understanding. I have had a couple teachers that are mean and do not care about student success at all. For the most part the teachers I have had have been easy to approach and really care about the students.
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A degree from this school is valued. I know many people that have gotten a degree from this school and they now have a decent job. I have seen a few alumni come back to ivy tech to help teach classes. The school has a billboard up that has many job listings on it to help students find jobs. I think that is a great way to help students.
I was actually just accepted into the LPN program and I am very excited to begin this chapter of my life. I have heard many good things about this program. I am going to do the RN program after I complete the LPN program. I know that both of these programs will be difficult but worth it.
The best thing about ivy tech community college is the affordable price. If i could do it all over again I am not sure if I would choose to go to Ivy tech. If I had the money and could afford to go to a bigger college I probably would. I love that the college is little but I wish it offered more in the ways of sports.
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