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Your mileage may vary. Some teachers are very passionate while others are simply going through the motions. Classes are small, around 20-25 students, but the retention rate is pitiful, so the classes are very small by the end of the semester. The cost is low and it serves as a good stepping stone or 2-year program. The buildings and services are modern and useful.
I really enjoyed the way most of my professors taught, and related there subjects in a way that it was easy for me to learn.
It was a very good expense. They made me feel like I was a somebody and not just a number. They will answer any of your question, if you have any.
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I loved the professors and faculty! Deb Toth was at one point my advisor and Tirzah Birk was my biology teacher. Both of these ladies, as well as others, were instrumental in teaching and guiding me through life here at Ivy Tech!! Very thankful for them.
Ivy Tech Community College of Lafayette is a great transition for a student who attended a small-farm community school. The class sizes weren't overwhelming and the teaching staff is there to assist your needs. I am glad I decided to go to a community college before jumping feet first into a big university!
Mainly it was how nice the staff was toward me which they also helped me when I was having a hard time thru some classes.
Ivy Tech has over 150 different programs to choose from that satisfies your needs. The environment is calm and relaxing and you have no problem getting around places. By far a good choice if you're planning on attending college.
The academic advising in my experience was excellent. I went in with many questions and left with nary a one.
I loved attending Ivy Tech Community College in Lafayette, Indiana! The faculty was/is awesome in helping with any concerns there are. Especially my own advisor and the Financial Aid Department, who all went over and beyond my expectations of helpfulness and accurate direction toward my educational goals!

There have only been two incidents involving the same professor and myself, but I chose not to allow her biases complicate my life. Forgiving and moving on is an essential part of life and pursuing those goals we make for ourselves to accomplish!

Overall, I love all of the opportunities I was blessed with, having completed my pre-reqs at Ivy Tech! I would encourage anyone to begin their goals at this community college!
This college is very clean and well kept up. The teachers are there to answer your questions and help in anyway they can. Very friendly staff and the students who attend are very diverse in age, race and ethnicity.
Great atmosphere. Very informing and educational. Lots of hands on experience for any program you get into. Staff are very helpful and so nice. Would recommend to everyone.
The thing that I like the most about Ivy Tech is that the classes are smaller compared to a university.
It is a great school with great staff and teachers. I really like the atmosphere and the help they offer you if needed it. It is my first year here at Ivy Tech and I'm enjoying it a lot. They care about the students and their future. Ivy Tech might be the right for you if you are not planning to go out of state but still want to get an education and at an affordable tuition.
I am an adult returning to collage after 20 plus years of being out of school. Ivy tech has been very helpful in terms of finical aide, enrollment, and general questions. I'm taking my first semester now. The students are friendly and helpful. The teachers have been patient with me, and definitely know their subjects. I would recommend ivy tech of Lafayette for those wanting to return to school.
Ivy Tech Community College was definitely a good choice in the fact that I was undecided on what major I wanted to go for. Ivy Tech was the cheapest route possible to take general education classes while figuring out what I wanted to do. Ivy Tech was boring though (for obvious college student reasons), so I'm excited that I'll finally be moving on this upcoming semester.
Nothing special. Classes are moved around a lot. Sometimes classes just move to wherever there is an open room. Course work is generally really flipflopped. You are told to buy the book and that you need it, then you are told not to buy the book or that you wont need the book at all, or that you need to the digital copy only now and that you need to try to return the one you bought online. ITs really just a lot of bad communication..
General Education wise, online courses are fantastic. They are the best thing I have done there. Very easy to do well if you just do your work. specific classes required for CSCI majors are not easy at all. They give you the same flexibility, but there is little to no help for you if you have problems with projects.
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They really try to be professional about it there on the academic advisory level, walking you through your required classes for each semester. The standards and degree programs are constantly changing and being revised, which does not pose a problem if you are locked into one already but DOES if you want to switch at any time.
I have loved something about every one of my professors at this school. For the most part, each one enjoys what they teach and does a good job of helping students understand concepts. I have only had one instructor that was not liked by the majority of the class, but they still did a fantastic job teaching the material.
I know there are tons of opportunities for people that go here. I have witnessed many classmates leave Ivy Tech and go into fantastic full time careers that they are happy with. Indiana life is simple, so I know they will be happy where they are with their jobs for a long time as well.
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