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This college has proved itself to be more than I anticipated. I always believed it to have a negative stigma for being dumbed down. The academics proved challenging enough to provide a excellent education. You will get out of it exactly what you put in. I did not think I was even adequate enough for college, but Ivy Tech prepared me for my next educational steps. After my academic and social success at Ivy Tech I am not only graduating with an Associates degree which simplifies transferring to a four-year college, and puts me well on my way to pursuing a bachelors degree, but I also formed connections and relationships with faulty and classmates.
This is my first college experience ever. I decided to go to college for the first time at 46 years old. My adviser have been a God-send. I have been led step by step through the whole process of applying to setting up necessary courses. I would highly recommend Ivy Tech to young and older students alike.
I have just been accepted, not yet enrolled, I will be doing that in a couple weeks, but I am very excited to take the next step in my life
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It was really helpful that I could take classes online, especially since I go to Florida in the winter. It is neat that you can take almost any class online because the colleges collaborated together and you didn't have to take a class just out of South Bend. It is also close to home too, which is nice.
Its a smaller community, so communication and receiving help is much easier. You can form actual relationships with the staff, as well as have easy access to food and other resources. There wouldn't be much i would change if I could change it.
Applying was very simple and I received an acceptance letter within two weeks!
They offer many online and nighttime classes so I can continue working while I get my degree!
I love Ivy Tech programs and I would love to recommend our school to those who is going to apply for Ivy Tech. Even though Ivy Tech is a community college but it has everything students need, every aged is fine..
I first attended Ivy Tech because it was the cheapest school and close to home. But after a few weeks of attending I realized that Ivy Tech is the best school to attend because it is little classroom based and you get more one on one time with each other. Another Reason Ivy Tech is a great school the faculty are very in tuned with students and what they need to graduate and learn in class. I highly recommend this school to everyone!
This is a community college that is learning based, if you are looking for fun and frat parties or a sports school, this isn't for you! However if you are looking to earn your degree in as short amount of time in an reasonably priced school with helpful teachers, many of them are Doctors, and small classes, you came to the right place. I LOVE this school. I am a mom of 4 boys, I work full time and this school is PERFECT for me. I can work around my schedules, take courses I need online if I want and finish my Associate's degree in a year and a half. They are helpful and give you pointers before the placement exam on what to brush up on, and they even take monthly payments! I strongly recommend Ivy Tech!
I love how small the Ivy Tech is. Even though you are in college you are not alone and if you need help with anything you are not alone. Where as when you do and if you are at a big university, you have to be on your own more than usual. If you are going to a big university next, like I am, than you would learn what you need to do other than classes so you have a general understanding of what to do for when you move on.
This is the second college that I have attended and all I can say is that I am really pleased. I had a hard time balancing being a mother, a wife, and a full-time student so I went from IUSB to Ivy Tech and everything went a lot better. My life isn't as hectic and Ivy Tech offers great flexibility, as well as great teachers who understand that we deal wit a lot on a daily basis. Over all, I highly recommend Ivy Tech!
I began my journey at ivy Tech Southern Indiana campus Summer 2016. It has been 27 years since I have been in school, so I was a little nervous at first; but the professors are absolutely amazing.
I have just currently finished the fall semester, and I have to say that this is the greatest experience of my life. The faculty staff are very helpful and encouraging. The lectures are great and the professors are always there, willing to help if needed.
What I like about Ivy Tech Community College in South Bend,In. is the experience is outstanding for a community college. First off the standards of learning and teaching are good and the instructors that I have had the pleasure of meeting,are awesome and very skilled in their field. With knowledge being the leading attribute in their teaching methods. The campus has recently been redesigned and it is totally awesome. It's bigger, more efficient and has a university feel to it. My overall experience with the college would be a 4 out of 5. My least favorite thing about Ivy tech South Bend would be the way the library is ignored and half of the staff in there only knows how to tell you "Your phones not allowed in here".
I go to the Warsaw campus and I love it there! The professors are great and so are the students. If I have a question, the professors are right there and can help me until I can understand it fully. Ivy tech is also very flexible with my schedule. I love how there are so many different times and days classes are held on. I would recommend Ivy tech to anyone graduating high school, not knowing what they want to do. Going here has helped me pick the major I want to go in.
We have many jobs fairs which is a great way to find full time and part-time jobs, but I am not sure about internships because I am a transfer student.
If you plan on transferring it is important to know what your major is to get accurate advice and the correct electives (course) you need. Workload is moderate it depends on the teachers, but it is what keeps your grades up.
It depends on what you think of the school and how you participate. Make sure you get all the information you need, ask questions you find import especially when you plan on transferring because not all advisors give correct information.
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I have not taken the online claases but the orientation online is full of information and to the point.
Not really sure how to answer the questiom being asked. But our career center is full of people who push you to strive for success. They always make sure you're in a good mood and on the right path.
We had perfect sized classrooms which made it easier to learn and ask questions.
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